elftronix.com David Elfering 2018-11-12T07:21:20Z https://www.elftronix.com/feed/atom/ https://www.elftronix.com/wp-content/uploads/cropped-elf-32x32.png David Elfering <![CDATA[Run HitLeap Viewer on DigitalOcean Droplet: Quick Step-by-step Guide]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8142 2018-11-10T06:30:43Z 2018-10-31T07:00:16Z I created this easy “copy/paste” guide on setting up a cheap DO droplet that you can connect to via VNC and run Hitleap on, as quickly as possible.

This is not a very secure method (VNC password sent unencrypted) and I don’t recommend doing much anything else on the VPS server. Also, I’m running VNC via command line without having to set up a daemon for automatic startup.

This way it’s quicker and works for as long as the droplet stays up.

HitLeap DigitalOcean

So let’s get started.

First create the DigitalOcean droplet:

  1. Go to create droplet “direct link here“.
  2. Choose Ubuntu 16.04.4 or whatever is ready selected.
  3. Choose the cheapest 1GB droplet at $5/month.
  4. Choose any datacenter region.
  5. Choose any “hostname”.
  6. Click on “create”
  7. Login to shell via SSH as root (connection details in email).
  8. Create new root password

Then go through each command in order:

apt-get update

Update package lists.

apt install xfce4 xfce4-goodies tightvncserver

Install lightweight xfce4 desktop environment and VNC server.

adduser hitleap

Add a regular user named hitleap.

su hitleap

Create a password for VNC (max 8 chars). No need for view-only pass.

cd /home/hitleap/Desktop/
wget -O /home/hitleap/Desktop/HitLeap.tar.xz https://hitleap.com/viewer/download?platform=Linux
tar xf HitLeap.tar.xz
wget -O /etc/init.d/vncserver https://www.elftronix.com/wp-content/uploads/vncserver.hitleap

Download VNC configuration. Edit this if username is other than ‘hitleap‘.

chmod +x /etc/init.d/vncserver

Make it executable.

systemctl daemon-reload

Reload systemctl so it can find the script.

/etc/init.d/vncserver start

Run VNC server.

Connecting to VNC server:

Next all you need is to connect to IP:5901 with your favorite VNC client.

Password is sent in plain text. So use this at your own risk.

Remember to choose “use default config” at first xfce4 startup.

Just double clik on the “HitLeap Viewer” icon on your desktop and you are ready to go. Obviously you’ll need to have create an account previously.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have?
Or leave a comment if you found this helpful.

Thanks for stopping by, David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[Smart Online Method to Enhance and Improve English Writing Skills]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8102 2018-11-03T22:19:41Z 2018-10-30T07:00:02Z Is your goal to become a better writer in English and to improve your grammar, sentence structure and style..? Here’s an interesting online solution.

In this post, I’m introducing Grammarly, a premier writing enhancement tool.

Enhance Writing

Writing and having mistakes pointed out to you are the two single most basic but important tools to improving your skills in producing text in English.

But quality proofreading is expensive, time consuming and so on.

And then there are the online solutions. But as proofreading is something really difficult to automate, most tools are not really good enough to rely on.

What I consider the best such tool out there is Grammarly.

They have been developing their grammar checker and text enhancing algorithm since 2009 and keep on doing so at tremendous speed.

Let’s face it, only a big company like Grammarly, that can invest millions into developing their software to the cutting edge is going to make it. And they are the only such firm to exist, bridging the gap between it’s competition at increasing rate.

Why to use Grammarly for improving writing skills?

This is no magic bullet, you will need plenty of motivation to get better at writing in English. And some of these features available for Grammarly;

  • Spell checking
  • Advanced grammar checking for context, punctuation, etc.
  • Context based vocabulary enhancement
  • Suggestions for writing goals depending on the style, intent and audience.
  • Support for word processing, web browsers and smartphones.

The software provides all the possible multitudes of automatic writer enhancement in one single tool. And carrying it with you wherever you write, really gets you in the right mind-set for learning English grammar, sentence structure, etc.

There’s loads of other useful features too, but you’ll really need to grab the Premium version of Grammarly to get all the benefits.

Some of my favorites are the plagiarism checker that checks your document against the web and millions of academic texts. Essential in a Google driven world.

And document insights, which measure the readability, uniqueness of your text and how many rare words it contains. It’s just so easy to make your text not only free of grammar mistakes but to enhance sentence structure, vocabulary and more.

What are the downsides of Grammarly?

While the benefits are pretty obvious, there are downsides too and no automatic tool can be perfect as English language continues to evolve.

If your level of English is poor, this is not enough to make you a better writer as you need to understand the corrections that are presented to you.

So if English is your mother tongue, or your English is good enough this might be the perfect tool for your by itself. Otherwise, you’ll need to combine it with actual studying by using textbooks and other online material for learning English.

Or consider enrolling to a writer enhancement program for the perfect companion together with the Grammarly software.

Thanks for reading and I hope you benefited from this article!
All related questions are more than welcome of course.

Please share if possible. Sincere regards, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Best Digital Visual Effects Software for Mac & Windows]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8115 2018-11-04T01:18:32Z 2018-10-29T07:00:38Z Obviously each piece of software for creating digital visual effects has a different set of features and what they specialize at. But what’s the best overall?

In this post, I will explain why I recommend Adobe After Effects software for visual effects, motion graphics, etc. with the best features for the best price.

Visual Effects Software

Adobe has went far and wide to expand the software’s capabilities, having refined the tools for professional film makers as well as motion-graphics artists.

Consider it a must have for video editors and animators, especially if you work with Premiere Pro CC. There are plenty of revised tools worth mentioning such as Refine Edge Tool, Pixel Motion Blur and Warp Stabilizer VFX.

Everything works through “Creative Cloud”, which provides easy installation of any Adobe application including After Effects, managing of plans, etc.

And my favorite, ability to sync preferences and user profiles between machines, perfect for working remotely. Creative Cloud turned Adobe products into subscription based programs, but also have provided tremendous convenience in upgrades and accessibility. And affordable pricing from $20.99/month.

Roto Brush

Here’s a summary of what I love about Adobe After Effects.

Speed up animation

The software has a powerful feature that makes it faster and easier to animate scenes or objects in videos. Possible by using expressions that are in code or line to control an animation with less time consumed in the process.

Immersive virtual Reality

Make your audience feel actively engaged with what they are watching with an immersive video experience.

Data driven animation

Import JSON data into the software to create interactive animations and motion graphics driven in their compositions.

Virtual reality effects

The CC version of After Effects offers a range of tools for applying virtual reality effects to 360/VR videos. You can enhance the video without unwanted distortions because of this. And you can add all kinds of effects, dynamic transitions and titles.

