BangLocals Safe Review: How to Avoid Being Scammed?

In this post I will explain how to really trial BangLocals for free. Instead of reading fake reviews, this way you can decide if they are worth it for yourself.


There’s a lot of confusion online about hook up sites, so I wanted to clarify the ways they really work in my experience.. so here we go!

Signing up for BangLocals:

Just follow these steps to make sure you don’t get charged.

Create Free Account

Step 1. Go to “this free sign up form” for BangLocals, free from pop-unders, back offers and other stuff you won’t be needing.

Step 2. Fill out a Name, Email & Password as usual.

Step 3. Do NOT fill out your phone number, never, ever.

Step 4. Proceed to the next sign up page.

Bonus Offer

Step 5. Fill out rest of the details.

Step 6. Untick the two “bonus offer” boxes in the lower left corner *important*

Submit For Free Pass

Step 7. Proceed with the “submit for free pass” button.

Step 8. Get to know the BangLocals site and the women there for the rest of the day.

Step 9. Either cancel your account or continue with membership.

Here are a few answers to questions that one should know in my experience to be able to survive and succeed with hook ups on the BangLocals site.

I didn’t find what I was looking for?

If within 24 hours you decide that BangLocals is not for you, go to the site of the company that billed you (Currently IBILLEU LTD) to cancel the membership.

You won’t find the cancel form from, the link to the billing site is in the footer. Click on “click here to cancel all website subscriptions”.

I’ve seen plenty of people panicking and freaking out in the forums when this is REALLY simple and not difficult to work out at all.

To avoid panic, do it well before the end of the 24 hour free trial period.

I found girls I’m interested in, now what?

If you decide to continue and found interesting girls you want to get to know more, you can continue to use BangLocals for a fixed monthly fee (it can vary).

On most other hook up sites you have to pay for each and every message to a girl, etc. which adds up in cost, making BangLocals affordable in comparison.

How do I avoid being scammed?

If something seems too good to be true, then it likely is so.

The same rules apply there as often do in real life. If you get approached by

You need to lower your expectations, be honest and make sure that there is authentic chemistry between the people you talk with.

Also, hook up sites are desperate for sign ups as this increases matches and their business. Meaning that as soon as you sign in you might get a message from a “hot girl”, which is there to just try to make people stay.

Make sure you are getting real value before you commit. These sites won’t get you laid instantly, all they are doing is connecting like minded, horny people.

And needless to say, when it comes to sex and looking for hook ups, there are all kinds of people out there with different motives.

Can you trust on any of the BangLocals reviews?

With a bit of research on the Google search results it becomes obvious that most reviews and opinions are scam or made by people who never used the site.

It’s really hard to find a good objective review to trust.

The most interesting fakes are review sites that are bashing BangLocals and pretty much all other hook up sites, except that ones they are promotion.

Besides this kind of blatant fraud, you have people who have some personal grudge against hook up sites or just find their advertising methods as scam.

Yet, I would hardly trust with anyone who hasn’t actually signed up and used the site.

Besides the negative fake reviews, you obviously have a lot of promotional posts which are purely subjective with no other motive than to promote BangLocals.

For this reason, I like to evaluate and review these services for myself.

BangLocals Logo

About BangLocals

I couldn’t find the exact year the brand was founded, however they are established with years of experience. Likely owning and having owned other sites as well.

  • Users range from 18 to 75 years of age.
  • From heterosexual women and men, to couples and transexuals
  • Massive user base from the US such as Arkansas, California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Vermont, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Florida, Ohio, New York, Wyoming and others.
  • Also they have a large Canadian user base from places like Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, etc.
  • As well as popular among users from United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain & Germany.
  • I don’t recommend singing up if you are looking for women from Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, Italy, Israel, Belgium & South Africa.

Some people are put off by the aggressive marketing techniques, such as female bots and the link which are on most hook up websites.

But fact is, that the fight for a big user base is fierce competition. Luckily, it’s something that you can tackle with a bit of common sense in my experience.

Would love to hear your take on BangLocals.
Please, leave us a quick message below on your experience or questions!

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  1. Just wanted to add that the above described method works within the following 27 country regions only;

    United States, Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Luxembourg, Denmark, Greenland, Canada, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Israel, Sweden, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Austria, Spain.



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