elftronix.com David Elfering 2021-01-20T00:45:03Z https://www.elftronix.com/feed/atom/ https://www.elftronix.com/wp-content/uploads/cropped-elf-32x32.png David Elfering <![CDATA[How Accurate is the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker? 2021 Review]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8406 2021-01-20T00:45:03Z 2021-01-19T12:00:43Z The plagiarism detection features of the popular Grammarly software have become more accurate in 2021. Here’s my review and what you need to know.

Grammarly Plagiarism

How does Grammarly plagiarism checker work?

According to Grammarly, there are four types of plagiarism; direct plagiarism, self-plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, accidental plagiarism.

Just as with any plagiarism detection software, different types will have varying results and none cannot be completely reliably detected.

And the best way to measure reliability is to test it out by yourself.

Try the “online plagiarism checker here” on the Grammarly site.

In this way you can evaluate the software beforehand to see (a) how it works, and (b) if it can help with and detect the kinds of plagiarism your writing may contain.

Please note, that if a text has been published only recently the content might not show up as plagiarized before it gets indexed.

How reliable is Grammarly’s plagiarism checker?

Besides checking your text against most pages on the internet, Grammarly also uses ProQuest to catch plagiarism beyond the web.

ProQuest is the largest, multidisciplinary, full-text database.

It consists of scholarly journals, reports, newspapers, working papers, digitized historical primary sources and half a million ebooks.

Grammarly also provides ready models on citing plagiarized text.

My opinion and review on plagiarism features;

Overall, I’d say that plagiarism detection is as trustworthy and reliable as any professional such software can be, limitations included.

While Grammarly as a plagiarism checker alone is likely not worth it, in my opinion it’s the combination of grammar checking and writer enhancement features that must be considered when evaluating reliability.

What’s your take on the plagiarism features of Grammarly?
Tried it and like it? Let us know below!

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David Elfering <![CDATA[What’s the cheapest hotel booking site to book a hotel from in 2021?]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8368 2021-01-19T08:45:33Z 2021-01-18T12:00:51Z Not many know this, but not always the site with the best visible deals on their site is always the cheapest possible option, there’s lot to consider.

Here’s my take on the cheapest, best site to book a hotel from in 2021.

Cheapest Hotel Booking

You’ve most probably heard of booking.com, one of the largest and most highly competitive hotel booking sites in the world.

But, have you heard of their “Genius Program“..?

The system is so “genius” that it’s motivating hotel businesses push down the cost of their rooms to rates cheaper than anywhere else.

It’s both a powerful tool for hotel owners to increase their amount of bookings and also a strain to business, making competition though.

Either way, being on the consumer side of things you just get to enjoy all the benefits which is mainly the cheap pricing, without worries.

It’s a foolproof methods of booking hotels with the cheapest price, ever.

Especially in combination with their “top deals” you can easily find cheap accommodation from any major touristic destination in the world.

But can we trust Booking.com’s low pricing?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that Booking.com is a third-party seller of hotel rooms and a lot of the things that they might be blamed for are not actually their fault but that of the accommodation itself.

Key is understanding in how they deal with problems which unfortunately exists now and then, especially when going with the cheapest hotels.

I highly suggest reading their “code of good practices” which outlines the benefits and protection that you get my booking through them.

Overall, dealing with a big third-party booking site such as Booking.com has it’s advantages and disadvantages. However, consider the low pricing and that they put a lot resources in consumer protection (not perfect, but one of the best).

When it comes to the balancing scale, you not only have the cheapest prices but also the best cost-effectivness. My tip is to go with the lowest price but not with the cheapest hotel, and most of cases you will be just fine..!

Any questions, or advice on getting cheapest hotel prices?
Please, write your thoughts in the box below.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Instagram Support: Better Way to Contact Instagram for Real Help]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=9713 2021-01-17T10:33:19Z 2021-01-17T10:00:10Z Instagram may be the way to “capture and share the world’s moment” but it has failed to capture the ability to help it’s users with quality customer care.

Unless it’s an issue that’s already covered by their “help center”, I’ve found it very hard to email or contact a real human being on the other end.

In this post I’ll explain how to get in touch with real Instagram support.

Hope this helps others as much as it has helped others.

Instagram Customer Support

How to get better Instagram Support?

They are a big company, optimizing profits and that includes the way they handle support by mainly dealing with common issues that people have.

This can be completely useless if you need personalized support.

I’ve found out that you can actually reach a real human being and an expert on all Instagram issues by skipping their mediocre “help center” all together.

You can “go to this link” to ask your question through Justanswer.

No significant waiting times and a person who looks at your specific issue, giving solutions to it without capped answers or placing you in to a ‘optimized support funnel’.

It’s like a breath of fresh air really and an instant help with your frustration.

Note that if you are having some super common and minor problem, you may try to find answers from the official Instagram help center route. But if your issue allows to contact them, don’t expect an answer anytime soon.

What’s the issue with Instagram customer care?

To elaborate on the issues with Instagram’s support, it’s actually common practice for many social networks and big companies with huge user numbers.

But Instagram takes the longest straw with the way they have “optimized” their profits and the way that they give and do not give out support for their “free” users.