Keyboard shortcut editor

Create your own keyboard shortcuts with the visual keyboard shortcut editor, so that you can animate and edit the videos with what you are comfortable with.

Team projects & auto-save

A useful auto-save functionality is provided that works in conjunction with the team projects feature. You can share revisions of work with other team members, giving access to all previous versions of a composition.

And there you have it, why I consider Adobe After Effects the best tool for visual effects, motion graphics and a whole lot more.

Click here to download Creative Cloud and get started.

Any questions about visual effect software for Mac or Windows?
I’m happy to answer questions in the box below this.

Much thanks for visiting and reading, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Best Site for Textbook Solutions & Answers for High School & College]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8091 2018-11-02T21:41:40Z 2018-10-28T07:00:29Z There are a few sites offering answers to school textbooks, but which one is worth it? In this post, I’ll introduce Chegg — the best website for textbook solutions.

Textbook Solutions

My mother used to say, “don’t study hard, study smart”.

She was right about that, although little did she know that I would take her advice to a whole new level. Online textbook solutions really revolutionized learning..

But before you go on any site looking for answers to your homework, be aware that there is the smart way and the dumb way. So just hear me out!

The reason Chegg is the best site for that, is that they actually promote learning. While there is no use banging your head against the wall in the middle of the night, trying to figure out your homework, neither is there point in copy/paste.

They are a legit authority in supporting students and have detailed step-by-step instructions for each solution, so that besides the answers, you also get very good explanations for each problem to actually understand them.

Both excelling in your homework and better understanding help to:

  • Increase your self-esteem & confidence.
  • Promote faster and improved learning.
  • Reduce school related stress and fatigue.
  • Get recognition from teachers and students.

And their site covers more than 22,000 textbooks..!

Besides textbook answers, what you are also getting is 24h/7 access to online tutoring as well. So when the textbook solutions are not enough you have another backup to rely on as well. Chegg really is your friend for increased confidence.

Interested..? Here is my suggestion!

First, grab your account by singing up with Chegg “here“.

Now when you have homework, or need to solve textbook problems first try to do them without looking up the answers.

There’s no need to spend too much time on it but first it’s good to rely on yourself. Once you’ve went through the problems that you understand, use Chegg provided solutions as a reference to check your work.

This way, you spend a lot less time on homework as well.

Over time, you’ll notice that you rely less and less on the textbook answers as confidence and understanding increases over time.

And that my friend is the “smart way to learn”.

Hope you enjoyed my guide to the best site for textbook solutions, and just leave me a comment if you have any questions. Thanks!

Warmest regards and share please, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[What’s the Best English Language Grammar Checker Tool Online?]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8063 2018-10-30T03:37:38Z 2018-10-27T07:00:04Z Wether submitting a school paper, writing a business letter, or publishing an online article.. I know how crucial it is to get your text right, and on first try.

That’s why those serious enough will want to sign up for the most advanced and best grammar checking tool out there. Read on to find out more..!

Best Grammar Tool

It’s 2018 and you might be wondering, what is the best possible method for error free writing. And that’s none other than Grammarly.

Why is Grammarly the best grammar checker today?

Let’s get straight to the facts. These are the main reasons to their success.

  1. They have more than 7 million active users to date!
  2. They have the most developed grammar checking algorithm in the world, and they’ve been at it since 2009.
  3. They have invested $110 million in 2017 to make their software even better and continue to do so with regular updates.
  4. They are a fully featured “swiss army knife” of grammar, with plagiarism detection, document insights, writing goals, web browser extensions and smartphone support, etc. etc. all under one subscription.

So are you interested yet? Ready to brush up your English skills?

Click here to try out the famed Grammarly software.

Not only are they the best on the market but they are also the most popular.

As the grammar checker is based on a monthly subscription, having over 7 million users not only subscribe but continue paying for their subscription is enough proof of just how good they are — which btw. is reasonable from about $10/month.

Thanks for reading and questions on Grammarly welcome!
Or what do you think is the best Grammar checking tool?

Huge thanks & regards for visiting my blog, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[StrongVPN 2.0 Review! New VPN App & Website Announced in 2018]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=5733 2018-10-29T08:19:48Z 2018-10-26T07:00:39Z The famed VPN service has recently announced an official launch of StrongVPN 2.0, complete with brand new apps and website redesign. Reviewed here.

Click here to go straight to see what’s new!

New StrongVPN 2

Introducing the New StrongVPN

Being one of the oldest VPN services in the industry, StrongVPN takes pride in delivering their customers fully pledged speed, privacy, and security.

They offer industry’s strongest encryption methods, in combination with a VPN server network optimized for speed.

But being an established provider was not enough, and they have been working hard “behind the scenes” to built the best version of StrongVPN yet. Today, with excitement the launch of the new StrongVPN 2.0 is official!

See here what StrongVPN has released.

What’s new Reviewed

While the revamp makes everything more attractive, it’s also more intuitive to use. Continuing the tradition of easy use, taking it even further.

Redesigned Website;

Be it a newbie or an experienced VPN user, navigating the website with confidence is a whole lot easier than before. A fresh design, with a sleek interface to find everything you need to quickly and easily.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Now it’s possible to grab a free trial, buy taking advantage of their new 30 day money-back guarantee. No commitment, no pressure.

Leak Protection & IKEv2 Protocol

The connection client is now equipped with IPv6 and DNS leak protection for an extra secure layer to make sure that you identity never leaks out by accident. Satisfying the needs of the toughest security fanatics. Also, the IKEv2 protocol will bring more stable security between networks.

Optimized VPN Server List

Browsing through VPN country locations to connect to has been made easier, and quicker. With a possibility to sort by both, either city or country location.

Best Available VPN Location

The connection client can now select the best StrongVPN server automatically, depending on your location. Get fastest possible speeds in an instant.

New Mobile Settings

The popular iOS and Android app for securing your smartphone’s online activities, has a new advanced settings screen to control VPN connection, and get in touch with support.

New Dashboard Screen

The all-new, and sleek dashboard gives VPN users a quick, and easy glimpse of the details of their connection status.

Simply hit the big, green connect button and connect in seconds.

These were the essential new features.

There’s a whole lot more new stuff on StrongVPN 2.0, which is better tried in person than read. Grab an account and let us know your review!

Click here to access StrongVPN coupon page for the best discounts.

All comments, and experience good or bad welcome below!

Oh and do note; that sometimes these reviews, and other blog posts contain affiliate links. This means, that there could be financial benefit for the author to support a good cause without change in price. Huge thanks for your visit!

