elftronix.com 2018-07-19T07:00:28Z https://www.elftronix.com/feed/atom/ https://www.elftronix.com/wp-content/uploads/cropped-elf-32x32.png David <![CDATA[How to Withdraw Cash with Chinese UnionPay (银联) Cards in Finland]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=7080 2018-07-18T11:47:13Z 2018-07-19T07:00:28Z Need to withdraw cash from an ATM in Finland using UnionPay? Here’s how!

UnionPay 银联 Finland

Seems most Finnish banks and authorities have not noticed that UnionPay is the largest card payment organization in the world. Even though support by ATMs around Europe is commonplace, Finland is still lagging behind.

The “Otto” (or Ottopiste) cash machines in Finland dominate the country. However, they and the smaller “Nosto” competitor lack any UnionPay support.

Luckily the “ChangeGroup company”, a Finnish currency exchange service known for it’s poor rates and high fees has special ATMs, which support UnionPay cards.

While it’s a step to the right direction, they have decided to limit withdrawals to 150EUR per cash withdraw. Although you can of course withdraw as many times as you want, and pay the applicable one-time withdrawal fee multiple times.

Also worth mentioning, is that any questions and concerns from ChangeGroup staff, is commonly met with a “I just work here” attitude, so you are on your own.

This is where you’ll find the UnionPay supported ATMs in Finland;

Helsinki Airport

The main airport in Finland has 15 cash machines in total, scattered around the facilities. Both inside the area after passing through airport security, or soon after arriving. As well as near the check in counters available to anyone.

You can find all ATM locations here.

ChangeGroup in Helsinki

One machine is also located at the address of “Pohjoisesplanadi 21”, which is right next to the central Esplanadi park in Helsinki.

You can find branch location and times here.

As far as I know, other ChangeGroup locations in Helsinki or elsewhere in Finland do not have this ATM. I have tried to call them and ask, but apparently there is no consideration until there is more demand elsewhere.

Please note, that this guide is subject to changes.
I’d love to hear your comments and welcome questions.

Thanks and please share the post below if you can! David.

David <![CDATA[How To Restart Ghost CMS Installed with Softaculous & cPanel]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=379 2018-07-18T09:45:58Z 2018-07-18T07:00:14Z This is my guide on restarting the the professional publishing platform “Ghost” if you are having problems with it when on cPanel hosting.

Restarting Ghost CMS

To make any changes to the theme, you must restart Ghost. I found plenty of guides, of which none worked for me. This is how I managed to restart Ghost CMS using cPanel and (limited) SSH/shell access.

The Ghost CMS was originally installed using Softaculous.

I had two reasons why I needed to have Ghost restarted. I wanted to show full posts on the front page instead of the excerpt, for which I had changed some code on the template files. The other was that I wanted to have the site verified in webmaster tools, where adding html markup was easier than using the file verification.

Let’s get down to it

Basically the idea is that you need to kill the process that is running Ghost.

Ghost Blogging Platform CMS

For this to be possible, I needed to find out the PID code of that process. The problem was that usual command line methods of finding out that process ID number were in my case restricted. Shell commands such as pspidof or pkill were pretty much disabled by my host. However, the “kill” command was fully functional.

cPanel Process View

But I found out another way of finding out that number in cPanel. Under logs there was the “Process views” icon.

cPanel Process View 2

This contained a list of current processes and their PID numbers. The name was not obvious, but I simply tried the first “node index” on the list. So under command line like so.

kill -9 578060

This kills the process. Cron should be automatically set up to start up Ghost again. It’s possible to check that in “Cron jobs” under “Advanced” in cPanel.

cPanel Cron jobs

The default cron setting by Softaculous was to check if the process is running four times an hour. If you can’t wait, run this exact command in the shell:

php -d disable_functions="" /home/user/public_html/cron.php > /dev/null

And this is what worked for me..!

The other thing I tried was the restart.txt method which did nothing for me, but you could try it out if you don’t have SSH/shell access.

Did that work for you or know another way in 2018?
Please share it in the comments, thanks!

David <![CDATA[Check Here for Affiliate & Referral Programs in 2018! (UPDATED)]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=4298 2018-07-17T14:12:03Z 2018-07-16T07:00:25Z Here is a list of various online services and information about the existence of any affiliate or referral programs in place or planned — frequently updated.

Affiliate Programs


Sorry but currently we do not have any affiliate program here with us. You can have reseller account with us.

Internet.bs – Support Team
July 13th, 2018


Thank you for your inquiry. While we appreciate your interest, Unblock-Us does not offer an affiliate program at this time.

Unblock-Us Support,
February 23rd, 2018


Currently at this time we are not offering an affiliation program, although I have heard talk about this among the development team. I do not have any other information relating to this, or if this is something we are planning on doing currently.

No-IP Support Staff,
June 18th, 2016


Unfortunately at the prices NameBright offers we do not have an affiliate program nor plans to launch an affiliate program.

Happy domaining!

February 6th, 2016

David <![CDATA[Biological/Holistic Dentistry & How to Find a Safe Dentist in Finland]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=7072 2018-07-18T10:56:53Z 2018-07-15T07:00:27Z Here’s how to find a biological dentist (in Finnish: Biohammaslääkäri) in Finland!

Bio Dentistry in Finland

So called bio-dentistry or holistic dentistry is surprisingly common in Finland, and the use of metal amalgam fillings is nowadays uncommon.

While I cannot recommend any specific dental care center in Finland, you will easily find them by searching “biohammaslääkäri” in Google.

