elftronix.com 2017-01-18T13:49:59Z https://www.elftronix.com/feed/atom/ https://www.elftronix.com/wp-content/uploads/cropped-elf-32x32.png David <![CDATA[How to Translate Web Pages/Website with Edge Microsoft Translator]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=4042 2017-01-18T13:49:59Z 2017-01-18T13:32:28Z These are step-by-step instructions on how to easily translate websites/text on web pages to 50+ languages using the Microsoft Edge browser translator extension.

Microsoft Edge Translator

The extension is easy to use and by default translates each website on the fly, making it convenient to navigate through foreign language web pages.

It uses the same dictionary software as Microsoft’s Bing Translator, making it the best alternative to Google Chrome and other browsers/add-ons/plugins that use Google Translate dictionary for the translations.

Installation Instructions

First Navigate to Microsoft Edge Extensions page.

Microsoft Translator Edge Extension

Proceed to install “Microsoft Translator” to open the extension at Apps Store.

Translator for Microsoft Edge App

Click on the “free” button to start the download.

Please note: If the button is dimmed out/not working — it most likely means that you need to upgrade your version of Windows (more about that at the troubleshooting section at the end of this guide).

Proceed to Launch the extension.

Edge will ask for permission to enable the new extension (turn it on).

Translator for Microsoft Edge

You will see the successful installation page.

Translation Features

Next I’ll show the basic functionality.

Translate German to English

Navigate to any website/page and you will see a new icon located in the top bar. This opens up the most basic translation options where you can choose the language pair you want to have translated.

Translated German to English

This will translate all possible text, excluding content that is in picture form. All other pages that you navigate to on the same website will be automatically translated for smooth live translated browsing. (ex: German to English)

See below for further options to automate the process.

Tip: If you need to have images translated, one option is to download the “Microsoft Translator” app for iOS (iPhones, iPads, etc.) or Android and take a photo of your screen which is then translated to the language of your choice.

Translate Selected Part of Text

The other useful feature is to translate blocks/parts of text within a page. You can do this by painting the portion of the text and doing a right click which gives you the option to “translate text“. (ex: Spanish to English)

Translate from Spanish to English

It will convert the highlighted text to the language of your choice like above.

Further Options

From the extension icon, you can access the options menu where you can:

  • Always translate foreign language pages without asking (you can select the languages that you want to have automatically translated).
  • Always show the translate button in the address bar

Supported languages at the time of writing:

Afrikaans, Arabic, Bosnian (Latin), Bulgarian, Cantonese (Traditional), Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Fijian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong Daw, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Klingon, Klingon (plqaD), Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian Bokmål, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Querétaro Otomi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tahitian, Thai, Tongan, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yucatec Maya.

Same as Bing Translator.


Here are some trouble shooting tips for common problems.

Edge Translator Extension Cannot Install

If you see the above in the Windows App Store when trying to download Translator for Microsoft Edge with the free or download button dimmed out and inactive; it means you need to update your version of Windows 10 — to a build greater than 14291.

— Microsoft’s way of saying “This title is powered by great new features in the free Windows Anniversary Updated” means, just update or it won’t work.

Winver Windows 10 Build 10240

An easy way to check the build version of Windows is to open up Cortana from the bottom and enter the command “winver“. This little application will show the exact built number and version details.

Remember: you need build 14291 or above for Edge to support the extension.

Please, also consider:

  • The extension only works with Windows 10 build 14291 and above.
  • There is no need to be an “Windows Insider” or “Windows 10 Insider Preview member” unlike mentioned on some Microsoft support pages.
  • Some official YouTube instructions videos are outdated.


Any questions about website translations on Windows? Just leave a comment below to get in touch?!

David <![CDATA[Ahrefs Forums Community: Where to Find Discussion & Support]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=4015 2017-01-18T12:30:02Z 2017-01-09T19:47:12Z This is where you can find discussion forums and community support for Ahrefs — one of the most powerful SEO backlink checkers & research tools out there.


Unfortunately Ahrefs themselves doesn’t host their own discussion forum for intense chatter on their renowned SEO tools. There are however, many other channels both official and third party for connecting with likeminded enthusiasts.

Ahrefs Discussion Channels

There are basically three (3) official channels for publicly exchanging comments about Ahref’s services and one (1) private community.

These open channels are good places for giving a shout or asking questions from other readers but obviously have their limits for open discussion.

1 — Ahrefs Help Center

Get advice and answers to your questions straight from the helpful Ahrefs team. Topics are “Metrics”, “Account & Subscription”, “About Ahrefs”, “Using Ahrefs”, “API” and provides a good place to start off for beginners.

2 — SEO Blog by Ahrefs

The latest news and tips on both the tool itself and the world of SEO in general, open comments and discussion through the popular Disqus comment system. Popular blog with plenty of readers.

3 — Ahrefs YouTube Channel

There’s a big collection of useful videos, especially those made by the Ahrefs head of marketing Tim Soulo, bringing easy to understand insight on using all of their many powerful tools. You can leave comments for the videos.

4 — Ahrefs Insider Facebook Group

This closed Facebook group is the best place for insider discussion and is limited to those who have been subscribed to Ahrefs services for 6months or more. It’s a way to reward long-time paid subscribers and keep a high quality of discussed topics amongst experienced users.

Third Party Discussion Forums

At the time of writing, no SEO forum has dedicated a whole forum for Ahrefs. But since it’s such a widely used tool you are bound to find plenty of users on some of the popular communities such as:

It’s unfortunate that no official discussion forum exists, especially for those who are just starting out and loaded with questions. Learn what you can from the open learning channels provided and use general SEO forums with caution in mind as the quality of advice can vary tremendously.

By the time you have been a user for 6months, you have plenty of experience, ready to absorb and share the best insight on their Facebook insiders group.

So good luck with your journey and please — let me know any other discussion channels in the comments below!

This post will be updated with more resources when necessary.

David <![CDATA[Show Published Post/Page Count inside WordPress Content]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3899 2016-11-17T02:01:11Z 2016-11-17T01:47:35Z This is how you can show an automatically updating, published post or page count number anywhere on your WordPress blog or website. As shown below — I’m using a post sticked to my homepage with statistics about the site.

Total Blog Posts Published

Basically all that’s required is to place a snippet of code in PHP to the desired location on your website. To which there are a few possibilities — of which Insert PHP plugin by Will Bontrager Software, LLC, will probably be the easiest option to place the code anywhere inside a post or page. Alternatively, let’s say if you want to display the post count in the footer of every page — you could directly edit a child theme’s footer.php file and place the code there.

The plugin will allow you to put any PHP code inside square brackets like so:

Insert PHP

This shortcode represents the php opening “<?php” and closing “?>” tags.

The PHP5 Method (recommended):

This is the code to show number of published posts and put it in a sentence.

$total = wp_count_posts()->publish;
echo ‘Total blog posts published: ‘ . $total . ‘ <i>;

You can also specify the type to page or post by replacing the first line with:

$total = wp_count_posts( $post_type = ‘page’ )->publish;
$total = wp_count_posts( $post_type = ‘post’ )->publish;

The Old Method

You can try this code if you have browser compatibility issues

if ( $count_posts ) { $published_posts = $count_posts->publish; }
echo ‘Total blog posts published: ‘ . $count_posts . ‘ <i>;


WYSIWYG html editors, such as ‘TinyMCE Advanced‘ will convert the greater than “>” sign (also known as ‘close angled bracket’) into it’s “HTML Name” which is ‘&gt;‘. This will prevent the code from working, and you will get a blank or partial page.

Turning debug on the error message is something like:

[UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&’ in /home/user/public_html/wp-content/plugins/insert-php/insert_php.php(48) : eval()’d code on line 2

Just make sure the code stays intact by directly using the Text editor.