David Elfering <![CDATA[Where to get Help in Math and Find a Private Math Tutor Online?]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8073 2018-10-29T07:52:36Z 2018-10-25T07:00:32Z Fancy some polynomials and quadratic expressions, eigenvalues, inverse matrices or perhaps just some help with your math homework?

Here’s how to find an online math tutor on the popular Chegg platform.

Online Math Tutor

Did you know that there is no need to go through the frustration of dealing with math problems alone. And you don’t need to rely on your math geek friend.

The one that’s annoying to work with anyway. Instead..!

You can make school a whole lot easier and learn faster with an online tutor.

It’s all possible to the Chegg revolution which provides a holistic approach to all aspects os study problems from high school to college. And it’s all online!

While it won’t cure Dyscalculia, it does provide all this:

  1. Online tutors recruited from top universities, available 24/7 to answer and discuss any math problem or issue you may have.
  2. Text book solutions to all math books, which not only include the answers but also guided step-by-step instructions for understanding them.
  3. Q&A community, get answers from experts to any math question.
  4. Math solver resource with guided explanations to anything from fractions to characteristic polynomial eigenvalues.

Having all the resources for tackling all your problems in mathematics, topped with all textbook answers and online tutoring is the perfect combination.

You’ll never have to use Google again searching for answers.

On Chegg it’s all in one place. Leaving it up to you to decide on what you do with the massive resources in your hands. Either just get through school during busy and hard times or enhance your learning power by multitudes.

It works forwhatever you are studying, for homework or to prepare you for an exam on algebra, pre algebra, calculus, pre calculus, linear algebra, etc.

And from $14.95/month you are spoiled in price..

Click here to try out a Chegg math tutor online!

Any questions about solving your math problems online?
I’m happy to answer your related questions.

Sincere thanks for stopping by, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Process PHP Script in Background while HTML Output & ob_start(); Fix]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=5881 2018-10-24T15:32:38Z 2018-10-24T07:00:30Z This is how to display HTML or send a HTTP response with PHP while processing a PHP script in the background, using ‘ob_start‘ output buffering.


Here is the code that I am using;


echo '<!DOCTYPE html><body>If this works, you are taken to this page before the rest of the script finishes. Enjoy!</body></html>';

header('Connection: close');
header('Content-Length: '.ob_get_length());
header("Content-Encoding: none");

// continue with the PHP script below

The code is put together from suggestions online, you could also use ‘ob_gzhandler‘ to compress the output buffer with gzip, which I haven’t.

The “header(“Content-Encoding: none”);” is simply a paranoid measure, since this won’t work if it’s set to anything else.

When I moved from an old PHP 5 set up to using PHP 7.2 with PHP-FPM, ob_start(); stopped from working. To fix this problem, I added “fastcgi_finish_request();” to the end. Other suggestions I saw was to change the “output_buggering = 4096” line in php.ini to Off but this had no effect for me.

That’s pretty much all there is to running PHP in the background.
Thanks for reading! David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[Making Quick Backup of Entire Linux to Remote Host with Rsync]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=5867 2018-10-24T15:28:02Z 2018-10-23T07:00:10Z These are my notes on how to do a quick Linux backup with Rsync. In this case, copied all files from Debian to a remote Ubuntu machine.

Rsync Backup

Here is the command line I ended up with and why;

rsync -rP / --exclude={"/dev/*","/proc/*","/sys/*","/tmp/*","/run/*","/mnt/*","/media/*","/lost+found"} user@remote_host:/mnt/remote_directory

The synced directory, in this case / needs to precede excluded directories.

I haven’t used -a or “archive mode” which preserves groups, owners, modification times, etc. of files. Which is useful for system restoration, etc.

Also you can compress the whole thing with -z but haven’t bothered.

Because of -P mode (which combines progress and partial flags) you can run the same command again to update the files or continue where you left of. Note that you would need to add “–delete” if you later want to sync removed files as well.

The -r flag is recursive so pretty obvious, and must.

It took more than an hour for this command to run, which transferred a huge amount of files one-by-one, about 25GB in total size.

And that’s about it. Thanks for reading.
Will updated as necessary. David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[Easy VPN Service! Guided – Simple Client Setup Instructions]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=2341 2018-10-24T15:27:17Z 2018-10-22T07:00:45Z As an experienced old VPN user myself  I wanted to introduce a super easy method for friends and relatives, suitable for any total beginner or those who just like convenience. Security is so important that everyone should use VPNs.

So here it is, step-by-step VPN instructions below!

StrongVPN — Easy setup & simple to use

StrongVPN: Access Easily and Securely

Find out more from the StrongVPN website

Besides inexpensive, why I chose StrongVPN in [yearnumber1]:

1. Best for all day use

Ordinary VPN is shared with other users. This can be a problem when logging into social media websites (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.). StrongVPN is a private VPN: it doesn’t share your IP address with other users, suitable for all websites.

2. Fast Support & Speed

When you need help, you get it fast. Also VPN speed has been impressive.

3. Easy VPN Software for all Devices

I found it extremely easy to install and use their VPN client software and get connected in a matter of minutes. Works with both desktop and mobile devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc.

4. Unlock Website Location Restrictions

Access video & music streaming websites that are restricted by country (Netflix, BBC, Sky Go, Hulu, etc.). Many VPN services are blocked by these sites, with StrongVPN you can simply use all websites undetected.

Read below, & get up and going in four steps!


Step 1. — Register StrongVPN

StrongVPN Service Packages

Select a VPN package that contains all the country locations that you need. And go through the sign up process as usual.

Note: There is a choice between 1 month and 1 year plans. I would take a yearly plan for the best offer. In case there is anything, it’s easy to get a refund because all plans are backed by a 5 day money back guarantee.

Step 2. — Install VPN Client

StrongVPN Account Setup Instructions

Immediately after sign up, you will receive an email with the link to download the VPN connection program for Windows or Mac. Install is simple & straight forward.

Step 3. — Login to StrongVPN

Strong VPN Client Login

Fill in your e-mail address and the password you setup during registration.

Step 4. — Choose VPN Server

VPN Server Selection: United States - United Kingdom

Select your desired country from the list of server locations and hit connect!

Step 5. — Connected!

VPN Server Connected: US New York

Connected and ready for use. From then on, everything you do online will be fully secured by the VPN connection.

Not Forgetting! — Smart Phones

StrongVPN iPhone iOS App

With their simple to use app, you can easily get connected with most mobile devices. Search “StrongVPN” on the App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play store for Android devices. And VPN on your phone will be under one press of a button.