You can also see the pages of the “Finnish Association of Bio Dentistry” (in Finnish: Suomen Biohammaslääketieteen Yhdistys ry) which lists it’s members who have received training in the field, and are committed to following the recommended protective measures to minimize the exposure of mercury. Especially, when you want to have your amalgam fillings removed.

Their members consist of dentists located in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Kuopio, Vaasa and Oulu. And there are several other dental surgeons in Finland which are not members but still committed to holistic dentistry.

The websites are likely in Finnish, but you can use automatic translation software like Google Translate to get details in English. And of course, most doctors and dentist receptionists will be able to communicate in English.

Please, share your experience on Finnish bio dentistry below!
I am very interested in your comments. Thank you.

Thanks for your visit & regards. David.

David <![CDATA[How to Fix WD My Cloud Slow Speed Problems & Make it Fast]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=633 2018-07-14T08:36:05Z 2018-07-14T07:00:45Z I’ve seen a lot of debate about the performance of the Western Digital My Cloud NAS Server. And perhaps the biggest complaint and misunderstanding has been, that the transfer rate is low.

>> In this guide I explain the speed issue and how I have made My Cloud fast for both wired, and wireless connections.

WD My Cloud Slow Speed Problems

While My Cloud might not be the best option for everyone, it’s really a beautiful device that performs well under the right circumstances. For me personally, regular external hard drives are a thing of the past.

Not Everything is My Cloud’s Fault

Especially when it comes to transfer speed between your computer and the drive, there are a lot of factors to consider. Luckily, most of them are hardware problems that are easy to fix.

If you are serious about speed, you will have to be serious about your hardware too. Either by using the cheap but excellent ethernet cable method, or by making a bigger investment in top-of-the-line Wi-Fi technology.

WD My Cloud Speed Guide

There can be software problems too, in conjunction with other software and operating systems. First thing is to make sure you are running the latest My Cloud Firmware which is v04.00.01-623 at the time of writing.

Also it’s a good idea to check for updates for your operating system. For example, just recently Mac OS X had released a software update that improves SMB (Samba) connections to the drive.

Fast Wired Connections

WD My Cloud uses an Ethernet cable for wired connections. This is the way to get the best speeds out of your drive. Compared to the traditional and clumsy USB connection, it has a much more sturdy connector, with a huge speed capacity. Especially if you are using a laptop, ethernet will be a life saver over USB.

It cannot be connected directly between your computer and drive. There has to be a router or switch in between, which enables the device to have a connection with the outside world (internet). The common problem is that your router is not fast enough.

WD My Cloud Netgear Gigabit Switch Ethernet

If your wired connection is slow, it usually means that one or both of the devices (most likely on the router end), is using the 100Base-T (or older 10Base-T) ethernet standard. Even though this refers to a transfer rate of up to 100Mbps per second:

My Cloud is horribly slow with a 100Mbps connection.

To enjoy the full speed capacity, you need a Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps-T) router or switch. If you are not planning on upgrading your Wi-Fi router (more about that later), a good option is to buy an inexpensive Ethernet Switch and you won’t have to worry about speed problems, ever again.

A “Switch” is a device that simply builds a network connection between your computers, your internet router and the My Cloud drive. So that they can talk (transfer data) to each other. You can attach all your devices to the switch and no software is required. Smooth..

Best Value Gigabit Ethernet Switch


A highly recommended, inexpensive gigabit ethernet switch is the legendary NETGEAR GS105. It’s a compact and powerful device, that you can rely on to distribute your traffic simultaneously across five different devices.

NETGEAR GS105 Five Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

I wouldn’t recommend going any cheaper than that, if you want to have a good night sleep. Anyway, the NETGEAR switch is already very cheap.

Don’t forget to check your computer’s connection limits too. Luckily 1000Mbps-T is pretty standard and well supported.

There are also different types of ethernet cables, which support different speeds. Just make sure it’s not the older type known as Cat5 (usually written on the cable).

The average cable is Cat5e, and should be fast enough. But if you are going to buy a new one, you might as well get the later Cat6, which is an improved version and can go up to 10-Gigabit speeds.

Cat5/Cat6 cables won’t make much price difference.

Fast Wi-Fi Connections

Wi-Fi is somewhat trickier, and an upgrade is not going to be cheap. You really need to get a damn good router and a corresponding Wi-Fi Adapter if you plan on enjoying the luxury of a fast wireless connection.

You can choose between two wireless networking standards. The older but more popular 802.11n (450Mbps) or the latest 802.11ac (1300 Mbps) which is also backwards compatible. And remember:

No matter what the standard, buying a cheap Wi-Fi router is not a good idea.

Here are the latest toys:

Airport Extreme Base Station

Fast, simple & beautiful. — If you are a Mac user or not, the simplest way is to grab the latest 6th generation Airport Extreme Base Station and you are good to go. With full backwards compatibility to any standard there is, you will automatically have the fastest possible speeds your machine can handle.

AirPort Extreme 6th generation ME918LL/A

Even if you are with a Wi-Fi adapter that supports up to 802.11n, you won’t regret it on your next upgrade to a 802.11ac adapter.

ASUS RT-AC87U WiFi Router

The Best There is. — The powerful, “ASUS RT-AC87U Wireless-AC2400 Dual Band Gigabit Router” is top-of-the-line. Range and speed is simply amazing, with all the candy one can ever need. Just make friends with it.

ASUS RT-AC87U Wireless-AC2400

For the receiving end, you need a 802.11ac network adapter of course.

I would love to hear other setups for fast WD Cloud speeds,
Please share them in the comments!