PS. Although Insert PHP hasn’t been updated for more than a year — it’s still working well on the latest versions of WordPress. Currently 4.6.1 — despite someone having marked it as broken on the plugin page.

Also there are surely other alternative plugins available if interested, this is just the one I found simple and easy to use.


I would appreciate it if you leave your website URL in the comments to show what you’ve done with this code. Thanks!

David <![CDATA[Guide to Using Piwik Analytics with AMP on WordPress]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3937 2016-11-17T00:43:16Z 2016-11-14T13:57:09Z In this post I’m going to show two ways to use Piwik Analytics with AMP on WordPress. Although the AMP Project does not include Piwik on their list of supported Analytics — it’s possible and I wouldn’t leave home without it!

Please note that AMP doesn’t allow Javascript. This method uses the “Image Tracker code” feature which has some limitations. For example the lack of cookies which is why the number of returning visits cannot be tracked.

Can be tracked:

Browser, Operating System, Time on Website/Page, Page Title, IP/Hostname

Cannot be tracked:

Visits, Screen resolution, Search keywords, Referrers, Browser plugins

AMP for WP Method

This is the simplest way, suitable for non-tech-savvy people.

AMP WP Plugins

Easiest way is to use the AMP for WP plugin which has a ready built-in feature to support Piwik. It depends on the AMP Plugin which also needs to be installed.

First things first — you need to know the ID of your website. Choose the wrench icon on the top right corner at the Piwik dashboard and go to ‘websites’ under ‘administration’. You will see the ID number of each installed website.

Piwik Website ID

Back in WordPress — you will have the AMP settings (wrench icon) on the left side bar of the WP Admin area. Navigate to the ‘general’ section of the ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages Options’ page.

Piwik Analytics AMP URL

Choose Piwik Analytics as Analytics Type and edit the code supplied below.



  • If your site is under http — use //
  • If your site is under https — use https

It will add the following tracking code before the closing body tag.

<amp-pixel id=”AMP_14″ class=”-amp-element -amp-layout-fixed -amp-layout-size-defined -amp-layout” src=”//www.myawesomedomain.com/piwik/piwik.php?idsite=1&rec=1&action_name=TITLE&urlref=DOCUMENT_REFERRER&url=CANONICAL_URL&rand=RANDOM” style=”width: 1px; height: 1px; display: none;” aria-hidden=”true”>

AMP Plugin Method

If you prefer to just use the AMP plugin on it’s own.


  • Create a directory ‘amp’ in your theme’s folder: /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/amp/
  • Copy /wp-content/plugins/amp/templates/single.php to the ‘amp’ folder
  • Edit single.php and place this before the closing body tag:

<amp-pixel src=”//www.myawesomewebsite.com/piwik/piwik.php?idsite=[ID_NUMBER]&rec=1&action_name=TITLE&urlref=DOCUMENT_REFERRER&url=CANONICAL_URL&rand=RANDOM”></amp-pixel>

Where ‘[ID_NUMBER]’ is replaced with the ID of your site in Piwik.


If you have a problem or something’s not working, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do to help. Thanks.

David <![CDATA[How to Get 17days Ahrefs for $7! No Fake Discount Coupon Codes]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3819 2016-10-03T01:23:03Z 2016-10-02T07:16:08Z In this post I will explain how to get a discounted, more than a 2 week (17days to be exact) Ahrefs subscription for $7USD. Coupon codes don’t exist with Ahrefs — this is a real working method. And you can save up to $94usd!

Note: This works for both Lite & Standard subscriptions.

So let’s get started — step-by-step instructions below.


Please, follow each step in the instructions. I’ve tested this personally — but if you find any problems or have any questions, just leave me a comment below. Enjoy!

Step 1 — Use this link to register with Ahrefs promo

Ahrefs Trial

This will take you to the 7-day $7 trial promotion — register as normal. And remember, you can choose either Lite or Standard — same price!

Step 2 — Choose your plan, enter email and accept terms to continue.

Payment Method

Step 3 — Choose “PayPal Account” as the payment method.

Simply go through the final steps to pay $7 and authorize Ahrefs to charge your PayPal account once the “one week” subscription ends.

PayPal Manage Subscription Payments

Step 4 — In PayPal: Navigate to “Manage subscription payments”.

Please, note that you wont find this under the Tools dropdown and you have to go trough the sitemap page to find the right link.

PayPal My preapproved payments

Step 4 — In PayPal: Navigate to “My preapproved payments”.

Look for the “FastSpring” billing agreement — which is the billing software that Ahrefs is using to process payments.

FastSpring Billing Details

Step 4 — Cancel the billing authorization.

Also make sure that the status is set to “inactive” when you view the list of agreements. This guarantees that you will never be automatically charged for the subscription. All you have done is made a one-time payment of $7usd.

And that’s it!

The subscription should work for 17days straight, during which you will get email notices to pay for continued service. These are safe to ignore for as long as you can — so take the most out of it.

Please, note that if you find any coupon codes these are most likely fake. If you want uninterrupted service, the best discount you can get is with annual billing where you can save 20%. It’s worth it though — as Ahrefs is probably the best link index database and SEO tool there is.


Comments welcome as always! Thanks!

David <![CDATA[Step-by-Step: Installing macOS Compatible Bluetooth USB Dongle]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3756 2016-11-08T05:29:19Z 2016-09-26T06:37:24Z Looking for an easy to install Bluetooth USB dongle for your Mac or Hackintosh PC — I recommend the Broadcom BCM20702 Chipset. It’s readily available used by many dongles, inexpensive and works easily without drivers. But you need to install some software just to enable it.

Here are step-by-step instructions.

In my case the integrated AirPort Extreme card was broken on the Macbook Pro. This is a combo card with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combined — (1) Wi-Fi would work for a while and then turn itself off until restart, (2) Bluetooth would keep randomly turning off and back on, making it impossible to use any Bluetooth device. So I decided to get a cheap external adapter instead of paying for expensive replacement work.

Note that I have El Capitan (10.11.6 at the time of writing) but this will most probably work with earlier versions of the macOS.

Bluetooth USB Dongle Broadcom BCM20702

I purchased a Broadcom BCM20702 equipped USB Bluetooth Adapter which went under the brand name “GMYLE” (although received dongle says “Succul”).

I noticed that with a lot of compatible dongles you don’t see Mac compatibility listed. But it’s safe to ignore that, as long as you have a supported chipset in your hands. Mine actually says on the back of the box that it’s Mac OS compatible.

Bluetooth 4.0 USB


Required Software

First you need to install: Xcode (the OS X developer tools). Then an additional tools package that contains the “Bluetooth Explorer” app, which is needed to activate the “Host Controller”.

(1) First — grab Xcode over here if it’s not already installed. Apple ID is required for both downloads (1) (2).

Xcode 8

(2) Second — go to the “Downloads for Apple Developers” section and search for Xcode. Or use this direct link to get there. Look for the version of the tools package that corresponds to your version of Xcode. Previously the package has been called “Hardware IO Tools” but since Xcode 8 it’s just “Additional Tools”.

Xcode Additional Tools & Hardware IO Tools

Note: “Additional Tools for Xcode 8” supports only macOS Sierra. So if you are on El Capitan or other older version, you might consider sticking with Xcode 7.

Open up Bluetooth Explorer and go to Tools –> HCI Controller Selector.

Bluetooth Explorer Host Controller Selector

You should see the Broadcom Corp chip within the list of host controllers. Pick the right one and “Activate”. And you are done!

macOS Bluetooth

Bluetooth mouse gets immediately connected.

Good luck and please let me know your setup in the comments!