Click here to sign up with StrongVPN

I hope this guide was helpful. Thank you for reading!
Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Regards, David.

Please note: “Cisco Easy VPN” is a Virtual Private Network deployment system for businesses – not suitable for private use. This article is targeted at simplifying every day use of VPN services.

Пожалуйста, обратите внимание: «Cisco Easy VPN» – это виртуальная частная сеть, созданная для предприятий, а не для личного пользования. Эта статья рассматривает использование VPN в повседневной жизни.

David Elfering <![CDATA[How to get Help with High School & College Homework Online]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8045 2018-10-29T06:38:04Z 2018-10-21T07:00:01Z It’s normal for students to become frustrated with their homework at one point or another. But did you know that the anxious, helpless feelings are not your fault, and simply a lack of support? Something, that’s easy to find online!

In this post, I’ll introduce Chegg, a California based company that is specilized in homework help and online tutoring. Read on for more!

Homework Help Online

With the lack of support from peers, parents and friends increasingly many high school and college students are choosing the modern way of online homework help.

Perhaps the most popular feature of Chegg, is their huge database of step-by-step textbook solutions. It covers over 22,000 ISBNs!

This means, that with what ever homework you are having problems with you can find not just the solution but also explanations to get ahead of your work. This is not just a lazy way of getting your homework done, but a real guide and helpful tool to make you better at school and to tackle with the frustration related to homework.

But there’s a lot more!

While you might be busy by now scanning through their website on all the available features they have for students, make sure to check “online tutoring” services.

The site also acts as portal that connects you with expert tutors instantly, available 24/7 to assist you with all your troubles and homework needs.

It’s there to save you from those times of anxiety and frustration!

Any questions about Chegg tutoring services?
Or about online help for high school & college homework?

Please, leave your comments below.

Kind regards, David.

Note! This post contains affiliate links which the author can financially benefit from if you purchase services after clicking on such links.

David Elfering <![CDATA[Smart DNS Proxy Netflix Regions: Working US, UK, Canada & More!]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=4870 2018-10-24T01:20:57Z 2018-10-20T07:00:59Z Netflix not working with Smart DNS Proxy in 2018? In this post, I’ve put together everything you need to know about Netflix support on SmartDNSProxy.

Smart DNS Proxy Netflix

Some people have reported errors and that Netflix is blocked or not working. It does work, but Smart DNS Proxy has support for US region of Netflix only!

Click here to read on US Netflix support with SmartDNSProxy.

If you want to access other regions like UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden..?

Click here for Overplay — support for above Netflix country regions.

The Overplay DNS has the best, and most extensive support for different regions. However, sticking with Smart DNS Proxy is a good idea if you are only watching the US version of Netflix. It does the unblocking very well.

Also, make sure you are on a device, officially supported by SmartDNSProxy;

  • Operating systems — Chromebook, macOS (Mac), Ubuntu (Linux), Windows.
  • Mobile devices — Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod (iOS).
  • TVs — LG Smart TV, Panasonic TV, Samsung TV, Sony TV, Toshiba Smart TV.
  • Set-top boxes — Amazon Kindle Fire TV, Apple TV, Boxee Box, Chromecast, Google TV, Roku, WD TV Live.
  • Game consoles — Play Station 3 & 4, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, XBOX 360.

On the flip side, Overplay has less extensive device support;

  • Operating systems — macOS (Mac), Windows.
  • Mobile devices — Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod (iOS).
  • Smart TVs — Samsung TV.
  • Streaming devices — Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku.
  • Gaming consoles — PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U.

Also, both providers have extensive support for Wi-Fi routers which enables support for pretty much ANY device you wish to use.

I have further contacted them personally, to ask for their stance on Netflix;

Dear SmartDNSProxy Staff,

1. Am I correct to assume that SmartDNSProxy only supports the United States (US) based Netflix?

2. Is there support for any other countries, or are you planning support in the future — near or distant? For example, UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, France, Germany, etc?

Thank you & regards,

Here is the official response from Smart DNS Proxy;

Thank you for the email.

Yes, our service only supports Netflix US at the moment.

Our Network Engineers are still engaged for the resolution of this issue using a Newer Approach. Other Netflix regions including the other regions such as Netflix UK, Canada, Australia and the other ones are still affected by this maintenance.

We don’t have specific time frame for the fix since the Network Team is using a different procedure which is the reason why it is taking some time.

We will keep your ticket active so we can notify you once our Netflix regions has been updated.

So let’s keep our thumbs up, for better support (it has taken them for ages already, so don’t expect this to happen anywhere in the near future).

Obviously there is a huge market to unblocking Netflix with Smart DNS technology, on their huge list of supported country regions (see below);

El Salvador, Kyrgyzstan, Gabon, Jamaica, Czech Republic, Jersey, Vatican City (Holy See), Rwanda, Northern Mariana Islands, Qatar, Nauru, Lithuania, Vietnam, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Malawi, India, Latvia, Netherlands Antilles, Philippines, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Marshall Islands, Iran, Niue, Burundi, Denmark, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, Bhutan, Guam, Guinea-Bissau, Poland, Paraguay, Chile, Gibraltar, Namibia, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Italy, Guernsey, Tuvalu, Cameroon, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Lesotho, Russian Federation, Dominica, Guinea, Algeria, U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas), Seychelles, Samoa, United States Minor Outlying Islands (Baker Island, Midway Atoll, Wake Island), Monaco, Mayotte, Ireland, Australian Antarctica, Spain, Burkina Faso (Upper Volta), Uganda, Croatia, Togo, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Barbados, Malta, Mali, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Eritrea, Chad, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Kuwait, Mongolia, Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire), Isle Of Man, Yemen, Wallis and Futuna, Suriname, Botswana, Gambia, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Senegal, British Guyana, Dominican Republic, Fijian Islands, Saint Barthélemy, Indonesia, Singapore, Angola, Tanzania, Ecuador, Bermuda, Luxembourg, Zambia, Bangladesh, South Africa, East Timor (Timor-Leste), Kenya, Slovenia, Réunion, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Hong Kong, Taiwan, San Marino, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, Austria, Netherlands, Belarus, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guatemala, Antigua and Barbuda, Germany, Belgium, Greenland, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Mauritania, Montserrat, Micronesia, Djibouti Republic, Bahrain, Norfolk Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, United States, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Malaysia, Bolivia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Anguilla, Macedonia, Portugal, Israel, Pitcairn Islands, Niger, Romania, Oman, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Cuba, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Syria (Syrian Arab Republic), Vanuatu (New Hebrides), Sierra Leone, Aruba, Armenia, Bahamas, Ukraine, Hungary, Liechtenstein, American Samoa, Uruguay, Christmas Island, Argentina, Curaçao, Venezuela, Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria, New Caledonia, Panama, Brunei Darussalam, Ghana, Albania, Finland, Sint Maarten, New Zealand, Sao Tome and Principe, Turks And Caicos Islands, Estonia, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Afghanistan, Jordan, Thailand, French Guiana, Republic of the Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Moldova, France, South Korea (Republic of Korea), Guadeloupe, Slovakia, Swaziland, Liberia, Solomon Islands, Sudan, Kiribati, Falkland Islands, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Andorra, Honduras, Mauritius, Haiti, Cape Verde Islands (Cabo Verde), Saint Martin, Uzbekistan, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, Central African Republic, Western Sahara, Comoros, Belize, United Kingdom (Great Britain), Cambodia (Kampuchea), Libya, Tonga, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Cook Islands, Greece, Iraq, Tokelau Islands, Turkey, Canada, Equatorial Guinea, French Polynesia, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, British Virgin Islands, Saint Lucia, Ethiopia, Maldives, Palestine, Benin (Dahomey), Norway, Australia, Palau, Japan, Macao, Peru & Montenegro.