Oh and by means of sincerity, I want to educate my readers about the possibility of affiliate links on the blog. Biig thanks for the voluntary support.

Thanks for reading and hopefully sharing, David.

David <![CDATA[TransferWise Review of Referral Programs & Free Transfer Explained]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6950 2018-07-14T10:15:25Z 2018-07-13T07:00:30Z Did you know, that by using a personal invite link you can register an account and get your first transfer on TransferWise for completely free of charge..?

Here’s the essentials on the referral program and review of TransferWise for those looking to make money with their blogs, being an affiliate.

TransferWise Review

There are two different programs with their advantages and disadvantages, here are the differences and how each referral program works;

TransferWise Invite a Friend Program

With this program you can the highest incentive, but also it can be more difficult to get leads to convert as a payment customer. So basically;

  • Every user has a personal invite link that they can share freely
  • When someone signs up through that link they become their invitee
  • Once three invitees make a transfer worth £200, you receive a £50 award (or equivalent, depending on account currency obviously).

And while new users normally pay a fee of 0.5-1%, the invitee will be able to make their first transfer without this additional cost. Please be aware, that additional credit card or banking fees may still apply (read more here).

TransferWise Affiliate Program

You can also become a TransferWise affiliate;

  • Get various custom links, banners, etc. to promote TransferWise
  • Receive a fixed reward of £10 for each sign up that converts.
  • Each lead must convert to a paying customer, meaning that they must make one transfer of any amount to be valid.
  • There is no incentive for users who click the affiliate link.

So basically, while invite program offers £50 for three referrals, the affiliate program will reward you £30 for the same amount, with less strict requirements.

And of course, without the free transfer incentive (read more).

Please, be warned!

I learned it the hard way, but you should really first decide on which program you want to take part in. Because if you join the affiliate program, you will loose the possibility to receive any rewards for the invite program.

Here’s my discussion with support;

Dear TransferWise staff,

I am interested in promoting your services through the "invite friends and family" program. However, for example now that I received a referral I received an email saying;

"Good news! xxx@gmail.com just joined TransferWise."
"As soon as xxx@gmail.com makes a transfer that’s over £0, you’ll be on your way to that £0 reward."

Why am I only eligible for a £0 reward? Your FAQ states things like "For example, with one program in the UK, you'll get £50 once 3 invited friends make a qualifying payment of at least £200."

Thanks for your time and clarification!

Best regards,
Hi David, and sorry for the confusion.

Since you are one of our affiliates, we can only offer you the referral program called Altruism. This means that we can’t offer you any monetary benefits for inviting friends. However, the friends you invite to use our services, will receive a free transfer for up to 500 GBP or the equivalent in other currencies.

Altruism is just what the referral program assigned to our affiliates is called. 
Just visit your - Invite page - to see the breakdown of it.

If you had a different referral program with monetary rewards, you would see them there.

Best regards,
TransferWise Support

And that’s all the essential information for this review.

What’s your experience with getting referrals with TransferWise?
Your input is much appreciate by us all!

Huge thanks to my readership! David.

David <![CDATA[WD My Cloud Share Cannot Connect or Wrong Password Problems]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=547 2018-07-12T19:41:13Z 2018-07-12T07:00:28Z Problems connecting to your WD My Cloud? Here are my observations.

WD My Cloud Share Cannot Connect

First thing I noticed that when adding new shares on the WD My Cloud, you must add the user permissions one by one. Otherwise it can result in the share not working, either giving an invalid password error on Windows, or just some kind of a connection error on Mac OS X (now macOS).

WD My Cloud Shares

I haven’t tried AFP, but this was my experience with connecting to the drive via SMB (Samba). Which btw. for me at least, seems to work better than AFP on my Macbook even though AFP is a Mac protocol. Go figure..!

Also Mac pulled out a software update which is suppose to improve SMB connections. So as a reminder, updating is usually a good idea.

Mac Connect SMB, AFP WD My Cloud

Point taken: sometimes a lot of patience is needed at the My Cloud dashboard.

Related posts you might be interested in;

Thank you for reading!
Questions/Comments welcome. David.


David <![CDATA[PayPal No Longer Supports Lianlian Payment & Withdrawing in CNY]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6975 2018-07-14T08:37:46Z 2018-07-11T07:00:35Z In 2018, PayPal no longer supports withdrawing of funds to a Chinese Bank account in Yuan (CNY), previously possible in partnership with Lianlian Pay.

Read this post for detailed information, as well as find out alternatives!

PayPal CNY

PayPal is a popular choice amongst online businesses in mainland China, as a payment gateway for foreign customers purchasing products and services.

Largely thanks to collaboration with Lianlian Pay which provided a flat 1.2% fee for withdrawing those funds to all major Chinese banks. You could charge customers in USD and have the money transferred over to your bank account in China within a week in Chinese Yuan CNY currency (also known as Renminbi).

These have previously been the withdrawal options to Chinese banks;

PayPal Withdraw Fees China

You can find current seller fees for China based customers here.

Also, previously you could withdraw multiple times without having to worry about expensive fees. Now, besides the only option of withdrawing in USD there is a fixed fee of $35USD per transaction to Chinese bank accounts.

This means, that to cover the same fee as previously you need to withdraw no less than $2917 at a time. Therefore making smaller withdrawals more expensive.

So what’s the alternative?

Besides using an alternative payment gateway, you can use an intermediary bank from where you can obtain an “e-card” or electronic bank card number which you can connect to your regular Chinese bank account.

Withdrawing funds from PayPal to the e-card in USD, they will forward the money in CNY to your bank. Which will cost you an extra 12USD or more.