David <![CDATA[Fiverr Tip: Shopping Cart Payments not Available in Your Region]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3605 2016-09-29T00:38:36Z 2016-08-24T03:39:21Z One day I suddenly got this message in my Fiverr shopping cart saying — “Shopping Cart Payments not Available in Your Region“. Despite having made payments normally for years and even in the same country and previously with the same IP address.

From what I’ve gathered this is very likely a bug that will hopefully fix by itself, if not in the next few hours by next day at least. Below is my discussion with support staff.

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Fiverr Shopping Cart Payments not Available

Here is the support ticket:

Me (Question): When I go to the shopping cart, the ‘proceed to payment’ button is greyed out. And on hover there is a text: “Unfortunaly, shopping cart payments are not available in your region. You can still click on each Gig separately to make a purchase.”

I’ve tried Chrome (as usually suggested) by removing all shopping cart items, clearing cache/cookies and adding a new item to the shopping cart. Problem remains.

I have been shopping on Fiverr for years without problems, sometimes I have more than 20 orders in my cart. Obviously I am not going to start purchasing them one-by-one. I’ve even made multiple-gig shopping cart purchases many times with the very same Japanese IP address. And btw. “unfortunaly” is spelled “unfortunately”.

Fiverr Customer Support (Answer): Thanks for the information. I’m creating a technical ticket for our Fiverr Tech Team. They will review your support request ticket #1572568 and work on resolving the issue for you. This may take some time to resolve on our end, but we will keep you updated on their progress.

Once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update this request with the feedback received from our tech team. Thanks for your patience with this technical issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Me (Follow-up): Looks like this issue has been resolved on it’s own? I just managed to order multiple gigs at the same time through the shopping cart successfully.


Need advice, got questions? Leave a comment!

As the CEO of Fiverr, Micha Kaufman said: “Right now, we’re just focused on growing as fast as we can.” — I hope he doesn’t trip on his shoelaces.

David <![CDATA[The Nitty-gritty ExpressVPN Review: VPN Pros & Cons Explained]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3391 2016-09-30T23:08:57Z 2016-08-21T13:21:45Z ExpressVPN — is one of the first VPNs I ever used so it’s been a while, and I still use it when I need a really fast connection. But obviously every VPN has it’s pros and cons, to which ExpressVPN is no exception.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty to see for what one of the world’s favorite VPNs is good for and what not — enjoy the review.

ExpressVPN Review

This review is divided into five sections:

For who ExpressVPN is Suitable for

First importance is to understand the target audience and who the service is most suitable for. The devision seems quite clear.

ExpressVPN is suitable if you need a VPN that provides:

  • Extremely easy to use connection clients across all your devices.
  • Huge amount of server locations to unblock locations restrictions for streaming video and unblocking websites from anywhere in the world.
  • Blazing fast speeds and solid, unlimited bandwidth infrastructure.
  • Strong security with a good level of privacy that you can rely on to protect your activities on the internet.
  • Quality low latency gaming and suitability for torrents, downloading.
  • High-end VPN services with fast, quality support.

ExpressVPN is not suitable if you need a VPN that provides:

  • Advanced security methods such as multiple server hopping.
  • Paranoid level privacy and anonymity to take every measure possible in protecting your identity.
  • Detailed, technical descriptions of service operations for accurate evaluation and security assessment by yourself.
  • Tech-savvy, security professional level support.

ExpressVPN Compared to Other VPN

Secondly it’s good to understand where they stand in comparison with other main stream VPN providers. And I have no doubt that they are on the upper high-end scale of the VPN spectrum.

Easier than others — Originally VPN providers were meant for the technically experienced type and this problem still haunts many services. ExpressVPN has been one of the leaders in changing this by bringing services to anyone. And now even the tech-savvy like to keep it simple for convenience sake.

More expensive than others — Everything comes with a price tag, however, there are just too many overly cheap providers that put your security at risk and have poor performance. This makes ExpressVPN look expensive when in fact compared to what you get it actually isn’t.

Faster than others — Server optimization and good support is the biggest work that needs to be done to run a good business. In comparison, ExpressVPN is a safe bet with speed although you need to try it to be absolutely sure.

Logging policy is better but not best – Many providers log user activity. And while ExpressVPN has zero logging of traffic, they do temporarily store the connections you make to the server – which is true for pretty much all main stream VPNs. But because you are on a shared IP address it is very difficult to link the activity to a certain specific user.

The Pros and Cons

Next — let’s go more in depth to look at what to expect.

The Pros

  • Quick registration and instant setup.
  • Fast reply to all support queries – live chat or email ticket.
  • Strictly no logging of Browsing history, Traffic data or DNS queries.
  • Huge Network in more than 87 countries, 136 servers in total.
  • Easy to use and attractive connection client support for all devices and platforms: iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Wi-Fi Routers, BlackBerry and more.
  • Connect up to 3 devices at the same time on the same account.
  • Large pool of rotating shared IP addresses – providing a good balance between anonymity and working IP addresses that are not blocked.
  • Unblock websites and stream location restricted video content from anywhere in the world.
  • High-end world wide server infrastructure for premium bandwidth and reduced latency. Great for gaming for example.
  • Easy speed test in connection client to find the fastest possible servers.
  • Thirty day money back guarantee – no questions will be asked.
  • Government strength 256-bit keys encryption – all VPN protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP (IPSec), SSTP, PPTP.
  • Company operates in British Virgin Islands with no data retention laws and loose restrictions on internet privacy.
  • Support for a wide variety of payment options, including anonymous Bitcoin. Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Visa Electron, Delta, Diners Club), PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Alipay.com, UnionPay, Giropay, OneCard and many others.
  • Available on the Tor network – making it easy to register and download their client from anywhere in the world. Even from where VPN websites are blocked.

The Cons

  • For many locations, there are no multiple server locations within the same country. Where another provider could have.
  • Huge popularity increases the chances of having IPs blocked by services that try to prevent people circumventing location restrictions. However ExpressVPN does constantly work to fight this and refresh their IPs.
  • Anonymous registration is not supported.

Infrastructure & Speed

ExpressVPN is renowned by it’s speed and their overly confident slogan on their website stating: “The Fastest VPN on Earth”. The fact of the matter is that speed is highly dependent on not just their infrastructure but your internet connection.

Here’s a screenshot of a normal day for me using ExpressVPN.

But showing a screenshot of my speed is not going to do much. It’s best to simply subscribe to their service and use the speed tool integrated in the connection client to get an accurate picture of what your speed potential is.

The staff response was neither very informative, although it doesn’t mean that their service wouldn’t be on par with what they say.

We work with the best data centers across the world that have the best networks and infrastructure. We optimize servers for speed, constantly monitor server performance, and perform load balancing. We do in-house speed tests on servers, improve our apps to perform faster. We don’t have any bandwidth restrictions.

List of Available Server Locations

North America: United States (Washington DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Jose, Tampa, Chicago, New York, New, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Santa Clara, Denver, Jersey, Dallas, Seattle), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal), Mexico

Europe: Germany (Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Dusseldorf), Macedonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Denmark, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Sweden, United Kingdom (London, Berkshire, Chessington, Kent, Maidenhead), Bosnia & Herzegovina, Armenia, Spain, Andora, Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam), Jersey, Estonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Liechtenstein, Poland, Monaco, Belarus, Latvia, Isle of Man, Georgia, Austria, Montenegro, Albania, Cyprus, Russia, Iceland, Slovakia, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Moldova, Croatia, Romania, Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal

South & Central America: Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Asia, Middle East, Africa: Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), Malaysia, Israel, Vietnam, India (Mumbai, Chennai), Mongolia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Algeria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Macau, Australia, Philippines, Egypt, South Korea, India, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey

So there you have my review.. — hope it was useful!

