Refer a Friend Link: $25 Cash Reward Working in 2022

In this post you’ll find the working refer a friend invite link for a $25 cash reward for all hotel bookings in 2024, valid for new & old accounts.

Click below referral link to activate cash reward! Working Refer a Friend Link

With this promotion, get up to $25 off from one hotel booking as a cashback, verified working in July of 2024. Enjoy!

Please note. Incase the invite doesn’t work for some reason, please leave a comment below, and I will provide a working refer a friend link for you. Refer a Friend Link Cash Reward

This is how the invite bonus offer works to collect your free $25 cash reward. Each link can be used only 10 times, once per account (no codes exist), which is why most links circulating online are used up and no longer working.

This post however, is regularly updated with working links. You can be logged in with an old account, or register a new one. Either way works!

Step 1. Click on the refer a friend link to activate cash bonus

$25 USD Cash Reward

Step 2. You’ll see the available cash reward offer, click on “Let’s do this”.

Note! The available cash back amount can differ depending on the refer a friend link used. Either way the rewards are similar, ranging from $15 to $25 in USD or other currencies, and some might offer a 10% reward from the booking made. Get US$25 After Your Stay

Step 3. You’ll see a message saying “You’re almost there… Book and you’ll get US$25 after your stay”. Proceed to make your hotel booking as usual. Credit Cards

Step 4. That’s it. After you have stayed at the booked hotel successfully, the cash reward will be automatically deposited to your credit card on file.

Note! Make sure to add your credit card through settings, this can be either a credit or debit card. Nearly all cards are supported.

Good to know about refer a friend program;

  • Some customers have thought that they can use the link several times for obtaining the reward. This is not true. Only one booking per account!
  • You cannot register false accounts to make refer a friend links, both accounts, invite and invitee need to be verified by credit card.
  • Accepted cards include debit and credit cards from American Express, Visa, Euro/Mastercard & MasterCard (virtual credit card).
  • Link is in format
  • There are no coupon codes, or discount codes, the promotion is only activated by clicking on a valid referral link.
  • Facing problems? See the bottom of this article for the FAQ. Referral Bonus Program

Each user with a verified credit card on file has their own unique referral link that you can spread the offer with, amongst friends or pretty much anyone, for up to a $250 total cash reward for yourself. Unique Referral Link

In the top menu, see link that says “Refer friends and earn”. You have the option to copy your  link and use it where ever you wish. There is also a button for sharing the link on social media, email, etc.

Also you’ll see live statistics of active referrals on this page. Invite Your Friends

Good to know about referral bonus program;

  • The offer can only be used to book a hotel once per account
  • The refer a friend link can only be used 10 times in total, by 10 different account holders.
  • You can receive the cash reward only after the friend has paid for, and ended their stay at the hotel.
  • The cash reward is different depending on the country where you registered your account. More details below! Reward for You and Me

This is what it looks like if you use the button to share your link on Twitter. referral cash reward per country;

The offer is different depending on country location. So the currency can differ, and the amount money offered for both parties.

So for example, account holders in Canada will receive the reward in Canadian dollars. Or those from the UK will get the reward in Pound sterling and offer a 10% cashback for those referred, instead of a fixed amount.

Some country locations will offer a better deal than others, however once it’s set you can no longer change it. The first country location you have used to register your account will be applied. The only way to change country is to register a new account.

I have tested and confirmed that;

  • Changing preferred language doesn’t work
  • Clearing cache doesn’t work
  • Changing country region in settings doesn’t work
  • Changing preferred currency in settings doesn’t work
  • Logging out and back in again doesn’t work

Note that country location is determined by your IP address. This is the number assigned to each internet connection to define your location.

Besides moving to that location, the only other way is to use a VPN connection to route your internet connection through a country like US for example.

Here is a detailed list of available cash rewards!

Friend Invite Reward for USA; Referral Reward USA

One of the best offers is for those who are located in the United States, you can get $25 US dollars for every friend you invite to, and if your friend books and stays at a hotel, they get the same $25 deposited to their credit card.

Friend Invite Reward for UK; Referral Reward UK

Also account holders from the United Kingdom have a very attractive offer, with it you can get £20 for each invited friend and your friend can get 10% off from a single hotel booking on the website, in the form of a cashback.

Friend Invite Reward for Canada; Referral Reward Canada

Get CAD 25 (Canadian Dollars) for every friend you invite, and if your friend stays at a hotel through, they get the same CAD 25.

Friend Invite Reward for Europe & EU countries; Referral Reward Europe

For accounts from all European countries, you get €20 for each referral and if your friend books and stays, they get 10% back.

This includes all EU countries;

Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom (UK), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands (Holland), Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden.

And most non-EU countries in Europe as well;

Albania, Armenia. Belarus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Kosovo, Lechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

Friend Invite Reward for Japan; Referral Reward Japan account holders located in Japan, will get the reward in Japanese YEN, total ¥2000 for both the invite and person invited.