Fact is that they are making a huge amount of money out of their users and could be able to provide better, more humanlike and non-robotic support if they wanted to.

But it’s about profit and while you’ll likely have a good experience until something goes wrong, they seem to be big enough to leave out those that are really in need of help.

While other platforms make it just difficult to find the button for filling out an email, Instagram only allows sending of messages at their Help Center for specific problems. Ones that they deem justified for contacting support in person, and even them response times are not that great and answers are mostly capped in my experience so far.

So instead of being able to contact mediocre support, some are left with the option of no support at all. Expect for the best customer care alternative outline above.

I’d love to hear your experience with Instagram Support?
Please, share us your thoughts below.

Best of luck getting help or just ask me if nothing else works, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Solution to Canon Camera Connect App Disconnecting Photo Transfer]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=7754 2021-01-19T08:41:45Z 2021-01-16T12:00:46Z This is my solution to the “Canon Camera Connect” app for iOS, when it keeps disconnecting while transferring photos via Wi-Fi. Hope this helps.

Canon Camera Connect App

While the “Canon Camera Connect” app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) is not a well reviewed application, I’ve found it very good for wireless photo transfer to my phone & tablet once I got used to it, and solved the issue with disconnections.

Here’s how to fix disconnecting transfers;

  1. The trick is to first turn on airplane mode in the settings on iOS.
  2. Then go to the Wi-Fi settings and enable Wi-Fi.
  3. Now select the access point created by your digital camera.
  4. Open the “Canon Camera Connect” app.
  5. You’ll see the photo selection mode on your camera.
  6. Transfer photos without disconnections!

This is likely to work on most camera models that support Wi-Fi connections for image transfer, EOS M, PowerShot, EOS Rebel, IXUS, etc.

For your information; My digital camera is Canon EOS M100, and successfully I’ve used this solution for both my iPhone and iPad.

Did this work for your problem, or any question?
You are also welcome to share your solution, thanks.

Thanks for reading, please share if possible. David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[The Safest Way, Best Place to Buy Used iPhones & Smartphones?]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8767 2021-01-16T05:54:55Z 2021-01-15T00:30:18Z With soaring iPhone prices, used smartphones become a tempting option, yet shrouded with uncertainty on what’s the best and safest place to start.

In this post, I’ll share some clarity so you can buy with confidence.

And this is not just iPhones, I seriously suggest consider other smartphones too that could save you a ton from Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, OnePlus, etc.

Best Place Used Smartphones

A big name in used smartphones is ‘Gazelle’, which not only has a generous free return policy (with free return shipping), but a “certified quality” guarantee.

It’s the best place I know, which does rigorous testing to guarantee quality on a huge selection of used iPhones and other cell phones and electronics, known as a “30 point functional and cosmetic inspection”.

You are going to want the lowest price as well, not just safe and reliable service obviously and for that “check out this offer page on Gazelle“.

Just look at the current pricing of the latest iPhones; iPhone X from $749, iPhone 8 from $599 and iPhone 7 from $449. Not to mention, that you’ll likely want to include upgrades like a bigger screen or more memory.

A lot of us even feel forced into buying an iPhone when it’s iOS that we have become so depend on without caring too much about better features. In such a case, a used iPhone or other smartphone purchase starts to make a lot of sense.

Many companies have a money back guarantee, but it’s rare for a site to be confident enough to provide free return shipping to boost, “read more here“.

Any questions about purchasing used iPhones, etc?
I’m glad to answer them below.

Enjoyed the post? Please share! Regards, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Best Way to Find Your Origins & Ethnicity Through DNA Testing Kit]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8240 2021-01-19T08:37:53Z 2021-01-14T12:00:14Z Ethnicity estimates at their best have evolved to provide detailed and reliable data of your origins, as well as life changing discoveries of course.

But getting those accurate results you need to be careful on what company to trust your precious DNA information with, and stay within reasonable pricing.

Best DNA Test Kit

Here’s what you need to know about AncestryDNA, which is currently leading the cutting-edge DNA science, with the best DNA kit in my opinion.

Being the largest genealogy company in the world founded in 1983, they also have the added benefit of having more DNA samples and experience then any other company. Providing accurate region data for your ethnicity estimate.

Click here to see the latest offers on AncestryDNA kits.

But Ancestry is so much more than just detailed DNA testing. You can go deeper in finding your through origins and discover endless data.

  • Find your relatives through DNA matching
  • See how your ancestors migrated over time periods
  • Accurate geographical maps
  • Build a family tree to magnify your DNA results

Order the DNA kit by mail, return your saliva sample and expect results within 6-8weeks. Everything will be conveniently and securely available online.

And if you get really excited about studying genealogy, you can complement your journey with an Ancestry membership, “free trial here“.

You can find your ancestors through a database of more than 20 billion records to go further in the discovery of your origins,  all in one easy online solution.

All in all the best and most popular DNA testing kit if you ask me.

New; Read the latest developments from the Ancestry CEO.

Any questions about ethnicity estimates?
I’m happy to be of assistance if you have any inquiries.

Thanks for reading and share if you can, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Is CDKeys.com Legit or Not & Cheapest Game Method]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8822 2021-01-14T00:35:22Z 2021-01-13T12:00:38Z Here’s (a) what I found out about CDKeys.com (b) if it’s legit or not (c) how to get the cheapest possible price for your video game.