Checkout the ExpressVPN website for more info.

What experience, or questions do you have? Please, leave a comment!

David <![CDATA[Best Cheapest .CN.COM Registrar (TLD) .cn & .com.cn Alternative]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3560 2016-09-30T23:10:52Z 2016-08-20T03:58:14Z The .cn.com domain name is the most popular alternative for a China-based Top Level Domain such as .cn and .com.cn, the benefit is easier registration and less strict whois data requirements. With a .cn.com you can use whois privacy or unverified name/address details contrary to Chinese domain law requirements. However .cn registrations are much cheaper and fairly easy!

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Cheapest .cn.com Registrars

I’ve done extensive research on the cheapest registrars offering low-cost .cn.com registration for multiple years. Here are some of the results.

Order in: Price of (1) Registration, (2) Renewal and (3) Transfer.

Recommended Registrars

Namecheap Inc.

(1) $17.88, (2) $17.88, (3) transfer not available

Note! (Namecheap Customer Support): Unfortunately, Namecheap is not supporting incoming transfers of .cn.com domains at the moment. However, it is possible to register .cn.com domains with us.

Vidahost (cheapest transfer, excellent support, no hidden fees)

(1) $27.95, (2) $27.95, (3) $27.95

To transfer your old domain or register a new one with Vidahost you need to first open up an account. Otherwise it doesn’t work. Follow these steps.

My Vidahost

Step 1. – Click on the top where it says ‘My.Vidahost’.

Vidahost Account Register

Step 2. – Select ‘Register’ from the dropdown menu on the right.

Vidahost Client Area

Step 3. – After the registration process, – go back to the My Vida Client Area and select “Renew’ or ‘Transfer’.


Other Registrars


(1) $27.90, (2) $27.90, (3) $59.90


(1) $59.95/yr, (2) $59.95/yr, (3) $59.95


(1) $24.99, (2) $39.99, (3) $39.99

Blacknight Solutions

(1) €36.99 (€24.99/y from second year when registered for multiple years)


(1) $7.99, (2) $34,90, (3) $33,00


(1) $47.95, (2) $47.95, (3) $47.95


— discontinued


(1) $39.00, (2) $39.00, (3) $39.00

Easy Trace Group

(1) €44.90, (2) €44.90, (3) €44.90

EuroDNS S.A.

(1) €42.00, (2) €42.00, (3) €42.00


(1) US$18.00, (2) US$36.00, (3) US$36.00


(1) €24.00, (2) €36.00, (3) €36.00

TierraNet Inc.

(1) $49.98/yr, (2) $49.98/yr, (3) $49.98/yr

NetEarth One, Inc

(1) $75.00, (2) $75.00, (3) $75.00

Media Giant Design

(1) $60.13 USD, (2) $60.13 USD, (3) $60.13 USD


(1) 77.00 $ / year, (2) 45.00 $ / year, (3) 45.00 $ / year


(1) $45.31, (2) $45.31, (3) $45.31

123 Reg (note: not good reputation)

(1) £19.99, (2) £19.99, (3) £19.99


Know more registrars? Please, let me know in the comments.

Updates to follow…!

David <![CDATA[Fiverr Promo Coupon Code Watch & Real Free Gig Guide! No Fake Discounts]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3498 2016-10-09T05:35:31Z 2016-08-17T13:00:39Z As the web is littered with fake coupon code sites/discounts and outdated advice — I decided to write my own guide. Explaining how to really get free gigs and how coupon code promotions really works on Fiverr. Hope this helps!

Not registered yet? Use this link to receive a free gig voucher.

  1. How to Use Free Fiverr Gig Offer
  2. How Promo Coupon Codes Work

Fiverr Free Gig Promotion

How to Use Free Fiverr Gig Offer

Fiverr has a fixed promotion to offer one free gig (worth $5) for every new account registration through a special referral link (see above). Also there is no requirement to spend any money on the site to use the promo — so nothing to loose.

Already registered?

If you have already registered but haven’t verified your phone number yet. You could consider opening another account for yourself by using the promo link. I would suggest clearing your browser cache and cookies, as well as restarting your internet connection device to get a fresh IP address.

Unlimited Free Gigs?

A lot of sites are claiming that you can get unlimited free gigs. Fiverr is not stupid however and will not think twice to ban any suspicious activity. Yes — potentially you can register every family member through the promo link but before you do, consider these important points to avoid getting busted.

  • Every account needs to be verified with a phone number — one that has never been used with Fiverr before. Verification takes place with a secret code sent by SMS.
  • You need to clear cookies and preferably use another computer with another MAC address. This is to prevent registrations with the same device.
  • You need a different IP address. Go to your neighbors house or use a dedicated IP — easy VPN connection to make it look like you are connecting from somewhere else.
  • Ditching accounts that are constantly ordering the same gigs is a bad idea. Fiverr has automatic software to alert them to this kind of behavior.

Play by the ‘rules’ and you can enjoy multiple free orders. But unfortunately unlimited free gigs is a myth or just not worth the trouble.

How Promo Coupon Codes Work

Bookmark this page and check back for any possible promotional offers or discount coupon codes. As it stands until now — ‘promo codes’ are offered to mostly VIP customers only. The voucher is sent by email in the form of 20% off discounts to reward old customers or those who are heavy spenders on Fiverr services.

Please note! —» Sites claiming to have public promo codes are fake and a waste of time. Check for active promotions on the official Fiverr Blog.

Get 20% OFF Fiverr Promo Code

New! Active promo September/October 2016:

“Pay with PayPal and get a 20% discount!” use code: “paypal2016“, — valid from September 18th to, at the earliest of, October 7th, 2016.

As Fiverr states: “Promo codes are valid for limited periods and are subject to modification or cancellation at any time at Fiverr’s sole discretion.”

These are possible errors with applying your coupon:

Promo code is invalid

If you get the “Promo code is invalid” message — either it’s outdated as all coupons have their expiry date, or it’s also possible that the discount has already been used by someone as the offer cannot be shared.

Promo code not valid for this seller

If you get the “Promo code not valid for this seller” message — there is an error or bug with your coupon. The message itself is not relevant.

Fiverr suggests using Google Chrome and clearing your cache. If this doesn’t work you need to email the excellent and fast support team and they will refund the discount to your account after purchase.

See below for detailed discussion with support staff.

  • Me (Question): Recently I received a promo code for “20% off” through email but now when I try to apply the code during checkout, I receive the error message: “promo code not valid for this seller”. What does this mean and how can I use the code for my purchase? Thank you.
  • Fiverr Customer Support (Answer): Thank you for contacting us today and your patience. Please clear your cache and cookies and try to use the promo code again making sure to use CAPS. If the code still shows invalid, please contact us again and we will gladly check further.
  • Me (Reply): Thanks for the swift reply. I cleared the cache & cookies, restarted the browser (Safari) and logged in to Fiver again but still the same error message. I also tried another seller, and entering the code manually/copy pasted all in CAPS but problem persists.
  • Fiverr Customer Support (Answer): Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear about this. Could you please try the following: We recommend you to clear your cache and cookies and use Fiverr with Google Chrome. Please make sure your Adobe is updated and your network is working properly. Try logging in/out of your account and using it in incognito mode. If the issue persists, reach us back with the screenshots of the issue.
  • Me (Reply): I’ve done all that now using Google Chrome and problem persists. I am sending a screenshot of the VIP reward email and error message in Incognito mode. Thanks.
  • Fiverr Customer Support (Answer): Can you please advise which Gig you would like to purchase so I can look into this case further and see what solution we can find for you?
  • We ask that at this time that you try and place the order and once you place the order we will then compensate your account for the amount you were supposed to have deducted from the 20% promo. Could you please send us the order number once the order is placed.