And not forgetting Martinique! 🙂

Click here to read more, on Netflix support with SmartDNSProxy.

Still seeing an error, or Netflix not working with Smart DNS Proxy?
Questions on problems, are welcome below!

Also please note that these posts at times contain affiliated links which can convert to a form of monetary benefit to the blog owner. This supports the site and it’s author, is simply voluntary and won’t carry any extra cost. Huuge thank you!

David Elfering <![CDATA[StrongVPN Country Locations: List of Countries with VPN Servers]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=5007 2018-10-19T09:44:43Z 2018-10-19T07:00:50Z Here you’ll find a sorted and complete list of StrongVPN country locations for all of their available VPN servers in November, 2018 — to be updated.

Note; You can also browse the official countries list under this list.

StrongVPN Country Locations

List of StrongVPN Country Locations

Europe & Middle East

Amsterdam (Netherlands), Canterbury (UK), Contern (Luxemburg), Frankfurt, (Germany), Ilfov (Romania), Istanbul (Turkey), Livingston (UK), London (UK), Madrid (España), Maidenhead (UK), Manchester (UK), Dallas (US), Milan (Italy), Munich (Germany), Rugby (UK), Riga (Latvia), Prague (Czech Republic), Paris (France), Oslo (Norway), Steinsel (Luxembourg), Stockholm (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland), Zurich (Switzerland), Tel Aviv (Israel).

Total: 24 server locations in 22 countries.

North & South America, United States

Atlanta (US), Buffalo (US), Chicago (US), Mexico City (Mexico), Las Vegas (US), Miami (US), Montreal (Canada), New York (United States), San Francisco (United States), Rio de Janero (Brazil), Phoenix (US), Seattle (US), Sau Paulo (Brazil), San Francisco (US), Toronto (Canada), Vancouver (Canada), Washington D.C. (US).

Total: 17 server locations in 4 countries.


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hong Kong, Seoul (South Korea), Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Tokyo (Japan).

Total: 6 server locations in 6 countries.


The global total is 47 server locations in 32 countries.

Click here for an interactive map of country locations.

Any questions or comments on StrongVPN services?
Looking for a specific VPN location? Your input is welcome.

Please note; This list of countries with VPN Servers in November, 2018 is subject to changes and customers should check the official site (linked to on top of this page) for any possible updates to the information presented.

Also worth noting; some the posts, lists and other contents of the blog contained in Elftronix.com is subject to so called affiliate links. They may provide financial support to the owner in return to the work put into these posts. Thank you.

David Elfering <![CDATA[NordVPN en Español: Opiniones. Qué es? Para qué sirve? Es seguro?]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=4939 2018-10-19T09:43:57Z 2018-10-18T07:00:39Z Lee esta reseña de NordVPN para saber más sobre las opiniones de los usuarios en Español, y encuentras respuestas a preguntas tales como, ¿Qué es NordVPN? ¿Para qué sirve? ¿Es seguro? y más.. — ¡disfrútalo en 2018!

Ahora, NordVPN es disponible en idioma Español — ¡Haz clic aquí!

NordVPN Review

Ya sea que viajes al exterior o simplemente te conectes al Wi-Fi de la cafetería local, la mejor y más sencilla forma de proteger tus datos en línea es una Red Privada Virtual (Virtual Private Network o VPN) como NordVPN.

Por su excelente experiencia de usuario, sus numerosas características y su servicio robusto, la opinión sobre NordVPN es muy alta: es uno de los mejores servicios de VPN y ganador de cinco estrellas PCMag Editors ‘Choice.

Ve aquí otras recompensas ganadas por NordVPN.

¿Para Qué Sirve?

La “Red Privada Virtual” (VPN) redirige tu conexión a internet a través de un servidor remoto ejecutado por NordVPN. De esta forma, el servidor VPN se convierte en una plataforma de inicio segura para ti antes que accedas a varios sitios web.

Todo el tráfico de red entre tu dispositivo y el servidor VPN se dirige a través de un túnel virtual seguro. Además, todos los datos enviados y recibidos están encriptados. Lo mejor de todo es que tu dispositivo parece tener la dirección IP del servidor VPN, lo que protege tu verdadera identidad.

En lo que respecta a los sitios web, estás navegando desde la ubicación geográfica del servidor, no desde la ubicación de tu computadora.

La VPN se usa principalmente para estos fines:

  • Protección contra ciberdelincuentes cuando se utilizan redes de baja seguridad, como un punto de acceso de WiFi público.
  • Mayor privacidad lograda al ocultar las actividades en línea de los usuarios de su proveedor de servicios de Internet (ISP). De esta forma, el ISP no puede pasar la información privada del usuario a terceros, como anunciantes o el gobierno.
  • Experiencia de transmisión de video segura e ininterrumpida sin límite de ancho de banda o almacenamiento en búfer.
  • Superar la censura de Internet establecida por una escuela, lugar de trabajo o ISP.
  • Uso de los servicios compartidos P2P de forma segura.

Por lo general, cuando te conectas a Internet, comienzas por conectarte a tu ISP, que luego te redirecciona a cualquier sitio web o aplicación que desees visitar. Todo tu tráfico de Internet puede ser visto por tu ISP a medida que pasas a través de sus servidores.

Si tienes la VPN habilitada, primero te conectas a un servidor ejecutado por tu proveedor de VPN a través de una conexión cifrada, que también se denomina túnel VPN. Todos los datos que viajan entre tu dispositivo y el servidor VPN están encriptados para que solo tú y el servidor puedan verlo.