So is CDKeys really safe to use and legit?

First of all, you can forget about the “deals”, or “sale” pages, you can get even more discount for any game “from this page on CDKeys.com”.

It’s the cheapest method to grab a game so far..

But having discovered such a low price did make me suspicious, together with the negative reviews I had read, but it turns out they’re usable!

CD key sites are regarded as a legal grey area, where you basically have no certainty on where the keys are actually coming from.

So as long as you don’t mind that the;

  1. Keys could possibly originate from the “black market”.
  2. Or that you might not be supporting the developer.

Then “CDKeys com” is legit enough/will most probably work just fine and has for me personally worked so far. But it’s also a reason some gamers like to buy their product keys off authorized sites, even if more expensive.

But the reality is that even when games are put on sale, they can often be more expensive than on CDKeys, so tempting indeed!

I’m not accusing any of these CD Key sites, but simply want to point out that they just don’t operate with transparency in mind. So the way they do business and manage to sell game keys so cheap is anyone’s guess.

CDKeys com legit or scam?

The site claims they provide the “best digital codes for games”,[2] and I’d say from personal experience this isn’t true 100% of the time.

While no doubt their pricing is one of the lowest in the industry, there could be hiccups with your order as these sites aren’t perfect.

What’s important is they have good customer service, and CDKey outsources their support from Sensible Digital B.V. which has been responsive, able to efficiently tackle issues with keys and generous enough.

If a presale game key doesn’t work for any reason, they’ll prove their legit by replacing it and a voucher for your next purchase if late.

However, when it works, the keys are instant.

So as a thumb rule I would not rely 100% on getting instant access to the game, even though it has worked well most of the time. But, you can rely on them being legit enough to get a working key so you wont be left empty handed.

So the answer is yes, I’ve found CDKey.com is definitely safe.

Lastly, if you want to make sure you are on the safe side, I’d follow them on Twitter and check for comment/legitimacy.

So why not use the “cheapest method” to grab your favorite game I’ve outlined above and let me know how it worked, if you liked it or not in the comments.

Have fun with CDKeys and play legit!

Kind regards, David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[Going to See Theatre in Beijing]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=66 2021-01-19T08:31:47Z 2021-01-12T12:00:42Z If you are in Beijing you might as well go and see a few theatre performances. The quality is not always the best but most of the shows are perfectly entertaining enough to waste a few hours. Many visitors know about haggling and that one should ever accept the first price. However not so many people know that this also applies to most of the theatre productions in the city.

Theatre in Beijing

Some tour companies around the city offer discount tickets to these shows so you don’t even need to haggle! What you must understand is that this business is operated by tour guides and not by the official theatre ticket window. That’s why with companies like “May Tours” you must book the tickets in advance.

To actually purchase your discount tickets all you need to do is go to the theatre before the show starts and a tour guide will be there waiting for you while holding your name. I can assure you that it’s perfectly safe to purchase from them as the business is conducted inside the theatre premises.

In this post of mine, I will do a brief introduction to some of the shows where you can get a significant reduction in price!

Liyuan Theatre

Here you can get a glimpse of the performing art of “Peking Opera”. This is the least popular which shows how little tourists are really interested in Chinese culture. One of the most important cultural events going on the city has to be Beijing Opera. This has hardly anything to do with western Opera but instead is a rather entertaining and even amusing art form you will most likely never see anywhere else.

No worries, this place has made sure to not bore you because all the visitors will be tourists. They also have english subtitles so you can catch the story. Great for first timers but if you are anything more than a little experienced in Peking Opera, it is advised to go somewhere else.


Chaoyang Theatre

If you want to see a Chinese acrobatic show, then without a doubt this is the best place in Beijing. As it’s probably the most popular performing arts venue amongst the regular tourist folk, you cannot go wrong. It’s something that everything likes and of course acrobatics is something very deeply routed to Chinese culture. Therefore you could call it an cultural experience as well 🙂

As for the acrobatics, it’s really top notch. The place is a bit old but has that originality in it’s attractive feel. Go there and enjoy with the whole family if your looking for an easy as well as an exiting time.


Red Theatre

The Beijing Red Theatre is pretty much the coolest place you can go. Well almost, the Kung Fu show hosted here is really famous and extremely well done. The story however is not that profound. Anyone a fan of action or martial arts will definitely enjoy here, but children as well as those that like theatre productions will be equally satisfied.

To make one thing clear, these are not real Shaolin Monks. This is a purely commercial production meant to entertain you and in that aspect far from the original spirit of Kung Fu. Tricks will surely amaze most of the spectators so no need to worry about the lack of awesomeness! 🙂


Have you been to a theatre in Beijing? Know how to get a discount? Just leave a comment below to share the goodness!

David Elfering <![CDATA[Stadium Goods Review: Is There a Scam or Are They Really Legit?]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=9676 2021-01-14T00:21:54Z 2021-01-11T12:00:11Z In this review, I’ll be looking at some of the claims that they are scam and if they really hold water or not about the premium sneaker and streetwear online store.

Your definite guide to if Stadium Goods is legit or not.