I’ll update the guide as necessary.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if any questions!

Come back later for updates!

David <![CDATA[Blocked VPN Websites in China: How to Unblock & Mainland Access]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3431 2016-09-30T23:16:06Z 2016-08-14T06:23:52Z It’s advised to setup your VPN connection — before you enter the country and become subject to the restrictions of the “Great Firewall of China“. Access to any website of a major VPN provider is blocked within China, including ExpressVPN and StrongVPN. This guide should help out!

The block prevents registration to such services and downloading the VPN client software and app needed to jump over the firewall. If you are already in Chinese mainland without a VPN, the only way to get around the restriction is to use another temporary route for the duration of setting up the connection, or choose a new method to go beyond the wall.


Note: Below can work for Saudi Arabia & other VPN censoring countries..

FreeBrowser Access Method

The ‘FreeBrowser’ run by the internet freedom fighters at GreatFire.org — is a convenient method for browsing the ‘free’ web with your Android phone. It’s basically a separate web browser that will access the uncensored internet from anywhere in the world. It’s completely free as it relies on donations to keep running. While not always stable, it’s a very good alternative and certainly enough to get a VPN connection up and running.

On the downside it’s not available for iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads. However it is possible to borrow an Android smartphone, to sign up, download the necessary program and send it to the laptop/device you want to be using. On the Apple’s ‘App Store’, most often VPN connection apps can be downloaded in China with an overseas iTunes account. In which case registration should be enough.

To download FreeBrowser for Android within China — see this link.

Look for the link where it says “自由浏览” to download freebrowser.apk file to your phone, and please note that you need to allow app installs from unknown sources.

Otherwise you can grab it directly from — Google Play Store here.

Unblocked VPN Provider Method

Some smaller providers are not blocked and with a bit of luck, you might get through the signup process. The below websites have not been specifically targeted by the great firewall. At least not yet. Unfortunately, the best working VPNs are much more propable to be blocked, so one way is to sign up for the simple purpose of gaining access to a recommended VPN for China.

This is a smaller company with just a £5/monthly fee. Servers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and around the US should have the best connection.

Bigger provider with more rotating IP addresses. While there are no asian server locations, the US servers are a good bet.

Recommended VPN for China

Circumvention Central is a joined project between GreatFire.org and VPN users within China. They release daily updates of statistics from a list of providers which are from actual VPN users. Tests are made for both speed and stability.

Because the reliability of any VPN provider can constantly change, it is the most reliable way to determine the most stable service. Two providers have been constantly on top of the list with average speeds ranging from 600-700kbps and a stability measured around 99% which is outstanding.

Most recommended for speed & stability by Circumvention Central

Both are blocked and require above circumvention methods to access when located within the mainland.

VPN services blocked in China

Golden Frog VyprVPN, PureVPN, Private Internet Access, Hide My Ass, NordVPN, IPVanish, CyberGhost, IVPN, Astrill, VPNSecure, TorGuard, Proxy.sh, Smart DNS Proxy, ExpressVPN, StrongVPN and many more..

End Notes

While VPN is not the most stable method to circumvent the great firewall, it’s still very popular because of it’s familiarity and easy to use connection clients.

David <![CDATA[Countries Blocking Virtual Private Network (VPN) Website Access]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3451 2016-09-28T09:03:08Z 2016-08-09T21:00:13Z This is a verified and ongoing list of countries that practice internet censorship by blocking websites of Virtual Private Network services in order to prevent and prohibit the use of VPN technology to pass firewall restrictions.

Verified Blocking

People’s Republic of China

Smaller sites can pass the firewall restriction but the country ultimately relies on methods where all VPN services are being targeted by disrupting or blocking active connections.


Not as intrusive as others.

Saudi Arabia

More information later.

Not Blocking

Brazil, Egypt, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Belarus, Pakistan, Palestine, Indonesia, Cambonia, Serbia, Georgia

Not Tested

Jordan, Iran, Bahrain, Belize, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Myanmar, Oman, Burma, Paraguay, Qatar, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen, Syria, Turkmenistan


Further Notes

Blocking a website, URL or IP associated with VPN services is the first line of defense by government authorities to prevent a population from accessing the internet outside of their usual jurisdiction. While it makes surveillance and intrusion of privacy more difficult,  perhaps the most common reason to prevent VPN use is simply to keep banned or restricted websites out of internet users reach.

Furthermore at least China and Iran are known to practice “VPN Blocking” which is a technique to block communication protocols between encrypted tunnels that communicate between user and server side.


Know more countries? Let us know in the comments!

David <![CDATA[How to Find Price of Namecheap Domain Renewal & Transfer]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3398 2016-09-28T09:03:02Z 2016-08-05T13:33:56Z The price list of domain renewals and transfers is surprisingly hidden with Namecheap  took me a while to figure it out so I made this guide. Just click on the direct link below and follow the simple directions. It’s quite easy!

Step 1. Go to —> Namecheap’s Domain Pricing Tab

Namecheap Pricing Tab

Step 2. Scroll to —> Bottom of list and click on ‘Renew’ or ‘Transfer’

Namecheap Pricing Transfer Renew Reactivate Redemption

Step 3. There we have it —> A full ‘Renew’ or ‘Transfer’ price list

Namecheap Pricing RenewNamecheap Pricing Transfer

Hope this helps!

Namecheap, Inc’s Pricing Policy

One might argue that this could be some kind of a marketing ploy, however this is very unlikely. If it were Godaddy or some other so called “low-cost registrar” with renewal up-charges and hidden fees, they could certainly benefit from trying to hide their renewal pricing list. However, this is just not how Namecheap works as their policy is focused on constant and affordable pricing.

Basically first year registrations are not always cheapest possible, but in the long term (and who doesn’t want to keep their domains) it will turn out cheaper as there won’t be any “surprise-surprise” factors after a year passed when you start renewing your domains. However, it is just common sense to check out what you are singing up for as there are many registrars that feed on expensive renewals. As to why Namecheap is not making it a little more easier to figure out that in fact they are the ‘good guys’, will perhaps remain a mystery.

One word of caution is that there is no support for immediate outward transfer of domains. This means that if you are not happy with the price or found cheaper elsewhere, it will take five days to transfer out to another registrar. While this could be called a clever tactic, it is a fact that probably most companies practice this method which is just common sense to watch out for.

Here are some examples of renewal pricing from August of 2016.

Domain, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years

  • .com, $10.69, $10.59, $10.49, $10.39, $10.29
  • .net, $12.88, $12.78, $12.68, $12.58, $12.48
  • .org, $12.48, $12.38, $12.28, $12.18, $12.08
  • .us, $8.48, $8.42, $8.34, $8.27, $8.19
  • .info, $10.47, $10.39, $10.31, $10.23, $10.15
  • .biz, $11.88, $11.88, $11.88, $11.88, $11.88

List of available domains (not complete):