Una lista completa de las características de NordVPN aquí.

Beneficios de NordVPN

Internet sin límites

Disfruta de una conectividad global junto con acceso seguro a plataformas de medios sociales, sitios de transmisión de video o aplicaciones de mensajería sin censura.

Máxima privacidad y seguridad

Navega totalmente en privado: NordVPN mantiene tu tráfico en línea lejos de los fisgones de cualquier tipo y te protege con encriptación de nivel militar.

Múltiples dispositivos compatibles.

Conecta hasta 6 dispositivos en una sola cuenta simultáneamente. Puede ser una computadora portátil, un teléfono inteligente, una tableta, un televisor inteligente, una consola de juegos o un enrutador.

¿Es seguro?

NordVPN no guarda estrictamente registros de tu actividad en línea. Eso significa que no rastrean el tiempo o la duración de ninguna sesión en línea, y tampoco mantienen los registros de direcciones IP o servidores utilizados, sitios web visitados o archivos descargados.

En otras palabras, ninguno de tus datos privados y seguros se registran y recopilan en cualquier momento. Como resultado, no pueden proporcionar ningún detalle sobre tu comportamiento en línea, incluso si lo solicitas tú mismo.

NordVPN se basa fuera de la jurisdicción de la UE y los EE.UU. Y no está obligado a recopilar tus datos e información personal; esto significa que no te registra, supervisa, almacena, o transfiere a terceros.

Además de los métodos de pago más convencionales, como las tarjetas de crédito o PayPal, puedes comprar los servicios de NordVPN utilizando opciones de pago alternativas.

Ofrecen herramientas de seguridad avanzadas, como la protección contra fugas de DNS o el Kill Switch automático para proteger tus datos privados de la exposición temporal en caso de que la conexión caiga inesperadamente. Además, si estás tratando con información confidencial y privada a diario, aprovecha nuestras soluciones de privacidad de primer nivel, como Double VPN u Onion Over VPN.

Ver una lista de las características de seguridad de NordVPN.

Manifiesto de NordVPN

“En NordVPN, nuestro equipo de matemáticos y tecnólogos se despierta cada mañana con un objetivo central: mantener el Internet lo más libre posible. Esta es nuestra pasión y por qué venimos a trabajar todos los días. Nos esforzamos por ofrecer seguridad y privacidad absolutamente sin compromiso en la Web. Nos aseguramos de que nadie vea lo que haces en línea porque no deberían. Tampoco deberíamos, para tal caso.

Por esta razón, no guardamos los registros. Si alguien nos pregunta acerca de ti, no tenemos nada que compartir. Somos entusiastas libres del Internet que creen en un futuro seguro común en línea. Apoyamos a los que luchan por los derechos humanos, periodistas, voluntarios en zonas de conflicto, activistas de la información o cualquiera que crea en el poder del Internet abierto.

En un espíritu de transparencia, haremos todo lo posible para mantenerte actualizado sobre todos los aspectos de nuestro servicio, desde actualizaciones de estado del servidor hasta fallas ocasionales. Nuestro objetivo es crear una relación duradera de confianza mutua contigo, los clientes que comparten nuestros valores profundamente arraigados.” — NordVPN

Opiniones sobre NordVPN

Aquí hay opiniones de usuarios de NordVPN (haz clic aquí para leer más).

“Nord es fantástico cuando se trata de transmisión: velocidad rápida, una gran cantidad de servidores para conectarse también. Lo uso todo el tiempo para Netflix, Kodi, Hulu, etc.” – Janis

“La extensión de Chrome es perfecta para mí, solo un clic y eso es todo. No puedo enfatizar lo útil que es, especialmente si viajas mucho como yo.” – Gustave

“Yo era un novato en la instalación correcta del software al inicio, pero su atención al cliente realmente me ayudó, paso a paso. Viajo mucho, así que una VPN es imprescindible para mí y Nord ha sido excelente hasta ahora.” – Lauren

“Los servicios de Nordvpn son útiles cuando no deseas que los algoritmos publicitarios te rastreen, que siempre siguen tus movimientos e intentan venderle cosas en las que accidentalmente hiciste clic.

Me complace decir que ahora soy un cliente satisfecho.” – Darvell

“NordVPN funciona increíble y la compañía tiene el mejor servicio al cliente de todos los tiempos. Sensible, dispuesto a ayudar y orientado al cliente.

Tuve un problema para canjear un código de cupón y me ofrecieron un reembolso completo que recibí en cuestión de horas y luego me ayudaron a canjear el nuevo código de descuento.” – Fabrizio

“Hice varias pruebas de velocidad y fugas, y funcionó bien, no se detectaron fallas, la velocidad de Internet cayó solo un 10 por ciento, lo que es normal cuando intentas acceder a algo en un lado diferente del mundo. El mapa mundial te ayuda a elegir dónde conectarte. Es muy fácil de usar.” — Arlynne

¿Qué es NordVPN?

“Como empezó todo”

NordVPN nació en 2012 cuando cuatro amigos de la infancia se unieron para construir una tecnología que pudiera hacer que el Internet sea gratuito. Al pasar mucho tiempo en diferentes partes del mundo, vieron que la censura del Internet, el control de contenido y la intrusiva vigilancia gubernamental crecían más rápido que nunca. La sensación de que Internet estaba perdiendo su objetivo principal llevó a una búsqueda de posibles soluciones sobre cómo superar todas las restricciones.

Después de configurar el primer servidor VPN y compartir el prototipo entre sus amigos, los creadores comenzaron a recibir comentarios extremadamente positivos y se les animó a continuar su trabajo. Así nació NordVPN, que ahora atiende a más de 1 millón de personas en todo el mundo.

“Quienes somos ahora”

El nombre NordVPN se inspiró en los ideales nórdicos de confianza e innovación. Refleja cómo valoramos la libertad de elección de nuestros clientes, cómo nos esforzamos por ser innovadores con nuestra tecnología y la forma en que trabajamos.

Con los años, NordVPN se convirtió en una solución confiable de seguridad en línea, utilizada por cientos de miles de usuarios de Internet en todo el mundo. Mientras tanto, NordVPN fue reconocido por los sitios de tecnología más influyentes y por los especialistas en seguridad de TI. Ahora es uno de los proveedores de servicios de privacidad y seguridad más confiables del mundo, conocido por sus valores sólidos y sus características bien pensadas.

Actualmente, en febrero de 2018, NordVPN tiene 3195 servidores en 60 países (incluidos México, España y otros países de habla hispana y española).

La historia completa de cómo nació NordVPN aquí.

