Does AdultFriendFinder Work and are Free Accounts Real?

Since my experience with AdultFriendFinder was a learning experience to say the least, I decided to put some of my thoughts to a post to help others.

Adult FriendFinder is real in the sense that it’s likely the best opportunity to hook up with a swinger community with relative ease.

You will need to put in time and effort though. But it’s nothing in comparison to other poorer swinger sites or regular dating services out there.

Also I’ve been asked if free accounts are real, and yes.

I started with one and have used the site with it long enough until I was totally convinced of getting real value for my money’s worth.

If you haven’t got one already, you can “register a free account here“.

Does AFF Really Work

What Adult FriendFinder is and is NOT;

Let’s put this into perspective and ask ourselves what AdultFriendFinder is.

It’s an adult dating portal which is designed with one thing in mind, making a profit and providing it’s users with opportunities to meet like-minded swingers.

If this wouldn’t happen they would have been out of business a long time ago.

And when I say portal, I mean that they are simply facilitating a service that makes it possible for people to have accounts and interactive with each other.

This means, that with or without their consent there will always be “bad apples” or people looking to gain from people by varying means.

This might necessarily be the fault of Adult Friend Finder, but it’s something that it’s users have to understand and do their research to best avoid it.

Does it work for everyone? Of course not. But from knowledge and experience it’s the best real site to make it possible if you smarten up a little.

What you need for AdultFriendFinder to work;

It’s actually very simple and common sense will get you far.

  1. Learn how to spot fake profiles or webcam girls
  2. Learn how to set up a good profile
  3. Learn how to close the deal

Number one is something that surprisingly many get stuck with but it’s simply a question of lowering your expectations.

People there are looking for a swing, not for 18 year olds with a great body with a picture of your genitals. Obvious but that’s who the complainers are.

Then just practice #2 & #3 to find out the right formula that works for you.

If you can create an honest and interesting profile, learn how to respect others and approach people with dignity you are in for a reward.

Just remember, there is no one formula that works for everyone. By finding your own style, you have the best chances to make this work for you.

You need to stand from the crowd. And the best thing about AdultFriendFinder is that you can be totally honest and open about your sexuality.

It doesn’t get realer than that. Best of luck friends!

Click here to access that free trial account for yourself.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of AdultFriendFinder!
Did it work for you as well as it has for me?

Thanks for stopping by and keeping it real, David.

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11 thoughts on “Does AdultFriendFinder Work and are Free Accounts Real?”

  1. I’ve not had a good run on these kinda sites but will try give AFF a good go. ALready have an acc, but the minute I try see a profile, I’m taken to payment page. Lots of obvious “sex-for-money” people I’ve seen, but afew I’d genuinely try to figure out.

    Let me try then. Need some adventure outside of the “current setup”.

    • Good thing profiles worth a go are easy to spot. Though in the end is all about the stuff your looking for and if it actually exists online.

  2. Free trial isn’t working for me, I’ve already opened a free account and after clicking on free trial link it just redirects me to website. Am i missing something? Help please


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