.review, .net, .network, .viajes, .vote, .space, .today, .camera, .vc, .cab, .tennis, .pictures, .ninja, .bike, .training, .tokyo, .host, .voting, .sex, .builders, .ar.com, .fit, .media, .net.bz, .bingo, .sa.com, .tv, .style, .luxury, .investments, .gives, .nu, .land, .financial, .es, .coupons, .kaufen, .ws, .black, .in, .pics, .paris, .maison, .gr.com, .world, .video, .lease, .buzz, .guitars, .feedback, .works, .vision, .lawyer, .cruises, .pro, .limited, .sydney, .co.bz, .uy.com, .life, .guru, .reisen, .click, .kiwi, .school, .cloud, .express, .how, .academy, .porn, .equipment, .direct, .cricket, .taxi, .soccer, .kim, .solutions, .bargains, .dance, .uk.com, .healthcare, .tips, .cn.com, .fund, .cards, .memorial, .garden, .flowers, .li, .global, .adult, .education, .attorney, .money, .party, .website, .band, .no.com, .cheap, .city, .dentist, .moe, .loan, .theatre, .email, .de, .auto, .community, .digital, .boutique, .green, .info, .club, .faith, .net.vc, .repair, .enterprises, .domains, .catering, .site, .live, .deals, .town, .construction, .delivery, .wales, .ltda, .gmbh, .zone, .immobilien, .management, .codes, .center, .farm, .vodka, .org.vc, .singles, .hiphop, .wtf, .diet, .ru.com, .holdings, .gifts, .protection, .co.com, .ltd, .movie, .christmas, .expert, .stream, .tienda, .racing, .ceo, .la, .pub, .mex.com, .big, .lighting, .car, .gb.com, .surgery, .photos, .com.pe, .exchange, .news, .ryukyu, .cash, .za.com, .photo, .contractors, .haus, .limo, .tax, .trade, .hamburg, .energy, .sucks, .toys, .desi, .sg, .vacations, .com.de, .hu.net, .gold, .casino, .kitchen, .pink, .fishing, .com.es, .navy, .rocks, .report, .coach, .kr.com, .fail, .com.vc, .se.com, .hosting, .org.au, .pe, .studio, .asia, .rest, .engineering, .link, .reviews, .ca, .football, .team, .bz, .army, .mom, .surf, .discount, .blackfriday, .eu.com, .uk, .degree, .actor, .golf, .sexy, .immo, .properties, .poker, .irish, .melbourne, .vip, .net.pe, .insure, .care, .rodeo, .help, .love, .associates, .camp, .creditcard, .store, .onl, .jewelry, .se.net, .tattoo, .game, .earth, .dental, .soy, .claims, .consulting, .uno, .uk.net, .com.se, .com.sg, .co.uk, .audio, .com, .nyc, .software, .qc.com, .cc, .company, .directory, .nagoya, .group, .com.au, .date, .vegas, .recipes, .cafe, .download, .xxx, .biz, .fans, .democrat, .us.com, .jp.net, .watch, .agency, .film, .xyz, .gb.net, .support, .wiki, .casa, .men, .blue, .institute, .guide, .london, .wedding, .house, .international, .reise, .me.uk, .clinic, .cm, .capital, .solar, .place, .rehab, .beer, .rentals, .industries, .gratis, .win, .one, .technology, .press, .org.es, .market, .plumbing, .productions, .hu.com, .cars, .org, .us, .glass, .design, .cooking, .villas, .webcam, .ink, .work, .krd, .us.org, .property, .top, .bar, .marketing, .de.com, .accountants, .family, .dog, .accountant, .parts, .fr, .mortgage, .juegos, .fashion, .supplies, .airforce, .cymru, .org.pe, .florist, .credit, .university, .co, .forsale, .computer, .red, .fyi, .partners, .pw, .apartments, .sale, .sarl, .yoga, .clothing, .okinawa, .ch, .cleaning, .moda, .best, .diamonds, .social, .business, .tires, .coffee, .auction, .careers, .finance, .gallery, .in.net, .courses, .online, .events, .lgbt, .org.uk, .voyage, .shiksha, .foundation, .church, .ski, .me, .pizza, .holiday, .show, .photography, .mobi, .run, .services, .furniture, .engineer, .tech, .jetzt, .theater, .jpn.com, .rip, .berlin, .com.bz, .condos, .build, .bio, .cool, .exposed, .io, .gift, .fish, .br.com, .college, .nom.es, .futbol, .net.au, .ae.org, .schule, .study, .voto, .mba, .legal, .tours, .menu, .eu, .chat, .republican, .ventures, .science, .tools, .restaurant, .graphics, .plus, .hockey, .fitness, .vet, .security, .gripe, .horse, .country, .shoes, .loans, .estate, .systems, .supply, .rent, .dating, .flights

Comments and questions most welcome. Thanks!

David <![CDATA[Fast Email Hosting in Mainland China (Push/ActiveSync)]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3252 2016-09-28T09:02:59Z 2016-07-13T06:53:27Z If you need fast and reliable emails for your business in China on a custom domain, looking at email hosting within the mainland is a viable option. I have put together this list of businesses based on my research and experience.

Let us know more services in the comments below!

Luckily some parts of the country, like Beijing and Shanghai have seen improvements in connections outside of the country. But while increasingly many can fairly safely rely on US or Hong Kong server connections, the situation can still vary depending on where you are located. Which is why ultimately mainland still has the potential to be the most reliable option. Especially if you travel within China or the connection in your area is poor.

Keyword tip: 域名邮箱 = Domain Mailbox


Large attachments, unlimited storage. Cheapest package starts at 900yuan/year, but will have to pay 1,800yuan/year for fast push mail.


Starting at 750 yuan/year for five users, no mention of push mail support.


Starting at 750 yuan/year for five users. Limited information.


Starting at 850 yuan/year for five users. Stated push mail support.


Starting from 1000 yuan/year for five users. Limited information.


Free enterprise mail from NetEase 网易 (beta). Requires Chinese phone number verification and name/id number verification. Tried with “Mail Master – by NetEase” app for iOS but push mails are not working.


Microsoft Office365 email hosting. Server choice between Mainland China & Hong Kong. Price is 760yuan/year for one mail box, service in English.

The staff has said that they do not know if their service supports the ActiveSync push feature. Which raises question if they are even competent to run the service in the first place. Not recommended.


English language email hosting, starting at $33.33/year. Details unconfirmed.


Smaller company offering genuine Microsoft Exchange accounts, 500yuan/year for custom domain professional mailbox package.


Microsoft Exchange based protocol mailboxes, starting at 245yuan/year for five 500MB mailboxes.


Enterprise Mail, 2G mailbox, MS exchange. Unclear pricing.

David <![CDATA[Free Domain Push & ActiveSync Email for iOS/Mobile with Zoho]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3200 2016-10-04T10:08:52Z 2016-06-25T08:50:40Z Receiving emails, pushed immediately to your smartphone or tablet as they arrive is essential for businesses and individuals who need to reply fast. Here are simple instructions to set-up your device with fast mails that support iOS push/activesync on your own domain with Zoho. All for free and without ads.

Zoho Business Email

You might have your domain hosted somewhere with free email, but a lot of providers don’t support the resource consuming push feature. That’s why we can simply transfer just the email functionality to Zoho, and get the needed service.

Behind the Zoho Corporation – is CEO Sridhar Vembu who created a suit of online office products better than Goolge Apps, and he has vowed to keep the company private. Making it a lesser evil and good alternative to the other multinational monsters we have to put up with nowadays.

Comments below welcome!

Setting up Mail Instructions

Instructions on the Zoho site were not all that clear, so here should be everything you need to know to get the account running easily. In this example I’m using the iOS native mail and calendar. They have their own app but I haven’t tried it.

Getting Started

  • Go to Zoho Mail and register a basic business account.
  • Add and verify your domain.
  • Change the MX records of your domain as instructed.
  • Access your account webmail.
  • Click on the wrench icon on the top right corner and select ‘Control Panel‘.
  • On the left navigation bar, select ‘Mail Accounts‘.
  • Enable: ‘ActiveSync‘ and ‘IMAP Access” so they are shown in green.

