Better LinkedIn Help? How to Contact Real Human Support

Here’s how you can get proper in-depth answers to your LinkedIn questions, answered by real human beings that actually look into your question and know their stuff.

Something which has not been my experience with ‘LinkedIn Help’.

LinkedIn Help

Trying to email LinkedIn, I was contacted with answers that were obviously pre-written and did not actually read the whole email I had written to them.

Most of us know how to search through their help section and don’t need customer support to give us a direct link to the the right pages on their FAQ. Which seems to be their aim when contacting them.

Requiring better assistance I found out JustAnswers that have real LinkedIn experts, ready to answer all of your questions and willing to explain things until you get them.

I recommend getting the week trial “with this link“.

So while there is no 100% guarantee that you’ll get the answers you are looking for, I’ve found out this to be the best way there is so there’s not much to loose.

Types of support questions to get answers to:

  • Why does LinkedIn say it’s unable to connect?
  • How to connect with someone outside your network on LinkedIn?
  • How can I fix my hacked LinkedIn account?
  • Why can’t I connect with someone on LinkedIn?
  • How to restore LinkedIn contacts?
  • Why has a LinkedIn message disappeared?
  • How do you restore a LinkedIn account or password?

These are just some very basics examples of support questions you should be able to get answers to from Justanswer experts.

And in the case that you’re not satisfied with an answer, you can try another expert for a second opinion without cost.

Hope that helps to get better support and your problem solved.

What’s your experience with finding help for LinkedIn?
Would be great to hear your comments below.

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