There are a few companies located in Chongqing, China.

Chongqing FESCO E-commerce Service Co.,Ltd

The first company to facilitate withdrawal of PayPal funds in CNY to Chinese banks is Fesco. And even though they no longer collaborate directly with PayPal due to the lack of required formal licensing, you can still use them.

Limit is 50,000USD/transfer.

易极付 — Yiji

Similar system without transfer limits.

Here is the announcement in English from PayPal;

PayPal Express RMB withdrawal service termination notice (Chinese here);

Dear PayPal Express RMB withdrawal service users,

In recent years, PayPal and Lianlian Payment have provided high-quality cross-border payment services for many cross-border e-commerce sellers in China through friendly cooperation and joint efforts.

Based on the respective development directions of the two parties in the future, and through friendly negotiation, PayPal and the successive payment decisions jointly decided to stop the fast RMB withdrawal business from July 1, 2018. China’s PayPal users can still withdraw to the Chinese bank account in the form of US dollars by wire transfer, and complete the settlement through the bank.

Fesco application process in Chinese;




提现: 从你在pp平台上提现,到重庆这边的兴业银行重庆南岸支行收到你的款,一般需要3-4个工作日,我们会在收到你款的当天,按照兴业当天的现汇买入价给你结汇,人民币也是当天转给你。




And there you have it.

Reasons to increased complications of transferring USD funds from overseas to mainland China are likely influenced by trade disputes with the USA.

Any questions or suggestions on dealing with PayPal in China?
I’m happy to receive your input in the field below.

Thank you for reading, David.

David <![CDATA[Happy End for WD My Cloud Constant Clicking Sound [SOLVED]]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=453 2018-07-12T19:42:22Z 2018-07-10T07:00:45Z This is my experience with weird clicking sounds on a recently purchased WD My Cloud with 4TB of hard drive space, purchased used on Amazon.

WD My Cloud Sounds

After obtaining the device, I plugged it in and immediately noticed that it was emitting a very suttle clicking sound at constant intervals. So I put my hand on it and could feel the machine vibrating in very short spikes, it felt as if the disks read-and-write head was stuck in a loop or something. Somethings was wrong..

I read a few forum posts and checked the knowledge base which said:

Abnormal drive sounds include:

Clicking or clunking sounds that occur repeatedly

My first thoughts were to return the device, but I decided to do some tests.

Personal Cloud Storage WD My Cloud

To do some device maintenance, I installed “WD Quick View” on my Mac. Took me a second to figure out that there is no icon for it the applications folder, instead a new icon had appeared on the top Mac OS X menu bar. From the icon’s menu I selected the “dashboard” option which opens up in your default browser. From there I navigated to Settings and Utilities.

There you have the option to Shutdown or Reboot the device, or you can do a scan to check the integrity of the drive. I decided to try a “Reboot” and after My Cloud had started again the problem was gone! Now any subtle sounds, or vibrations were only the normal type of hard disk sounds without constantly clicks and loops. In fact when it’s not doing anything, it’s very quiet. So I concluded that if you are getting any odd noises, or vibrations, there is indeed good reason to worry.

Next up was to scan the disk to see if the drive was intact. Seems that for Mac users the only way is using the “System Diagnostics” option in the WD Quick View dashboard. For Windows users there is an additional program called “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic” which I have never tried but looks like it could be a better option, with different kinds of tests and more informative test results.

WD Quick View, System Diagnostics, Diagnostics Test, Full Test

So I ran the diagnostics test with the “Full Test” option, which took a bit more than 10 hours to complete. All I got was this “Self Test passed” screen above. I am running the device happily ever since. Fingers crossed. Will add to here if situation changes.

Related: How to Fix WD My Cloud Slow Speed Problems

Please, share your experience in the comments.
Thanks for reading! David.

David <![CDATA[RunCloud Tip! How to Configure X-Frame-Options => SAMEORIGIN]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6985 2018-07-11T15:05:29Z 2018-07-09T07:00:55Z Here’s the right way to configure, enable/disable “X-Frame-Options => SAMEORIGIN” and other server hardening headers on RunCloud — hope this helps.


RunCloud.io — the SaaS based PHP cloud server and web hosting control panel has automated certain server hardening techniques.

In this case, enabled the “X-Frame-Options => SAMEORIGIN” header by default. Which prevents clickjacking attacks, or placing websites and their content within iframes, from a domain with a different origin than the iframe itself.

You can easily disable this in the RunCloud server manager;

RunCloud Clickjacking Protection

Navigate to your server, and the web application of your choice.

Simply uncheck the “Clickjacking Protection” button under “Settings”.

This is how the headers changed for me.

With “Clickjacking Protection” enabled;

HTTP/1.1 200 OK =>
Server => nginx-rc
Date => Wed, 11 Jul 2018 14:37:51 GMT
Content-Type => text/html; charset=utf-8
Connection => close
Vary => Accept-Encoding
Expires => Wed, 17 Aug 2005 00:00:00 GMT
Cache-Control => no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0
Pragma => no-cache
Set-Cookie => c5942f215897cee787d98eae996db2ca=hqrr7f3ub3044jas36gncjk5ea; path=/; secure; HttpOnly
Last-Modified => Wed, 11 Jul 2018 14:37:51 GMT
X-Frame-Options => SAMEORIGIN
X-XSS-Protection => 1; mode=block
X-Content-Type-Options => nosniff

With “Clickjacking Protection” disabled;

HTTP/1.1 200 OK =>
Server => nginx-rc
Date => Wed, 11 Jul 2018 14:37:07 GMT
Content-Type => text/html; charset=utf-8
Connection => close
Vary => Accept-Encoding
Expires => Wed, 17 Aug 2005 00:00:00 GMT
Cache-Control => no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0
Pragma => no-cache
Set-Cookie => c5942f215897cee787d98eae996db2ca=i6v9pvmbbe3hhdsqslljnp4bpi; path=/; secure; HttpOnly
Last-Modified => Wed, 11 Jul 2018 14:37:07 GMT
X-XSS-Protection => 1; mode=block
X-Content-Type-Options => nosniff

And that’s it. No need to configure anything manually as usual.