NordVPN en Español

Como servicio global de VPN, NordVPN admite varios idiomas, incluido el Español para clientes de España, México, Colombia, Perú, etc. – haz clic aquí para obtener la versión del sitio web de NordVPN en Español.

Además, puedes recibir soporte para cualquier pregunta o problema que tengas con su servicio de VPN en Español..!

Haz clic aquí para ponerte en contacto con NordVPN en Español.

Gracias por leer.

A continuación, se muestra una lista completa de la lista de ubicaciones de los servidores de VPN en 2018 por país:

Continente americano — Brasil, Estados Unidos (US), Canadá, Argentina, México, Chile y Costa Rica (7 en total).

Europa — Países Bajos, Georgia, Bulgaria, Eslovenia, Reino Unido, Macedonia, Austria, Dinamarca, Portugal, Letonia, Finlandia, Polonia, República Checa, Ucrania, Islandia, Hungría, Rusia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bélgica, Moldavia, GreciaIrlanda, Francia, Chipre, Albania, Luxemburgo, Croacia, Alemania, España, Serbia, Suecia, Suiza, Rumanía, Noruega, Estonia y Italia (35 en total).

Asia Pacífico — Australia, Rusia, Vietnam, Taiwán, Hong Kong, Nueva Zelanda, Japón, Tailandia, Indonesia, Corea del Sur, Singapur y Malasia (12 en total)

África, Oriente Medio e India — Sudáfrica, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Turquía, Israel, Egipto y India (6 en total).

Espero que hayas encontrado útil esta publicación. Te invitamos a compartir tus propias opiniones sobre NordVPN a continuación.

Haz clic aquí para obtener más información sobre NordVPN en Español.

He respondido todas las preguntas?
Para Qué Sirve? Es seguro? Qué es NordVPN?
Los comentarios son bienvenidos si se necesita aclarar algo.

Las opiniones expresadas en esta publicación son de carácter personal.

David Elfering <![CDATA[Trial Smart DNS Proxy Completely Free with SmartyDNS Free Trial]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=4887 2018-10-19T09:42:57Z 2018-10-17T07:00:34Z These are step-by-step instructions on creating a fully functional, free Smart DNS Proxy account with SmartyDNS without a credit card in 2018 — enjoy.

SmartyDNS Free Trial

Smart DNS Proxies are a great alternative to VPN, for circumventing geolocation restrictions of websites, video streaming services and more.

Here’s your chance to test out SmartyDNS, one of the easier to use providers. It has it’s own connection client, so everything is under a click of a button.

SmartyDNS Free Trial Steps

Please, I recommend following each step (shown below) in detail to make sure that you obtain your free trial successfully, without cost.

Step 1. First, click here to open free trial page.

Step 2. Then, proceed to where it says “Start Now”.

SmartyDNS Free VPN Trial

Step 3. Scroll down a little and click the “register a trial account” button.

SmartyDNS Create Trial Account

Step 4. Enter whatever details to create the trial account.

SmartyDNS Account Created

Step 5. Now your SmartyDNS trial account has been created which just need to be verified by email. You’ll see this message;

Your SmartyDNS Free trial account for 3 days has been created. Welcome and thank you for choosing SmartyDNS! Let’s see how you can get the most out of our services.

What’s next? Check your email. You will receive an email to set up your client area password.

Sign in to the client area, go to Packages and click on your package to find the VPN and Smart DNS login details and all other details related to SmartyDNS services and your account.

Use SmartyDNS App to easily set up our VPN and Smart DNS services on Windows, Android or iOS or follow our step-by-step tutorials to set up the service on a lot of other devices.

If you have questions, read our FAQ or simply submit a support ticket.
Please add *@smartydns.com to your contacts to make sure it won’t be blocked by your spam filters.

Step 6. Go to your email and click on the verification link.

SmartyDNS Sign In

Step 7. You are now ready to login to your free Smart DNS Proxy account.

SmartyDNS Active Free Trial Package

Step 8. Under “Activate Packages“, you have a list of activated DNS & VPN plans. If everything was successful, it will display “Free Trial” — click on it.

SmartyDNS Smart DNS Key

Step 9. Copy your “SmartyDNS key” used to sign up with the connection client. Also make sure “Websites Region” is correct, US, UK, Canada or Germany.

SmartyDNS VPN Smart DNS App

Step 10. Click here to download the VPN App (also used for the DNS Proxy).

SmartyDNS Download Android iOS Windows macOS Fire TV

Step 11. You can choose between Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Fire TV.

SmartyDNS Installation

Step 12. Proceed to install the SmartyDNS software (above, macOS).

SmartyDNS Enable Smart DNS App

Step 13. Open the app and enter your SmartyDNS key to sign in.

Here you can also set up your websites regions: US, UK, CA, DE.

Available  DNS Servers: Asia, USA, Europe, Australia (choose nearest location).

SmartyDNS Circumvent Geo-Blocking

Step 14. Choose enable Smart DNS and you are ready to go.

Open up your favorite video streaming websites, such as BBC’s iPlayer.

Click here to find out more about SmartyDNS proxies!

Hope you enjoyed this guide to a free Smart DNS Proxy with, SmartyDNS trial.
If you have any questions, or comments they are welcome below.

And btw! Some of these free trial guides and other posts may contain affiliate links to support the work put behind the blog. I’ve done my best to not be affected by such affiliations. Thank you for reading. Sincere regards, David.

All numbers, keys have been edited in screenshots to not reflect the original.

David Elfering <![CDATA[How to Free Space & Backup iPhone Data to Cloud in Mainland China]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=7436 2018-10-16T06:21:39Z 2018-10-16T07:00:18Z Running out of space on your iPhone or Ipad (or other iOS device) in China?

While iCloud storage is quite affordable and fast from China, it can only back up everything. Here’s an alternative solution from 坚果云 (jianguoyun.com) in English that gives you more flexibility to choose what to and how to backup.

iPhone Cloud in China

There are iOS compatible cloud storage services like Dropbox that are great, but unreliable from China. That’s why if you want to use something else than iCloud, I recommend using a service that’s located within Mainland China.

Jianguoyun is mostly in English. It has a limited free version (automatic backups for photos only) and paid but affordable versions that have unlimited bandwidth.

Cheapest pricing options for Jianguoyun;

  • 16.66RMB/month for 42GB and 1GB increase per month.
  • 33.33RMB/month for 96GB and 2GB increase per month.

And how it compares to iCloud in China;

  1. 6RMB/month for 50GB
  2. 21RMB/month for 200GB
  3. 68RMB/month for 2TB

You can check the pricing details for Jianguoyun here.