Zoho Control Panel Mail Accounts


Now your account is up and running. Then proceed to add the mail account under your iPhone/iOS device ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ settings. Choose ‘Exchange‘ as the account type and see below for the settings.

iOS Exchange Account

IMAP Account Information

Name: arbitrary
Email: user@yourdomain.com
Description: arbitrary

Incoming Mail Server

Host Name: msync.zoho.com (SSL port 993)
Username: user@yourdomain.com
Password: [password]

Note: Desktop clients use: imappro.zoho.com

Outgoing Mail Server

SMTP: smtp.zoho.com (SSL port 465)

David <![CDATA[Joomla Payment Form by Joomdonation — Edit Notes]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=3082 2016-09-28T08:59:10Z 2016-04-19T04:56:49Z This space is used to share personal notes for setting up and editing the PMF (Joomla Payment Form) extension by Joomdonation. Current version 4.2.

Document last edited: May 26th 2016.

  • Show All Payments in Control Panel
  • Trigger Datepicker with Input Field
  • Datepicker Cleanup
  • Confirmation Step GoBack Anchor Link
  • Change Error Bubble Location for Mobile
  • Other

Show All Payments in Control Panel

This includes Pending, Review & Failed status.


change to (line 51):

//$query->where('(tbl.published=1 OR tbl.payment_method LIKE "os_offline%")');

Trigger Datepicker with Input Field

Change behavior to trigger the date selector popup by directly clicking the date input field. Copy over and override this file:


copy to /templates/yourtemplate/html/com_pmform/form/default.php


$fields = $this->form->getFields();


$dateFields = array();


foreach ($fields as $field)


if ($field->type == 'Date')
$dateFields[] = $field->name;




Note: Replace #showdate with correct name from custom fields

foreach ($dateFields as $fieldName)
$('#<?php echo $fieldName?>_img').click();

Hide the button on the right side with CSS override:

button#showdate_img { padding: 0 !important; }
div.controls div.input-append { display: block !important; }

Datepicker Cleanup

PMF Uses the Joomla core calendar. “DHTML Date/Time Selector.”, some old documentation can be found here –> http://www.dynarch.com/jscal/. These methods are really inconvenient and I wish there would be a better calendar system.


  • disable annoying effect that makes the calendar fields move on hover

.calendar thead .hilite { /* How do the buttons in header appear when hover */
background: #bbbbbb;
color: #000000;
/* border: 1px solid #cccccc; */
/* padding: 1px; */

  • hide bottom message bar, top left about calendar and top right close buttons

.calendar .hiderow .button, .footrow { display: none; }


  • add the ‘hiderow’ class used in css, and change title length to fit the absence of week numbers. aka. fix layout position.


row = Calendar.createElement("tr", thead); (row 771)


row.className = "hiderow"; // added line
var title_length = 8; // changed from 6


  • remove week numbers

param_default("weekNumbers",     false);

  • change date range

param_default("range", [2016, 2017]);

PS. replace with calendar-uncompressed.js and calendar-setup-uncompressed.js for easier editing. example:

mv calendar.js calendar.js.bak
mv calendar-setup.js calendar-setup.js.bak
cp calendar-uncompressed.js calendar.js
cp calendar-setup-uncompressed.js calendar-setup.js

Confirmation Step GoBack Anchor Link

By default when user chooses to go back to edit form details in the confirmation step, it just goes to the very top of the previous page. Like this we can implement anchor link positioning.


copy to /templates/yourtemplate/html/com_pmform/confirmation/default.php

<script type="text/javascript">
function goBack()
var form = document.adminForm;
form.action = '<?php echo base64_decode($this->formPageUrl); ?>#pmform' ;

Added “#pmform” anchor link to script. Then add <a name=”pmform”> </a> to form position on page.

Change Error Bubble Location for Mobile

The “this field is required” speech bubble jumps out of div and breaks mobile layout. To change position more to the left for example.



$(formId).validationEngine('attach', {

below add:

promptPosition : "topRight:-130",

Files to Edit Payment Pages

These files change code layout of payment related pages. Text strings contained can be edited within the component backend itself.

  • Payment confirmation page


copy to /templates/yourtemplate/html/com_pmform/confirmation/default.php

Note: the file was copied already in anchor link edit above

  • Redirecting to PayPal notice page


  • Cancelled payment page


copy to /templates/yourtemplate/html/com_pmform/cancel/default.php

Test URL —> http://www.domain.com/index.php?option=com_pmform&view=cancel&id=160&Itemid=0

  • Successful payment page


copy to /templates/yourtemplate/html/com_pmform/complete/default.php

Fix Corner

Payment cancelation translation string is completely missing.



PM_CANCELLED="Payment Cancelled"

PMF is incompatible with “TheGrue Menu” module extension. Need to disable Touch Events or the form wont work properly at all.


Remove this code bit:

/* Touch Events
/* ------------------------------------ */
wipeLeft: function() {
// Close
$.sidr('close', 'sidr-main');
wipeRight: function() {
// Open
$.sidr('open', 'sidr-main');
preventDefaultEvents: false

If getting this or error message or similar:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.” class=”inputbox validate[required,custom[email]]” size=”35″ />

—> Need to disable “Content – Email Cloaking” plugin.

Change to Simple Email Layout

Simple list of form fields and values followed by line-break.



return '<tr>' . '<td class="title_cell">' . $this->title . '</td>' . '<td class="field_cell">' . $fieldValue . '</td>' . ‘</tr>';

change to (example plain version):

return $this->title . ': ' . $fieldValue . '</br />';



<td class="title_cell">
<?php echo JText::_('PF_TOTAL_AMOUNT'); ?>
<?php echo PMFormHelper::formatCurrency($row->total_amount, $config); ?>

change to:

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Other Files


David <![CDATA[The Big Reviewed List of Dedicated & Static IP VPN Services]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=2269 2016-11-07T04:43:38Z 2016-02-29T15:37:40Z In search of the best VPN with dedicated/static IP address support, I have put together this list of such providers. With a focus on security, privacy and affordable quality service, I’ve added a brief review on each.

The list is ongoing and will add more to it later. And while this is not in any exact priority order, I have tried to place better ones towards the top.

Fixed IP StrongVPN


Using any of the VPN packages without extra fees, once you setup a connection with a server it will assign you with a dedicated IP address. This IP is for your use only and not used by other users. It will also stay the same across devices. Only if you connect to a different server with the same account, the IP will change.

User privacy is very high as StrongVPN does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service. The only thing that they can see, is the status of VPN connections (connected or not and for how long it’s been connected), which is also not logged. One of the most affordable services to get a fixed IP address.

Servers in 21 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Norway, Israel, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Mexico, Malaysia & Japan.

RapidVPN Dynamic IP


They have a big focus on providing Dedicated VPN services. All subscriptions come with access to one server location and unlimited bandwidth. Only “Sweden, Germany and Netherlands” servers allow the use of torrents/P2P.

Server locations: Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Canada, Usa (Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Texas, Washington).

Astrill VPN Private IP Add-on

Astrill VPN

Dedicated/Private IP comes as an add-on that can be added during sign up (please see the bottom part of the order page). It will cost $5 extra per IP, which is added to the regular membership fee. Astrill has a strict no logs policy and unlimited bandwidth across their servers. Great connection client with lots of connection options and fast methods to browse the internet.

Server locations (55 countries): United States, China, Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Turkey, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Egypt, South Africa.

VPNSecure Private VPN Servers


After selecting your plan, it will give an extra option for a Dedicated IP but it will not come cheap. They support many protocols, including PPTP, OpenVPN, SOCKS. Priority on security and privacy is of high importance, absolutely no logs.

Server locations (45 countries): Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.


Hide My Ass!

The IPs used by Hide My Ass are dynamic for the most part. Static IPs are given under some circumstances, and only for servers where this is possible. You need to contact them and explain why you need an IP and they will check if a static IP is possible for that country. The IPs can be very costly and added to the regular fee of a yearly plan. For example an IP in Japan would cost 300USD extra/year.