Questions about server hardening of RunCloud?
Please, place your thoughts below.

Thank you for your visit, David.

David <![CDATA[Tip: How to Refresh Mac Finder Mounted Server Directory]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=557 2018-07-12T17:24:39Z 2018-07-08T07:00:39Z Can’t refresh and see new mounted directory contents when connected to a server with macOS Finder? Here’s my quick solution to the problem..!

Refresh Finder Server Mount

It had been bothering me for years, how I could not refresh the directory contents of an FTP or SFTP mounted server directory with the Mac’s Finder app.

Whenever there were new or edited files and directories added to a previously accessed directory, changes could not be refreshed manually and would almost never update automatically in Finder.

For my mounts, I’ve been using  the  Transmit app.

Which is about the only Macintosh FTP client anyone should ever need. However this limitation seems to be of the Finder application itself.

Transmission Connect to SFTP FTP Server Mount as Disk

While not the most pretty work around, I finally figured out that if you make a temporary folder or file inside the folder, it will force finder to refresh the contents of that same directory — it’s that simple.

Apple Finder Create New Folder

Shift + Cmd + N

With this quick shortcut you can easily create a directory and remove it after.

Hope it helps to solve this issue and,
do let me know in the comments if there ever is, a “better way”?

Thanks visiting, reading! David.

It’s worth noting that some of the contents on my blog have affiliate links in them, which means that you could be supporting a good cause. Thank you!

David <![CDATA[Asus EeeBook X205TA Debian Linux Install Notes]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=884 2018-07-12T17:05:39Z 2018-07-06T07:00:30Z Install notes for a single boot install of Debian on the Asus X205TA (EeeBook).

Asus X205TA Linux Install

Hardware Used

  • Asus X205TA-B 11.6inch, eMMC 64GB Storage, 2GB Memory
  • USB Wi-Fi adapter: Buffalo WLI-UC-GNM2 (Ralink RT2870 chip)
  • Random 8GB USB stick
  • Micro SD card
  • Random USB sound card


  • Kernel 4.1.6-1 operation is smooth
  • Kernel 4.2.0-1 causes random freezes


Basic Install Steps

  • Image used: Debian Testing Netinst i386 (32bit), Stretch Alpha 3′.
  • Created bootable FAT-32 formatted USB stick with UNetbootin & disk image: debian-stretch-DI-alpha3-i386-netinst.iso
  • Copied ‘firmware-ralink_0.44_all.deb‘ from the firmware package (download here) to usb stick ‘/firmware‘ directory to have support for Ralink drivers during netinstall.
  • Hit ESC on boot to enter setup
  • Security -> Secure Boot menu -> Secure Boot -> Disabled
  • Boot again ‘ESC’ to select ‘UEFI’
  • Install straight forward with Xfce Debian desktop environment

Keyboard Shortcuts

In Applications — Settings — Settings Manager — Keyboard — Application Shortcuts.

TouchPad Toggle (check correct id with xinput list):

  • xinput set-prop 12 “Device Enabled” 0
  • xinput set-prop 12 “Device Enabled” 1

Screen Brightness (apt-get install xbacklight):

  • xbacklight -dec 10
  • xbacklight -inc 10

Network Adapters

Internal Broadcom BCM43341

  • Download & unpack: bcm43341.tar.gz
  • mkdir -p /lib/firmware/brcm/
  • cp fw_bcm43341.bin /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43340-sdio.bin
  • cp /sys/firmware/efi/efivars/nvram-74b00bd9-805a-4d61-b51f-43268123d113 /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43340-sdio.txt

External Ralink 802.11n WLAN

Network interface name was crazy long, dmesg: “rt2800usb 1-1.2.1:1.0 wlxcce1d54d5908: renamed from wlan0”. Changed name to wlan1 in ‘/lib/udev/rules.d/80-networking.rules’ file.

  • command: ‘ip link‘ to check mac address of interface
  • added line: SUBSYSTEM==”net”, ACTION==”add”, ATTR{address}==”aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff”, NAME=”wlan1″

microSD Card

  • /etc/modprobe.d/sdhci.conf
  • add line: options sdhci debug_quirks=0x8000
  • update-initramfs -u -k all
David <![CDATA[AliExpress.com in English! — Direct Links & Shopping Guide]]> http://www.elftronix.com/?p=1712 2018-07-09T09:32:07Z 2018-07-04T07:00:02Z I think that the Chinese AliExpress is one of the most interesting e-commerce websites in todays global world. With a unique level of consumer protection, it’s filled with opportunities. See the link for direct access to the store in English for 2018.

Click here to access AliExpress in English!

AliExpress in English

Here is a shopping guide in July, 2018 for English speakers.

AliExpress – Background

AliExpress is a well known subsidiary of the “Alibaba Group Holding Ltd”. Just a year after their first test site launch in 2009, more than 5 million products had been sold on the online retail service platform.