Stadium Goods

The reason I shop for streetwear at Stadium Goods is fairly simple;

  • (1) I can get high quality but low priced sneakers
  • (2) I have all the sneakers I ever need in one store.

Price is obviously an important factor for many shoppers, I mean have you “looked at this page” of special offers on Sneakers you can’t get anywhere else.

Sometimes it’s a bit too good to be true, right?

Understandable there are a lot of fakes out there, so questioning the legitimacy Stadium Goods sounds like a good thing to do.

After all, once you find an online store you can trust it’s easy to to your sneaker shopping there from thereafter. Which has been the case for me with SG.

Looking at some of the online reviews however, it can be more than confusing with so much positive and negative feedback. Which is why first and foremost your own experience is the most valuable. Because they are a marketplace where individual consignors own the sneakers and not Stadium Goods, they don’t have a clearcut money back guarantee. Instead, you can send your unused sneakers back within 3 days and get 90% of the amount spent as store credit for your next purchase.

But thanks to this consignment arrangement, if you have bad luck with one seller the odds are that you’ll have much better success with another seller.

Before shoes are accepted to be sold at Stadium Goods, they are subject to their conditional requirements. Sometimes a seller doesn’t even know that the shoes they send are fake but quality control is designed to catch sneakers that aren’t authentic. It’s not 100% but they are doing their best at it.

After all they would be pretty soon out of business if they were selling fake sneakers.

I can guarantee from my experience and knowledge, that their intentions are 100% legit and there is definitely no elaborate ‘scam’ involved. However mistakes do happen and you can be sure that those people will be complaining online with negative reviews.

I myself have never had such bad luck and continue to shop with confidence.

And that’s my take and review on Stadium Goods.
Hope that helps & comments welcome!


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David Elfering <![CDATA[How To Automatically Skip Wget SSL Certificate Check]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=264 2021-01-19T08:29:02Z 2021-01-10T12:00:16Z A lot of servers use self signed and cheap SLL certificates. That’s why downloading stuff with wget, you might get this quite a lot:

wget https://www.superencrypted.com/server/isnot.tar.gz

–2014-01-01 01:01:01– https://www.superencrypted.com/server/isnot.tar.gz
Resolving superencrypted.com (superencrypted.com)…,
Connecting to superencrypted.com (superencrypted.com)||:443… connected.
ERROR: The certificate of `superencrypted.com’ is not trusted.
ERROR: The certificate of `superencrypted.com’ hasn’t got a known issuer.

In an ideal world, you would use a separate option to get passed this, only if you have good reason to trust the host. Which is as simple as:

wget –no-check-certificate https://www.superencrypted.com/server/isnot.tar.gz

However, that is 22 characters you have to type, every time to do that.

Wget SSL Certificate Check

In most cases, you have no option but to pass a security exemption if you really need the file! Thus this has become annoying enough that I have made it permanent.

Automatically skipping the wget SSL certification check, when I’m downloading pretty much anything from anywhere.

Open text editor and point it to users home directory and a file called “.wgetrc”.

For example:

pico $HOME/.wgetrc

and add the line:

check_certificate = off

If you want to tweak some more, here are all the possible commands you can add to the wget configuration startup file.

Thanks for reading and comments welcome! David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[Is Udemy worth it? Here’s How you can Review it Yourself]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=10004 2021-01-16T08:58:28Z 2021-01-09T12:00:18Z To be honest, while I love Udemy it’s not for everyone.

Their approach to online courses and skill learning is different from their competition, for some it works well and for other’s it not that great.


Those new to Udemy, I’d hold on to your wallet for now to see if you are one of the 35 million students (or 57,000 instructors) for whom Udemy is worth it.

Carrying the world’s largest selection of online courses, it’s easy to get carrier away.

And don’t get me started on reviews, Udemy is just a platform and how someone will review them based on their experience depends on the courses they took.

Best way to review Udemy for yourself?

Easy, take one of the many free courses “at this link“.

There are loads of top rated courses that are completely free, it’s how I started and I’m sure it will give you a taste of things to come.

My story is not uncommon and it’s how I built a career in building websites and blogs, doing anything really that interested me.

That’s just how awesome I think Udemy is. You can build a set of skills that can be converted into monetary benefit, with growing skills you’ll be able to afford any of the courses on day. The sky is the limit, you just need to go step by step.

Perhaps, entrepreneurship or online learning is not for you..?

Fine, you didn’t spend a penny!

Since I’ve benefitted so much from this, I wanted to share if with you all.

Here’s some free courses worth trying out!

These courses are reviewed with a 1 to 5 star rating.

  • Presentation Skills Secrets:Delivering the Talk of Your Life (4.5 stars)
  • 7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence (4.5 stars)
  • Programming for Kids – How to Make Coding Fun (4.4 stars)
  • Hyperthinking: improve your day to day learning & creativity (4.3 stars)
  • How to Change Your Thinking & become more Positive (4.2 stars)
  • A Mini Course on Time Management (4.3 stars)
  • Introductory Photography Course (4.7 stars)
  • The Total Beginner’s Guitar Course (4.6 stars)
  • Get to know HTML Learn HTML Basics (4.4 stars)
  • Build a Quiz App with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (4.5 stars)
  • Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas (4.5 stars)
  • The Art of Baking with Yuppiechef (4.4 stars)

These are just an example of the few free courses that you can take.

