Display Joomla Extra Vote Plugin in Module Position

The Extra Vote plugin for Joomla has a really nice feature where you can place Rich Snippet voting anywhere you want inside an article by adding {extravote 1}, {extravote 2}, etc. or {main vote} tags to your content. However this is limited to articles only. If you want to add those Snippets inside a module position, here’s how you can do it:

Download and install:

– Extra Vote

– Rich Snippets Vote

Disable plugin:

Content – Vote

Enable plugins:

Content – ExtraVote

Content – Rich Snippets Vote

Then all you have to do is create an article that contains the tag and put that article in it’s own category. Now you can publish a module type “Articles – Newsflash” and set it up to show only the category that contains your article with the rich snippets code.

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