In the AliExpress of today, buyers from 200 countries can browse more than 9.5 million products from over 10,000 Chinese export and manufacture businesses. The site’s popularity includes their standing as the most visited e-commerce website in Russia.

AliExpress – How it Works

AliExpress is an e-commerce platform that is used for business to consumer transactions, connecting Chinese trading companies with buyers from all over the world. AliExpress separates itself from the parent company, “Alibaba” which deals with custom large quantity orders for the retail market. Instead, the focus is on low volume transactions of stocked products. Meaning that they simply act as the middleman between a buyer and a seller by providing the necessary marketplace infrastructure.

To ensure trust with sellers, AliExpress has put special emphasis on consumer protection and methods to boost buyer confidence. The sellers receive reviews, both in written form and with a five star ranking system.

But most importantly, transaction can be disputed if the product is unsatisfactory. This is done by holding the funds in an escrow until the product has been received and inspected by the buyer. In this way an exceptional level of consumer confidence has been created, largely promoting to the success of the company.

AliExpress – in English

The website is now fully available in the English language. Also the service has been translated to several languages such as Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, French. Additionally easy translation options are offered to many other common languages. Affordable international delivery is also available to most countries throughout the world.

Созданная в 2010 году торговая площадка [AliExpress.com] представляет собой интернет-магазин розничной торговли товаров в основном небольших китайских компаний, предлагающих продукцию онлайн покупателям по всему миру. AliExpress является самой посещаемой торговой площадкой в России. Сайт доступен на многих языках, включая русский!

Questions or problems using AliExpress?
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David <![CDATA[Russian eBay in English! & Equivalent Sites Like eBay.ru in Russia]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6725 2018-07-18T09:35:44Z 2018-07-03T07:00:32Z I wrote this guide for the Russian version of eBay as well as it’s similar equivalents, information on shipping, delivery, etc. — now in 2018, available in English.

Click here for the eBay Russia website in English

eBay in Russia

Looking for the best alternative?

Try AliExpress — the most popular e-commerce site in Russia.

The popular auctioning and buyer/seller portal eBay started it’s operations in Russia from February of 2010, then run by Vladimir Dolgov who had been the head of Russian Google and operated several online stores such as Ozon.ru, etc.

Dolgov passed away in 2016 and the new CEO is Ilya Kretov.

While the Chinese AliExpress remains the most popular e-commerce site, eBay is also very popular in the country and offers both global and local shopping.

The portal is especially popular amongst foreigners thanks to both Russian & English language support and a familiar, trusted online brand.

How eBay works in Russia

To access the Russia native version of eBay, you will need an internet connection physically located there (or a Russian IP address).

Previously the website was located at the address eim.ru.ebay.eu, which along with ebay.ru is simply a forward to the main eBay site here — and even if you are not seeing the localized version, you can use it for English shopping in Russia.

Language settings on Russian eBay;

You will automatically shown the Russian version of the site. To change to English, follow these simple steps.

Step 1. Look for globe icon at the top displaying “Русский” (meaning Russian)

Step 2. Hover over the link to see the text “English”

Step 3. Click on it to change language.

Currency settings on Russian eBay;

The default currency is Russian ruble, here’s how to change it.

Step 1. Search for a product as you would do normally.

Step 2. Look for the “View” options at the top of search.

Step 3. Choose to “Customize your search” (Настройте поиск).

Step 4. Deselect the “Convert prices to RUB” (Пересчитать цены в руб) box.

From then on, you will see the actual currency of the seller, depending on what countries you are searching amongst (read below for more).

Shop amongst sellers in Russia only;

For local shopping, you have the option to search for products that are located within Russia, amongst sellers in the country.

Step 1. Click here for advanced search in eBay Russia

Step 2. Look for the “Located in” menu at the bottom of page.

Step 3. Select “Russia” from the dropdown list of countries.

Step 4. Search for your desired products and items, which from then on will be narrowed down to sellers in Russia only. There are plenty of available fashion, electronic, and other items available from local sellers, try it out!

Shop in other regions;

For example, the country is known for affordable and efficient shipping from China and other Asian countries. Which obviously are competitive in price.

Also eBay’s buyer protection is considered much better and reliable (refunds are usually very swiftly dealt with), unlike the one from AliExpress.

Step 1. Search for your products as you would normally.

Step 2. In the left navigation menu, you’ll find the “Item Location” (Местонахожден) options, where you can select the “Asia” (Азия) region and others.

Good to know about eBay in Russia;

URLs ebay.ru & eim.ru.ebay.eu are obsolete and simply forward to the global eBay website at eBay.com, which provides the Russian localized version.

As eBay mainly uses PayPal to process payments and money transfers, it’s good to know that they do not support withdrawing of funds to Russian bank accounts.

This does not affect buyers as you can pay with most major credit cards, with or without a PayPal account. However, to pay without PayPal you must make sure that the eBay account email is not used for a PayPal account.

As for sellers, if you are paid via PayPal this can affect your business and the common way to get around this restrictions is to withdraw funds to a US bank account.

Even without a Russian IP address, you can set your country in user settings to Russia which will calculate shipping costs. Not convert currencies.

Sites Similar to, & Equivalents to eBay

While there are no exact local equivalents in Russia, here are the most popular sites similar to eBay and other alternative online shopping sites.

They are all in Russian only, with the exception of AliExpress & eBay.

AliExpress — Most popular

The Chinese business to consumer portal Aliexpress has become the most popular e-commerce website in the whole of Russia. You can use their services both in Russian, English and many other languages. Competitive pricing.