I’m sure that using this method you are convinced in no time if Udemy is worth it for you or not.

Any questions, or experiences to share on Udemy?
Scribble your thoughts in the field below!

Wishing you a skillful experience, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[eBay in UAE! Sellers, Shipping & Equivalent in United Arab Emirates]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6732 2021-01-19T08:20:11Z 2021-01-08T12:00:14Z Today, I’ve answered the question “Is there eBay site in UAE?” and compiled a guide for online shopping, delivery & shipping on eBay in the United Arab Emirates.

Click here for the eBay website in UAE & Dubai

eBay in UAE

The global e-commerce giant eBay is used for both international e-commerce, as well as online shopping amongst sellers and items located in the UAE.

Here’s my quick guide on what you need to know on how eBay works in the United Arab Emirates with shipping and delivery to your doorstep.

How eBay works in UAE

Follow this quick guide to navigate your way on the eBay marketplace, for both buyers and sellers in the country. Both which are plenty!

Online shopping from eBay sellers in UAE;

Step 1. Click here for advanced search on eBay

Step 2. Scroll way down to the “Located in” drop-down menu.

Step 3. Select “United Arab Emirates” from the drop-down menu!

Step 4. Searches are from then on narrowed down to UAE sellers.

Note; Most of the sellers will be from Dubai.

Shopping from Asian & Middle Eastern eBay sellers;

Step 1. Open this link for global eBay in UAE

Step 2. Do a simple search for the type of item you are looking for.

Step 3. On the left, you’ll see the “Item Location” setting, where you’ll see the option for Asia and other country regions for narrowing down your searches.

Selling to United Arab Emirates with eBay.com;

As an international seller yourself, you can also use the services of the global version of the eBay site to enter the UAE online shopping market in English.

For shipping to the UAE from anywhere in the world, the Global Shipping Program is a convenient solution provided for eBay sellers.

Why is there no eBay in UAE?

Even though there is no specifically localized version, eBay is available in the UAE. The website is specifically designed to serve customers from anywhere in the world. And to support shipping and delivery options internationally.

Currently the domain eBay.ae (official top level domain name for the United Arab Emirates) is simply a forward to the global version at eBay.com and is likely to remain so. Expats as well as Emiratis have plenty of choice for online shopping in the UAE which is why perhaps the company is not interested in direct competition. Instead, it has kept it’s firm position as one of the most known, international, English language e-commerce and bidding portal websites in Dubai and rest of the country.

But what sites similar to eBay in the country do have, is for example support for the local Dirham currency (AED), and Arabic language.

However, most would argue that a real equivalent in terms of global reach and bidding features does not exist in the UAE. Anyway, explore alternatives below.

Online Shopping & eBay Equivalents in UAE

As mentioned, looking for real eBay equivalents in the UAE is a challenge. You are often directed to Souq.com, sloganed “Buy and sell anything in the UAE amongst millions of users”. It is known as the local Amazon-style marketplace in the country. So obviously quire different from eBay and not a real equivalent.

The closest alternative will be dubizzle, which however has no bidding feature, buyer protection and neither has a very huge range of available items. Instead, it’s a local classified site considered slightly better than Craigslist for example. Mostly, if you want to look for or sell used items through a simple but working interface for listings, mostly in Dubai. This will be a perfectly viable option.

Fact is, that a large portion of the online shopping in the UAE is done through international sellers. Especially those in China and other Asian countries. Good thing with eBay is that they still often provide affordable shipping options to UAE, Dubai and other locations.

And that’s my take on online shopping, shipping and delivery in the UAE.

Experience with eBay in the United Arab Emirates & Dubai?
What do you consider the best equivalent site? Comments, please!

In order to be completely transparent with my readers, I want to make it clear that some of the links you might click on could be affiliated with the companies they link to. These are means to support the blog and work put behind making hopefully beneficial content to the readership. Huge and marvelous Thank you. David.

David Elfering <![CDATA[High Quality Wild Oregano Oil Brand! My Quest & Review for the Best Oil]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6612 2021-01-14T00:21:37Z 2021-01-07T12:00:32Z This is my research and quick review, on high quality wild oregano oil brands, for those who are looking for the highest quality oil in 2021.

Quality Oregano Oil

When researching for oregano oils, I look for the best, organic, highest quality oils because hey, essential oils are not that expensive anyway. And better get high quality, for the best effects and a nature friendly product.

In other words, understanding the real health benefits you need the best possible oil. For which you need a wild product, which is also naturally organic.

So where to find the best oregano oil?

Check the brand Zane Hellas from Greece with a store on eBay.

They are a family company, started in 2013 with the sole purpose of creating the world’s highest quality oregano oil brand with a full range of products;

  • 100% pure and natural, Greek wild organic oil
  • Anti fungal nail treatment solution in a handy brush bottle for easy applications to toenails and fingernails.
  • Oregano oil softgels, capsules
  • Oregano toothpaste
  • Oregano immune boosters
  • Athletes foot oregano oil solution
  • Dried wild oregano leaves
  • Candida cleanse diet solution
  • Mouthwash with oregano oil

And almost every possible oregano health product imaginable!