Server locations in all continents: North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Central America, South America & Africa, and almost every country in the world. Also many countries have several servers in different cities.

Please note: HMA keeps logs of VPN connections for three months at a time. However, they do not monitor which websites are accessed or other similar activity.


Обратите внимание! Правительство России приняло закон, который обязывает каждого провайдера VPN регистрировать весь интернет-трафик на срок до одного года. Поэтому мы не рекомендуем использовать серверы, расположенные на территории России.

David <![CDATA[VPN Guide! — The Most Secure, Private & Anonymous VPN Service]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=2974 2016-11-07T04:41:55Z 2016-02-28T08:12:15Z It’s the norm for any VPN service to state a “no logs” policy or high-end privacy in order to attract customers. Despite these claims, common problems are:

  1. logging – and other serious holes in security
  2. no real anonymity or user data protection
  3. no privacy – giving information to third parties

I’ll show you how to easily find out if your VPN is really safe!

There are plenty of providers invested in quality infrastructure but lack dedication to security (PureVPN, NordVPN, etc.). But there is one service that has it all.

The guys at AirVPN are security fanatics and provide anonymity, privacy and even premium bandwidth with impressive dedication — I’ll explain why.

Quick! —> Read more about AirVPN for yourself.


How to Tell if VPN’s for Real

Evaluating a service gets technical — but the easiest trick in the book is to check (with Ghostery for example) how many trackers are used. This means that your IP address is sent over to third parties who collect your information. These are companies that give out their data to government entities on a regular basis.

No sincere service will send their data to third parties.

NordVPN Trackers

As an example NordVPN is connecting to 9 different third-party services (all do not fit into the screenshot) that collect and store your information.

AirVPN Trackers

The self-hosted Piwik Analytics does not connect to any third-party servers. Meaning all collected data is kept on their own AirVPN servers — don’t worry, they don’t store any IP addresses or anything that can be connected to you.

And then the fun! All that’s left is to read the terms of service and privacy policy. No matter what they say on the home page.. like “100% no logging” or “ultra secure” are meaningless unless you can at least verify that through legal terms.

Trust me, I’ve examined so many VPNs to know that “guilty until proven innocent” is the right approach —  I got in touch with AirVPN to get to the bottom of things!

Privacy Notice and Terms

Below I’ve listed some of the most important features that have made me personally a fan, which is why I’m proud to promote their services.

Top AirVPN Security Features

  • Fully anonymous with only one account email address stored
  • No connection logs is obvious but also there is no logging of bandwidth, session data or DNS server requests. Nothing.
  • Support for extreme security with Multihop VPN where you can route the connection through two or more VPN servers in different countries.
  • Some servers use home ISP hostnames, making the connection look very natural.
  • VPN router support with FlashRouters.
  • Legal requests such as DMCA for copyright infringement end short as information is impossible to give to authorities.
  • Company is located in Gibraltar jurisdiction where there is no legal obligation to log customer activity.
  • No third party tracking software on their website, only Piwik Analytics.
  • They are easy to contact and helpful with any concerns you might have, privacy is all about trust and these guys back their business 100%.

AirVPN Infrastructure Specs

  • No limits on speed or usage which cannot be capped anyway because of the absence of any kinds of logs.
  • Three simultaneous connections or ask them for more if needed.
  • In exchange of higher subscription costs: only low latency, high speed and quality servers are used.
  • Secure payments with Bitcoin or Cash. Credit cards & Paypal also accepted.
  • Server locations: Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
  • Easy connection client for all operating systems (OS X, Windows, Linux), and mobile devices (Android, iOS) or use your own client.

Click here to find out more from the AirVPN website.

Just browse the AirVPN website and you start getting what I mean. The dedication to perfect all aspects of their VPN is present throughout their services. Amongst the many premium priced companies out there, this is the one I feel I’m finally getting my moneys worth.

Чтобы привлечь больше клиентов, для любого провайдера услуг VPN стало нормой заявлять о политике отсутствия журналов или высоком уровне приватности. Несмотря на эти заявления, на деле имеются такие проблемы:

  1. логинг и другие серьёзные дыры в безопасности
  2. отсутствие реальной анонимности и защиты данных пользователя
  3. отсутствие конфиденциальности – предоставление информации третьим лицам

Ребята из AirVPN – фанатики безопасности с огромной преданностью делу. Они обеспечат анонимность, конфиденциальность и поразительную скорость работы Сети – в этом не сомневайтесь. Рекомендуем.



If you can afford the price tag and perhaps looking for a VPN server location in Iceland –> consider IVPN.


Do you have experience with AirVPN?
I would much appreciate any comment, thank u!

Good luck with securing your ass!


David <![CDATA[List of VPN Servers in China Mainland — Chinese IP with VPN]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=2932 2016-09-28T08:58:58Z 2016-02-27T13:51:12Z This is an ongoing list of VPN in China. I made it when I was looking for providers with servers inside the mainland to get a Chinese IP address.

VPN in China

With a VPN account that let’s you connect to a server within mainland China, I’ve tested web functionality within The Great Firewall and website performance.

Astrill VPN

Bandwidth in internet overcrowded China is scarce and Astrill attempts to maintain a fast connection and low latency on their servers with the cost of an extra VIP subscription fee. This will cost 10$/month on top of the normal subscription, for those serious enough.

Locations: Six servers on the Telecom, and two server on the Unicom networks in different parts of China.

HideMyAss VPN

The popular HideMyAss is known for providing a huge number of IP addresses all over the world. Indeed they provide access to a total of 502 different Chinese IPs under one subscription package. Which is most likely the best IP volume you can get.

Server Locations: Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hebei, Renqiu, Sichuan Sheng, Chengdu


Another VPN star with a huge number of world wide locations under one account is PureVPN which also boasts with speed and multiple device support.

Server Locations: Guangdong (4 servers), Shanghai (2 servers).


Focus on anonymity, non-logging and strong encryption amongst more than 50 available country locations.

Server Locations: One server in China.


If you know more, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comments. Or let me know if you have any questions, cheers.

David <![CDATA[Cheapest TLD Guide — The List of Cheapest Domains]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=2918 2017-01-17T15:51:19Z 2016-02-26T12:13:36Z This is a comprehensive list of the most cheap (TLD) top level domain names and registrars that maintain these low prices. This does NOT include domains that have cheap one year registration only. This is the real deal.

Update – Cheapest Domains of 2017 available at Namesilo.

Names $1.89/year for Register, Renewal & Transfer. (Tip! First time orders: Use coupon code ‘smartdom1‘ and receive $1 off.)

  • .accountant
  • .bid
  • .cricket
  • .dating
  • .download
  • .faith
  • .loan
  • .party
  • .racing
  • .review
  • .science
  • .stream
  • .trade
  • .webcam
  • .win

Cheapest TLD

These are inexpensive to register for multiple years with constant pricing. Although some might be even cheaper when registered for multiple years.

Country Code TLDs: ccTLD

  • TLD: .com.de
  • Cost: $4.88/year
  • Registrar: Namecheap
  • TLD: .co.in, .net.in, .org.in, .ind.in
  • Cost: $6.40/year
  • Registrar: Crazy Domain

Generic TLDs: gTLD

  • TLD: .work
  • Cost: $4.88/year
  • Registrar: Namecheap
  • TLD: .accountant, .bid, .cricket, .date, .download, .faith, .loan, .men, .party, .racing, .review, .science, .trade, .webcam, .win, 
  • Cost: $4.88/year
  • Registrar: Uniregistry

This is an ongoing list, with more super cheap domains added over time..

Last updated: August 20th 2016.