Use it to drag and drop files to the cloud and transfer between devices, automatic backups for iPhones and iPads and more.

Jianguoyun Platform Support

They support the following; Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, iPhone/iPad (all iOS devices), Android (phones and tablets), Outlook.

Jianguoyun iOS App

Grab the free version and test out the iOS app looks like from the App Store.

You can also download their application for Mac and Windows. it has no third-party advertisement, and the interface is clean and simple.

Or, just use it directly from the web browser of your choice.

And that’s how you can do a fast backups for your iPhone in China.

Any questions about Chinese cloud storage, or anything?
Leave a message below. Thanks, David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[eBay France Version in English! — The Easy Shopping Guide]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=1857 2018-10-16T03:11:42Z 2018-10-15T07:00:03Z The online auctions giant eBay is huge in France. And even for an Englishman like me, it’s easy to hop in and join the fun. Just have to be careful with my wallet.

Here’s how to change to English in 2018!

Click here for eBay.fr

Please note! Some products on the French eBay store are not delivered outside of the country. For delivery beyond france, click here to find out more.

Shopping French eBay.fr in English

eBay France English Version

It’s very possible to use eBay.fr in English. While native language support is not available, I would recommend translating the whole lot with Google Chrome. Just have the default language setting to anything else then French and it will ask to translate the page automatically for you.

While I am not a fan of Chrome in particular, this feature beats the rest of the browsers where you have to download a separate plug-in/add-on type of thing.

About eBay.fr

This is the fourth biggest e-commerce website in the whole of France. Just after Amazon.fr, Cdiscount & Fnac. It’s simply massive, with more than 10 million visitors per month, buzzing with online commerce. Auctions, buy now products, new and old. As well as the everything between heaven and earth type of thing.

Best of all, now that even smaller sellers are taking the advantage, it has become a one of a kind place for shopping French made goods.

With such variety in abundance, they have created competition, and competitive prices that is good from the consumer point of view at least.

eBay Alternatives

There simply isn’t any equivalent that can match to the auction services available. One familiar stop might be the biggest online classifieds site in France, at Leboncoin.fr. Which can be an especially great option for finding used goods.

Please, feel free to ask any questions.
Comments form is below, Thanks! David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[List of 301/302 Redirect Checker Online Tools & Services in 2018]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8160 2018-11-12T07:21:20Z 2018-10-14T07:00:57Z This is a list of URL redirect checker services and the IP they request HTTP headers from. Suggestions for new ones are welcome in the comments below.

301 Forward Checkers

Verified working redirect checkers:

Problematic redirect checker tools:

These services had problems such as no support for HTTPS or tracking of multiple redirects. Few were only for checking redirection type (301, 302, etc.).

List of IPs used for HTTP header requests:

These are not the domain IPs, but the IP that was actually used to fetch the HTTP header when checking the redirect. List might be updated sometimes.

Last updated November 12th, 2018. #redirect-checker.org #redirectcheck.com #seoreviewtools.com #httpstatus.io #redirectdetective.com #urlitor.com #duplichecker.com #visiospark.com #site24x7.com #websiteplanet.com #websiteadvantage.com.au #seositecheckup.com #seositecheckup.com #wtools.io #internetmarketingninjas.com

And there were was the list of URL redirection checkers.

Comments welcome & thanks for reading!

Kind regards, David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[eBay Spain in English Language! — The Easy Shopping Guide]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=1964 2018-10-14T04:25:16Z 2018-10-13T07:00:47Z I have seen a significant change in how Spanish consumers are learning competitive bidding and online shopping habits. An impact which we can clearly see on the biggest growing e-commerce platform in Spain — the eBay.es auction site.

Instructions to access English eBay Spain in 2018!

Click here for eBay.es

Note! Delivery to countries ouside of Spain is limited on the Spanish eBay.es store. To find out more, click here to see international delivery to your home country.

Shopping in Spain eBay.es in English

eBay.es in English Language

One of the easiest ways to translate the whole eBay.es site to an English version is the web browser Google Chrome. It enables the technology of Google Translation services to make everything automatic. Just open up a page in a language that’s not your default and it will suggest you to convert the website from Spanish to English. Voila, you have an English version of eBay in your hands.

If your Spanish language skills are in need for a brush up, it might be a good opportunity as well. So just think about it!

About eBay in Spain

From all the European countries where the American auctions giant eBay has landed, Spain has probably been the slowest in its development. But it’s clear, that the situation is changing constantly and in a really big way as customers are catching up on the benefits of their service. The most fast adopted addition to the Spanish online shopping sphere has been Amazon Spain to which eBay is still loosing big time in terms of revenue.

Still the Spanish eBay already is and will increasingly be a great success story as no other company is able to come even close. And it already has been established as the meeting place of modern online sellers and auctioneers. Many great products with competitive pricing is already on their shelves by the thousandfold, bringing a long needed element of security along with it.


There is no other company that can match the services of eBay. But there is still a significant population that prefer “old-school” second hand websites. So there are a few in popular use. With little security and no review system it’s a choice for those who are in for the challenge (only in Spanish). Check out segundamano.es or milanuncios.com of which the former is the most popular.

Another website worth mentioning, which in fact has been acquired by eBay itself. An old classifieds website founded in Barcelona known as loquo.com which still has a bit of a buzz going on. Known for apartment rental ads in Spain but also has loads of used goods for sale.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Quick Guide to Qoo10 Singapore Affiliate Program (at Qoo10.sg)]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=7974 2018-10-14T04:54:04Z 2018-10-12T07:00:33Z Looking for the affiliate program to partner with the Singapore based Qoo10 in 2018? Here’s how to easily register and join as one of their affiliates.

Quick link: Click here to access the Qoo10 Affiliate Program.

Qoo10 Singapore Affiliate Program

While the program is easily one of the most popular affiliate programs in the whole of Singapore, it can be a little hard to find since it doesn’t go with that name.

Instead, Qoo10 has a so called “Curator Program” (click for access) which works in a similar fashion to any ordinary partner program for affiliates.

Here’s a screenshot;

Qoo10 Curator Program

Simply click on the “Join Curator” button in blue. And if you already have an account with Qoo10 it’s really as easy as that. Contrary to competition, there is no approval process and you are pretty free to spread out your affiliate links.

Once you are logged in, every product and other pages will display a button that you can generate affiliate links to that particular page.

Affiliate commission is usually 2% of orders, which is unfortunately low.

Nevertheless this site is hugely popular, so some affiliate have been able to stack up big profits if you can refer a lot of leads to Qoo10.sg in Singapore.

Hope this quick how to guide helps to get started in 2018!

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