With them, you know that the oil is the purest quality and effective. In fact, you can get the oil either in pure form which is so strong it needs to be diluted. Or as a mixed solution that’s ready diluted with olive oil for direct use from the bottle.

If you just want the best quality product, order the pure oregano oil and with it possibilities are endless. I personally mix it with other oils, store it in a separate bottle and use it for athletes foot whenever need arises. And it works miracles.

Also amongst all the brands I’ve done research on, Zane Hellas is definitely the most transparent of it’s production and practices used in oil manufacture. All the ingredients are sourced from Greece, and sent directly from their warehouse.

If you order from eBay, you are under their buyer protection and they will replace a product immediately if there is anything, or problems with delivery. Obviously shipping will be fast for those located in Europe, countries like United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. but for the quality and affordable price I think it’s worth ordering from the United States (US) and anywhere else in the world.

There are other brands that claim to be organic, or to use wild oregano but sourcing and product methods have been obscure. So once you find a good brand like Zane Hellas, you likely have your oregano-needs met for the rest of your life.

Any questions about high quality oregano oil?
Or what do you considered the best, highest quality essential oils?

Let us know your experience and opinion in the comments!

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Update: Fixed the store link. Now working again!

David Elfering <![CDATA[Direct Link to eBay Belgium in French! En Français / France Version]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6668 2021-01-19T08:15:20Z 2021-01-06T12:00:37Z Is the Belgium eBay at eBay.be showing up in the Dutch language? If you’re not Flemish, not to worry! This is how to open the site in French;

Click for Belgian eBay version in French language!

eBay Belgium in French

The Kingdom of Belgium has three official languages, French, Dutch and German. Also, as the capital of the EU and an international country for commerce, study and European economics, many other languages are spoken too. Especially English.

While there are somewhat more dutch speaking Flemish people than French natives living in the country, this largely depends on the area too.

As for websites and online shopping sites, we can see the device slightly leaning towards the Dutch language. For example, if you browse to the eBay site in Belgium you will see Dutch at a more prominent position. But still, the amount of users of the French language is very significant on the American auctioning portal and e-commerce giant. This can create some confusion, but you’ll find the direct link above.

There are many popular online shopping sites in Belgium, all of which have both Dutch & French versions to serve both populations, such as Amazon, Coolblue, Bol.com, Zalando, MediaMarkt, Vente-Exclusive.com, Colruyt Group, Unigro, Vanden Borre, H&M and of course eBay itself is no exception here.

Changing eBay Belgium language to French

Besides the direct link to the French version — you also have the option to change the language manually through the website. This is especially convenient when you need to quickly swap between Dutch & French versions for any reason.

Step 1. Navigate to eBay.be

Step 2. Browse the website as usual.

Step 3. Check the top menu bar to where it says either “Nederlands”, or “Français” and the Belgium flag. Click on that!

Step 4. See the language selection menu and select Français for French.

And please note that since eBay is an international shopping and auctioning portal, most likely the product descriptions are in English. With this method, you can browse the website interface, registration, purchase, support, guides, checkout and all other technical features of the website in French.

Hope this helps and happy online shopping!

Any questions about French language e-commerce in Belgium?
Or about the eBay.be site and it’s functions…? Comments below.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Coursera Review: Get Started with Online Courses for Free!]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8489 2021-01-06T08:02:41Z 2021-01-05T12:00:51Z This is my essential Coursera review of 2019 — now getting started with trusted online courses for free is easier than ever. Read on for more.

Coursera Review

What is Coursera?

It all started when two Stanford based computer science professors decided to provide their classes for free, available online in 2012.

These free courses turned out to be extremely popular, which lead to the creation of Coursera. Now offering high-quality academic classes in partnership with 149 universities around the world.

As of 2019, there are more than 2,400 available online courses and more than 33 million registered users on their online learning platform.

Getting started for free;

Most courses on Coursera are available for free unless you want to earn a degree once your course has been completed — search through free courses here.

There are also specialized courses which are not available for free, however you may be eligible for a 7-day free trial — read more about it here.

Although getting a degree has many benefits and a popular choice among users, it’s easy getting started for free and learn what your potential is.

How Coursera works;

Organized in a similar fashion to university classes, they are broken down into social sciences, humanities and many other categories. With plenty of options, if you are interested in a degree program make sure to do your research to see which institute is backing each course and if it’s accepted by your school.

Usually you’ll have the option to either pay for the degree along with the course, or enroll to the course for complete free without it.

Enrolling to a class gives you 180 days of access to all the course materials, although usually courses are completed much earlier. Besides going through assignments, videos and other course material you can connect with other students on the same class. Once completed you can receive the certificate and start another one.

Benefits of Coursera;

  1. Each course is backed by accredited universities or organizations for high degree value and guaranteed quality course content.
  2. There are classes in more than 30 languages.
  3. Coursera is one of the most established, popular, highly reviewed and trusted online learning platforms today.
  4. Learn on both desktops and mobile devices.
  5. Courses are taught by real experienced professors.
  6. There are many options to complete courses for completely free, or receive a risk free 7-day free trial for premium courses.
  7. Cost of taking courses is much lower than with educational institutions.