Friend Invite Reward for Thailand; Referral Reward Thailand

In Thailand, the cash reward is THB 550 (Thai baht) for both.

Friend Invite Reward for Australia; Referral Reward Australia

In Australia, AUD 25 (Australian Dollars) for both.

Friend Invite Reward for India; Referral Reward India

In India, Rs. 700 (Indian rupee) for both.

Friend Invite Reward for Brazil; Referral Reward Brazil

In Brazil, R$ 50 (Brazilian real) for both.

Friend Invite Reward for rest of South America; Referral Reward South America

For users of in most South American countries (excluding Brazil) the cash reward offer is in US Dollars, total $15 for both.

This includes Latin American countries such as;

Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti.

Friend Invite Reward for other countries; Referral Reward Other Countries

Other country locations are offered $15 in US Dollars for every friend that’s invited to, and those friends get 10% back of their hotel booking.

Countries I have verified to be included in this offer;

Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Kazakhstan.

Other countries likely included here;

Macau, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Mainland China. Referral Problems

Is the referral program not working for you? If you have any issues with the cash reward, your unique refer a friend link, etc. Please check the FAQ below.

If you still have problems, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help out. Refer a Friend FAQ

Please note, that the refer a friend link above might not work in case it’s used up. Rest assured, I will fix the link as soon as possible.

For any questions about referral program, cash rewards, bonuses, discounts and coupon codes. Please, just leave that comment!

Sincere regards, David

35 thoughts on “ Refer a Friend Link: $25 Cash Reward Working in 2022”

  1. Hi, is referal program disabled right now? I tried to register new account but can’t see this program anymore. Tried with few new accounts but with same result.

    • I’m suspecting that they have disabled the refer a friend program for newly created accounts. But haven’t been able to get any statement from them, yet.

      Their support team is completely incompetent, having exchanged 18 emails so far, they have still not been able to answer a simple question..

  2. Some updates as has finally answered that the “RAF” link should be present but there might be some testing that can interrupt the system.

    They have said:

    This might be a part of testing that we often do to improve our service. Please use different device (smart phone, computer, App).

    Well, I have now tested the iOS App with an old account, and a new account. And still the “referrals” menu item is missing from latter. App Referrals

    This is a screenshot from the App comparing both accounts.

    • Hi!
      Very interesting post!
      Any news from Booking??
      I’ve created a new account in the US with VPN but I can’t acces the promo

      • For now it seems that the official word from is that if the system detects that you are using a device that was previously used with another account (browser history, cookies, IP address, etc), the referrals option will not show up.

        This is a quote from an email from support;

        Please try deleting your browser history and cookies and try logging in again. If you are trying to get the link from the same devices as your old account there is a possibility that our system still links the IP addresses to your old account.

        If you remembered to clear your browser cache, there is still the possibility that someone used the same IP on a public VPN to login to

        Or it just doesn’t work anymore.

          • This is their affiliate program, you get a 25% commission per referral (not from total booking but from the commission that is getting).

            In the “Affiliate Partner Centre”, you can generate custom affiliate links that will redirect visitors to a page of your choice. And there is no incentive or other benefit for the person using the link before they book a hotel.

            And so also how much you can make will likely be less per referral than with the “refer a friend” program. However, there is no limit to how many referrals you can make, which is better for those with lots of leads.

          • Thank you so much for the explanation.
            Do you know if the friend programm is still working for real new accounts??


  3. Hi,

    Is the link above used more than 10 times? Can I book using the above link and later be notified by booking that I am not eligible for the discount since the link was used for more than 10 times?
    Thank you.

    • First of all, it has not been used 10 times yet. And once the link is outdated, I will replace it with a new working link for the current month of 2018, 2019, etc.

      If it gives you the offer, and you register a new account after clicking on it on a browser that has cleared cookies after using old accounts, it should work.

      So if the booking goes through with the discount, then you’re fine. And thanks for asking Igor, please, let me know if you need any further details.

  4. Will referral show up if I make a reservation and complete it? Or complete 2 reservation to be a genius member for newly created accounts. Did anybody try it ?

    • Thank you. I think you would have needed to join the ‘refer friends and earn’ program when it was available. Maybe next time!

  5. Hi, I used the above provided link about a week ago ,however I had to cancel the booking,I now need to rebook,could I use the same link? Will it still work being used a 2nd time? Thanks

  6. Is there any way to get my own referral link nowadays? There must be because there are many new links in blogs and forums.

  7. Could you help me? I have a some questions. Refers system appera new account? İ join 2 account, don’t see. I work holiday ajans. I can filling fastly this program. But don’t access this system or link. Could you help me? Maybe closing from turkey new account

  8. Hi David, first of all, thanks for your post! It help me a lot.

    I’ve completed my 10 friends recommendation. Do you know how I can get again a new coupon code? In your post, you talk about new working links when it’s outdated. Is it really possible to get a new discout coupon and offer it to 10 friends again?



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