Chegg Alternative: Better Solution Than Unblurred Answers

How can you see the blurred answers on Chegg?

There is no way to to unblur the answers without paying for it, and any such claims are scam. However, I think there’s a better alternative.

I’ll explain my suggestion and reasons below.

Chegg Alternative

The issue I have with Chegg?

It’s because with Chegg Study you are just paying for the answers, which in my opinion is not very good value for your money.

They say that you get not just the solutions but also you see the steps to finding them out and that’s true to an extent for the Textbook Solutions.

That is not true for the Expert Q&A however.

I know a lot of people including myself just got the answers in hopes of trying to understand the problems, so as not to fail exams or flunk class. For some you’re not willing to pay anything though, and others think “hey it’s just $14.95 per month and it’s the best solution I can think of right now”.

But I haven’t found out the Chegg method to be the best option.

And having the “steps” to the solutions isn’t so great either.

So what’s the alternative?

You can “use this link” to try out JustAnswer.

It’s like having an expert sit next to you and walk you through your homework, to write your essay, or anything really.

This way, you’ll get the explanation to the answers you need until you truly understand them and thus learn from them (not cheating).

Having this available for unlimited use, 24/7 has for me turned out to be a lot better investment into my schooling.

For those thinking of an alternative that’s hopefully better, I think they are definitely worth a try. At least in my experience.

But how do you see the answers on Chegg?

Pay for membership.

You have to remember that Chegg is a very big company, investing huge amounts of money into online security. Making sure that there is no 100% working (I’ve seen these claims around the internet), or neither 42% working method of accessing the blurred, paid content without paying anything.

Trust me, I’ve even tried a few of the scams out there.

They just don’t work.

What’s your take on the best Chegg alternatives?
Please, share your thoughts below.

And best of luck with you studies! David.

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