If you are interested in the benefits of online learning, I don’t think there’s better place than Coursera to get started and for free.

What’s your review of Coursera?
Or leave your questions below to learn more!

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David Elfering <![CDATA[eBay Store Website in Nigeria: Guide to Shopping, Delivery & Shipping]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6646 2021-01-19T08:10:57Z 2021-01-04T12:00:14Z In this post I’ve answered the question, is there eBay in Nigeria? And while the answer is yes, I’ll give further instructions. Or directly access the store website;

Click here to access the eBay store site in Nigeria!

eBay Nigeria

So while there is no specifically localized version of eBay in the country, such as eBay.ng, you can use the site for shopping in Nigeria without problems.

This is how you can get the global eBay website to work for you!

How eBay works in Nigeria

The site works best as a global marketplace, but you can also narrow down searches to specific locations, within Nigeria for example;

Shopping from eBay sellers in Nigeria;

There are actually quite a few items available, that are located within the country. This is how to shop amongst them;

Step 1. Use this link for English eBay in Nigeria

Step 2. Besides the search button, you’ll find the “Advanced” link.

Step 3. Click on that, and go down to “Location” settings.

Step 4. From the country drop-down list, choose “Nigeria”.

You can use this same method to do searches for other nearby countries. Choose a region for Europe, Asia, North America (US), etc.

Although you cannot narrow down searches to Africa, you can set it to cover a range with a number of miles from your location.

Delivery & shipping support to Nigeria;

The global eBay.com website automatically detects your location, giving your search results that support shipping to Nigeria. Also it attempts to correctly estimate the cost of delivery, or you can manually select your destination country.

Online Shopping in Nigeria;

There are several big e-commerce sites in the country, namely Wakanow, Jumia, Kaymu, Konga, DealDey and Olx. All of them are focused within local shopping on the internet, which is why eBay has become the biggest name in global demand.

However, business to consumer is big in the country, so local alternatives are also well worth considering for cheaper, faster shipping.

Questions about eBay and auctioning in Nigeria?
Yours comments and suggestions are most welcome here.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Sonett Sensitive Series & Organic Laundry Liquid: Where to Buy?]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6748 2021-01-06T08:01:25Z 2021-01-03T12:00:59Z While Sonett products are available in most European countries and elsewhere, the Sonett Sensitive series is harder to get and often pricy outside of Germany.

Here’s how to find and buy your organic laundry detergents, body care products and other cleaning agents from Sonett with affordable pricing.

Sonett Sensitive

My favorite German brand of organic, 100% biodegradable laundry liquid has long been Sonett which is suitable for babies, children as well as just about anyone health-conscious with or without sensitive skin and allergies.

You are in luck if located in Germany, where you have best availability and lowest pricing in local shops. Outside the country however, it’s often sold in expensive eco-shops online or elsewhere. If you can find the Sensitive series at all.

The best pricing & availability has been on the eBay store’s global version.

Click here to browse through Sonett Sensitive products on eBay.

While I’ve noticed that the situation on available sellers changes from time to time, there are usually several in Europe, and US. So do check that out.

Delivery is usually door-to-door so bigger orders will be more cost-effective.

Sonett Sensitive series includes these products;

  • Laundry Liquid sensitive
  • Laundry Powder Color sensitive
  • Olive Laundry Liquid sensitive
  • Hand Soap sensitive
  • Dishwashing Liquid

And thanks for reading.

Where do you buy your Sonett Sensitive products?
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David Elfering <![CDATA[Looking for the Best Free Amateur Gay Porn? Forget Tumblr!!]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8454 2021-01-19T09:55:28Z 2021-01-02T12:00:15Z Before the NSFW ban, Tumblr used to be the biggest social media platform for free gay porn, especially the amateur kind. And I can understand why it was a lot more satisfying than many of the other crowded, freebie video streaming sites.

So I wanted to share with my readers on how to get a taste of something better.

Click here for a free Sean Cody membership from MaleAccess.

Just click on the redeem offer button for a free week of full access to IMHO, the best gay porn site out there with all the amateur goodness for free.

Best Gay

The content rules that all content deemed NSWF will be deleted from Tumblr took effect in December of 2018. Since then, gay porn lovers around the world have been left scratching their heads on where to go for the free good stuff.

We are left with watching men in tight jeans, however unlike for women, luckily they didn’t ban the nipples. Anyway, amateur porn will keep on going forward.

While it was big news, it also gave an opportunity to turn a new leaf which lead to the discovery of the famous gay pornography studio, Sean Cody.

They’ve been around 2011, and have a very strict model selection that only allows “exclusive men”, who have no previous work experience in porn.

The best gay amateur porn for free?

The other option is to get access to the whole site with a few dollars (“here“), so there’s not much to loose besides your innocence.

What you are getting that you never got from Tumblr;

  • Hundreds of names in exclusive gay porn actors.
  • Full HD streaming and downloading of videos.
  • Constant new stuff released.
  • Stay at the edge of the amateur gay porn industry.
  • No ads, always quality and ease of browsing though any device.

But be warned.. you will also get an urge to continue with a regular subscription that will need to be paid for. But I’d say try it out as a free alternative.