While eBay can be used to shop amongst a huge amount of Chinese sellers, AliExpress is a local equivalent that offers the same without bidding functions.

Molotok.ru (Молоток.Ру) — Discontinued

Historically one of the biggest online trading platforms in Russia, it was launched in 1999 and closed in 2015. The site was known for it’s auctioning features.

Newmolot.ru Marketplace (торговая площадка)

The “Newmolot” marketplace was founded in response to the closure of Molotok in 2015. Even though the site has self proclaimed itself as the “largest trading platform in Russia” it’s popularity is still largely overshadowed by it’s preceder.

They remain to be like an old-fashioned auctions website.

Yandex.Market (Яндекс.Маркет)

This is a popular price comparison site since 2000. You can browse and search through a wide selection of goods from trusted online stores in Russia. Since 2015, businesses are also able to open an online store and sell directly on the website.

Avito.ru (Avito Доска объявлений)

This is a somewhat popular but old-style classifieds website or bulleting board system for used items to be sold in Russia. Founded in 2017, similar to Craigslist.

You can sort listings by region of Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. and there are many categories such as Cars, Electronics, Real estate, Hobbies, Home, etc.

Ozon.ru (российский интернет-магазин)

This is a basic online retail store founded in 1998. Considered an equivalent most similar to services like Amazon. Website is only available in Russian, but they have a basic FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section in English.

And that was my guide to Russian eBay in English.

Thank you for reading, and for your visit.

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David <![CDATA[Why is eBay in Canadian Dollars or USD? Here’s the fix! Pay Either]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6724 2018-07-18T07:31:17Z 2018-07-01T07:00:53Z If you are wondering why eBay is showing prices in USD or Canadian dollars (CAD), and want to pay in either currency but can’t. Here’s a quick guide!

Solution #1 use quick links to change currency;

eBay Canada CAD USD

If for any reason the quick links above are not working for you, here’s another method you can use to change the currency to your preference.

Solution #2 change currency settings;

Unfortunately the currency settings for buyers are somewhat limited, even sellers can only change their currency once per every 12 months.

Change currency on Canadian eBay;

Step 1. Click here to open the Canada version of eBay

Step 2. Search for any item as you would normally do

Step 3. Look for “View” options in the top of search results

Step 4. Select the wrench icon that says “Customize”

Step 5. Untick the “Convert prices to Canadian dollars” box.

Now you will see the original currency for each item, and by searching for items within the USA with the advanced search, you will see USD only.

Change currency on US eBay;

Step 1. Click here to open the US version of eBay

Step 2. Search for any item as you would normally do

Step 3. Look for “View” options in the top of search results

Step 4. Select the wrench icon that says “Customize”

Step 5. Untick the “Convert prices to U.S. dollars” box.

Now you will see the original currency for each item, and by searching for items within Canada with the advanced search, you will see CAD only.

Good to know about currencies;

So your choices are pretty much to change to the US (eBay.com) or Canadian (eBay.ca) eBay store which automatically converts to the local currency. Or, choose to show the original currency and play with the advanced settings.

Please note, that there is no way to change currencies in user settings either. The method eBay sometimes uses is it detects your physical location based on IP address and then shows a different currency conversion based on that.

For example, if visitors from Europe visit the eBay.com website, they will see prices in EUR and won’t even have an available setting for US dollars.

Good to know about payments;

If you want to pay in either USD or Canadian dollars, this will be possible if you have a PayPal account from the respective country of that currency.

Each eBay seller sets a currency of their own, however PayPal provides the option to either use that currency or directly pay in USD or CAD respectively.

So if you cannot pay in Canadian dollars for example, please login to your PayPal account first or you won’t see the option for this.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your country easily with PayPal.

Shopping in CAD or USD on eBay, and how?
Let us know your experience or questions!

I hope that helps to resolve your problem or issue making purchases and navigating eBay, and thank you for your kind visit. David.

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They run small promotion offers, usually a 15% additional discount on biannual and annual plans. Just see their discount pricing plans for the best current deal on plans of three months or more. No discount coupons exist and most likely all websites you see offering them, or any kind of redeem discount links are a waste of time.

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The Basic Discount Pricing is:

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IVPN Discount Pricing Plan

Price list & info on coupons, and IVPN discount offers in July of 2018.

More About IVPN

I had never heard of multihop VPN before IVPN. This means, that as an optional feature you can route your entire traffic through two servers. Obviously making it extremely secure.

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You see a lot of VPN services these days that even keep logs and record user data. In my opinion, this is contradictory of securing your connection in the first place. At the end of the day, paying $100 per year for being in such good hands is not that much at all.

Just the usual complaint that they could have more server locations! And the promo campaigns could definitely give a bit more discount to encourage people to join in and have fun.

Any questions about professional offers of IVPN or VPN in general?
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David <![CDATA[eBay Israel in English! Shopping, Shipping & Similar Equivalent Sites]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6756 2018-07-17T17:59:33Z 2018-06-29T07:00:42Z This is my buyers & sellers guide for the Israel site version of eBay. Get global shipping, english online shopping, find out other sites like eBay in Israel in 2018.

Click here for the eBay Israel website in English

eBay in Israel

With the lack of good equivalents (more on those later), eBay remains highly popular in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rishon LeZion and other parts of Israel.

The Israel localized “ebay.co.il” website is simply a guide for seller and buyers to navigate through this global version of eBay, intended for Israelis.

It’s a familiar, English language e-commerce portal which also includes sellers from Israel for local shopping. Although most Israelis use the global shipping features, backed up with a buyer protection which makes them a trusted brand.

