8 Reasons to Love Grammarly & Subscribe to Grammarly Premium

Not sure if to love Grammarly or not?

As a user myself, here’s my top 8 of what I love about Grammarly.

Why I Love Grammarly

1. Writing goals!

I can base my text on it’s intent, audience, style, emotion and domain.

2. Stand-alone word processor!

I stopped paying for Word once I subscribed to Grammarly. No kidding.

3. Document insights!

You get some very fun and very useful stats of your text, like how many unique or rare words it contains. And a readability score.

4. Plagiarism Detection!

I am constantly checking my content for plagiarism, even if I write it myself to produce unique blog content that ranks on Google.

5. Easy to use!

I have never had to read any manual or help guide. I just started using the software, straight out of the box and never had problems.

6. iPhone support!

I love having Grammarly with me wherever I go and ever since the Mobile Keyboard was introduced, Grammarly and me go hand in hand.

7. It’s accurate!

I have found that the proofreader is very efficient in finding my mistakes in English. Never had a teacher find a paper with grammar mistakes since.

8. It’s a bargain!

At just $10/month and compared to the value I get, I’m happy with the price.

Interested? Click here to sign up to Grammarly Premium.

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Update for those thinking of going premium;

If you want to save, “Grammarly Premium Free” guide is recommended reading.

You should be able to get up to 6 months off with this.

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