As the models are exclusive, you’ll only get to know their first names. That’s of course a clever technique from Sean Cody to keep them on the site, so that you come back for more and more from your favorite amateur porn stars. All good, I say! Either way, if you decide to get access to the site, I recommend looking up these great gay amateur models, such as Cory, Graham, Liev, Kurt, Brooks, Ashton, Ethan, Jax, Kaleb, Landon, Cameron, Jayden, Joshua, Pavel, Porter, Robbie, Noel, Lane and Jarek.

R.I.P Tumblr.

Update: You can now register with “Male Access” to get five of the largest gay porn sites. Sean Cody, Men.com, Bromo, Reality Dudes, and Czech Hunter.

All with one single account, trial accounts included.

Ever tried out Sean Cody?
Or what’s your opinion of amateur gay porn?

Let me know below, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[edX.org Review: Get Started with Online Courses for Free!]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=8512 2021-01-06T08:02:58Z 2021-01-01T12:00:50Z Known as edX, the company is one of the leaders among online course providers. They have developed online learning to a whole new level, with certification that can actually land you the job or position you want, the smart way.

This is my review on how you can leverage your certificate backed learning through their easy to use and popular online course platform.

Online Courses

It all started from an idea to make education accessible for everyone without limitations or boundaries which was an instant success story worldwide.

To provide the best value possible to students, they added paid certificates and other advanced courses while maintaining access to online sources free “here“.

Providing something for everyone, without a doubt their biggest attraction is being able to get the same level of education as in highly reputable educational institutions, without having physical boundaries as well as providing a game changing reductions in both cost and study efficiency.

By being able to master the exact field that’s needed for you to succeed in life, any student motivated enough can make anything they want out of their lives. The negative stigma of online certificates is slowly fading away and employers are able to recognize the individual effort that can be made through platforms such as edX.

Likewise some students still have prejudice against online learning but what really has turned things round for them are the social features of the platform. Not just online course material is provided but emphasis is put on social features, where you can interact with other students and course assistants.

Independent learning has never been so efficient before.

And neither has edX forgotten the needs of students who might struggle to pay for high-end degrees or quality certification for maximum benefit.

While costs are much lower than in schools and other physical institutions, they have go further with regular promotions for savings up to $150 per course.

You can check out all the latest edX promos at this link.

The benefits of edX online courses are significant;

  • No need to spend time and effort trying to pass entry exams.
  • No physical boundaries so you can study from anywhere.
  • No student loans or expensive courses.
  • Ability to study subjects completely free without certification.
  • Massive community that can provide one-to-one support all the way from the beginning to the end of your course competition.
  • Ability to study exactly what you want at your own pace.
  • All in one solution no matter what your goal in life is.

If you are looking for an alternative route to learning anything from math to law or any other school subject there is, no doubt edX is an obvious choice.

What is edX?

The edX platform is one of the best and leading MOOC sites on the internet. It stands for “Massive Open Online Course “, meaning that the provided study courses are openly accessible via the web for the use of unlimited participants.

The originally site was founded by Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 20120. Currently their courses are provided by more than 120 institutional partners from universities to other educational organizations around the world.

These courses are not just video lectures, problem sets, readings and traditional course material. Much emphasis is put into interaction where students, professors and course assistants (also known as teaching assistants) are part of a support community for immediate feedback during the online learning experience.

Over 2,200 courses are currently available in subjects such as Math, Economics, Education, Languages, Environment, Humanities, Law, etc.


More traditional school institutions are here to stay, yet they are increasingly backing online learning opportunities and teaming up with companies like edX.

And without a doubt we are at a turning point where job seekers are more and more seeking for new ways to get to where they want in life. To which online courses will continue to provide a viable answer at a growing rate. As to how these two forces will balance each out in the long run is yet to be seen.

Best of luck with your study endeavours!

What’s your review of learning with edX?
Questions welcome on online courses welcome too.

Thank you for reading my blog, David.

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David Elfering <![CDATA[Biological/Holistic Dentistry & How to Find a Safe Dentist in Finland]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=7072 2021-01-06T07:54:27Z 2020-12-30T12:00:27Z Here’s how to find a biological dentist (in Finnish: Biohammaslääkäri) in Finland!

Bio Dentistry in Finland

So called bio-dentistry or holistic dentistry is surprisingly common in Finland, and the use of metal amalgam fillings is nowadays uncommon.

While I cannot recommend any specific dental care center in Finland, you will easily find them by searching “biohammaslääkäri” in Google.

You can also see the pages of the “Finnish Association of Bio Dentistry” (in Finnish: Suomen Biohammaslääketieteen Yhdistys ry) which lists it’s members who have received training in the field, and are committed to following the recommended protective measures to minimize the exposure of mercury. Especially, when you want to have your amalgam fillings removed.

Their members consist of dentists located in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Kuopio, Vaasa and Oulu. And there are several other dental surgeons in Finland which are not members but still committed to holistic dentistry.

The websites are likely in Finnish, but you can use automatic translation software like Google Translate to get details in English. And of course, most doctors and dentist receptionists will be able to communicate in English.

Please, share your experience on Finnish bio dentistry below!
I am very interested in your comments. Thank you.

Thanks for your visit & regards. David.