How eBay works in Israel

While eBay functionality doesn’t differ, you can use the advanced search features to your advantage to compare pricing and availability globally.

Sometimes local sellers are more competitive due to lower shipping costs and possible customs fees, this is not always the case.

Buying from Israeli eBay sellers;

Step 1. Click here for the advanced eBay search in Israel

Step 2. Scroll down on that page until the “Located in” menu.

Step 3. Select “Israel” from the list of countries.

Step 4. Search for what you’re looking for and results will be narrowed down to sellers in Israel only. There are plenty of available electronic, fashion, books and other items available from local sellers — worth trying out!

Buying from eBay sellers in other regions;

Step 1. Click here for the advanced eBay search in Israel

Step 2. Scroll down until the “from preferred locations” menu.

Step 3. Select Asia for example, to search amongst items with highly competitive pricing. Global shipping costs will be estimated automatically.

Selling to Israel with eBay.com;

For those wishing to enter the lucrative e-commerce market in Israel and other international destinations, or simply list and auction items there, eBay is the easily the best method with the convenience of English language.

You can take advantage of the Global Shipping Program for global shipping methods, and selling features to Israel no matter where you are located.

What you should know & ebay.co.il;

You can only shop in Israeli new sheke (ILS) if you search amongst sellers and eBay stores located within Israel only. Also you will need to manually turn off the “convert prices to U.S. dollars” option. Otherwise default currency is the US Dollar.

There is no eBay version available in Hebrew, and neither Arabic. Except ebay.co.il which is nothing but an information site. Not for actual purchases.

Custom duties are usually not included in the cost of items, so shoppers carry the responsibility to take this into consideration when ordering items.

For global and local shipping costs estimations to calculate automatically, you need to have an IP address and physical internet connection from an Israel location.

Sites Similar & Equivalents to eBay;

As previously mentioned, there is little good competition with sites like eBay in Israel. Especially since online buyers are accustomed to e-commerce in English.

Here are the shopping sites worth mentioning, however there is no English support and all sites are strictly in Hebrew only;

Yad 2 — Apartments, cars, jobs, second hand.

While not exactly an equivalent, this is a site like eBay in the since that it’s for listing used items, somewhat similar to a classifieds sites like Craigslist.

The website is very basic, but it’s still a popular place to post your items to be casually sold locally in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere in Israel. Founded in 2005 and has since been bought by a Germany company “Axel”, and now also does job listings. The board remains free for basic users.

Zap price comparison

Established in 2012, this website is both an online trading site, and a product search tool for comparing the prices of hundreds of thousands of products in more than 1,000 online stores. Also users can leave reviews and ratings to products and stores.

What is your experience in English shopping in Israel?
Questions on the Israeli eBay and how to buy are welcome!

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Majestic SEO Plans & Pricing

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Majestic’s Background

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The aim at building a world class distributed search engine is a large one and one that seems to benefit only the company leading its creation. However, 2009 saw the creation of “Distributed Computing Partners” which aimed at giving back to the members who sought to help the search engine project which supports the SEO services provided by Majestic. Knowing this, Majestic not only provides a service but seems to support a quality goal while giving back to its supporters.

Questions about discounted seo tools for search engine marketing and checking backlinks..? Comments welcome on Majestic & others!

David <![CDATA[South African eBay! Global Shipping to South Africa & Similar Sites]]> https://www.elftronix.com/?p=6759 2018-07-02T10:18:47Z 2018-06-27T07:00:13Z Is there eBay in South Africa? Yes there is! This is my guide for the South African version of eBay and global shipping. Plus sites like eBay & equivalents.

Click here to access the eBay store site in South Africa!

eBay South Africa

The official domain for eBay in South Africa is pages.ebay.co.za — which takes you to the global version which is used by South Africans, both buyers & sellers.

Read below for a more localized experience;

How eBay works in South Africa

While the website is at it’s best as a global marketplace, you can also fine tune searches to specific locations, within South Africa, Cape Town, etc.

Shopping from eBay South African sellers;

Step 1. Click on this link for English eBay in South Africa

Step 2.Choose the link that says “Advanced” next to search button.

Step 3. Go down on that page to “Location” options.

Step 4. Within the country selection drop-down, select “South Africa”

Equally you can use this trick to search items from other countries nearby, such as Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Angola, Morocco, Libya, Sudan, etc.

You can also select whole regions, such as Europe & Asia for targeted shopping. Please note, that Asia often has affordable shipping with competitive pricing.

The third option is to select a range in Kilometers from your location to narrow down your search into, this is the best way to cover most of the African region.

Delivery & global shipping support to South Africa

The global eBay.com version of the website detects your location automatically, and should attempt to calculate shipping costs. You will also only see search results for items that support international delivery options.

Therefore shopping & auctioning on eBay in South Africa should be no problem and doesn’t require any settings from your end.

It’s also possible to register, login and select a custom country region if you are located outside of South Africa but want stuff sent there for example.

Selling to South African buyers on eBay;

For international sellers, eBay is one of the best places to get in touch with the e-commerce community in South Africa.

The company, provides a global shipping program which makes entering the market in English easier than competition, definitely worth considering!

Equivalent and sites like eBay in South Africa;

If you are looking for a e-commerce website that supports shopping and auctioning features similar to eBay, there are no exact equivalents in the country, however some sites are designed for listings for individuals, businesses or both.

If lucky, you’ll even get free shipping so these sites can be worth checking;

Know any more sites like eBay in South Africa?
What’s your experience with shipping costs, and shopping there?

Comments are most welcome and thanks for reading!

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