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eBay Israel in English! Shopping, Shipping & Similar Equivalent Sites

This is my buyers & sellers guide for the Israel site version of eBay. Get global shipping, english online shopping, find out other sites like eBay in Israel in 2024.

Click here for the eBay Israel website in English

eBay in Israel

With the lack of good equivalents (more on those later), eBay remains highly popular in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Rishon LeZion and other parts of Israel.

The Israel localized “ebay.co.il” website is simply a guide for seller and buyers to navigate through this global version of eBay, intended for Israelis.

It’s a familiar, English language e-commerce portal which also includes sellers from Israel for local shopping. Although most Israelis use the global shipping features, backed up with a buyer protection which makes them a trusted brand.

How eBay works in Israel

While eBay functionality doesn’t differ, you can use the advanced search features to your advantage to compare pricing and availability globally.

Sometimes local sellers are more competitive due to lower shipping costs and possible customs fees, this is not always the case.

Buying from Israeli eBay sellers;

Step 1. Click here for the advanced eBay search in Israel

Step 2. Scroll down on that page until the “Located in” menu.

Step 3. Select “Israel” from the list of countries.

Step 4. Search for what you’re looking for and results will be narrowed down to sellers in Israel only. There are plenty of available electronic, fashion, books and other items available from local sellers — worth trying out!

Buying from eBay sellers in other regions;

Step 1. Click here for the advanced eBay search in Israel

Step 2. Scroll down until the “from preferred locations” menu.

Step 3. Select Asia for example, to search amongst items with highly competitive pricing. Global shipping costs will be estimated automatically.

Selling to Israel with eBay.com;

For those wishing to enter the lucrative e-commerce market in Israel and other international destinations, or simply list and auction items there, eBay is the easily the best method with the convenience of English language.

You can take advantage of the Global Shipping Program for global shipping methods, and selling features to Israel no matter where you are located.

What you should know & ebay.co.il;

You can only shop in Israeli new sheke (ILS) if you search amongst sellers and eBay stores located within Israel only. Also you will need to manually turn off the “convert prices to U.S. dollars” option. Otherwise default currency is the US Dollar.

There is no eBay version available in Hebrew, and neither Arabic. Except ebay.co.il which is nothing but an information site. Not for actual purchases.

Custom duties are usually not included in the cost of items, so shoppers carry the responsibility to take this into consideration when ordering items.

For global and local shipping costs estimations to calculate automatically, you need to have an IP address and physical internet connection from an Israel location.

Sites Similar & Equivalents to eBay;

As previously mentioned, there is little good competition with sites like eBay in Israel. Especially since online buyers are accustomed to e-commerce in English.

Here are the shopping sites worth mentioning, however there is no English support and all sites are strictly in Hebrew only;

Yad 2 — Apartments, cars, jobs, second hand.

While not exactly an equivalent, this is a site like eBay in the since that it’s for listing used items, somewhat similar to a classifieds sites like Craigslist.

The website is very basic, but it’s still a popular place to post your items to be casually sold locally in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere in Israel. Founded in 2005 and has since been bought by a Germany company “Axel”, and now also does job listings. The board remains free for basic users.

Zap price comparison

Established in 2012, this website is both an online trading site, and a product search tool for comparing the prices of hundreds of thousands of products in more than 1,000 online stores. Also users can leave reviews and ratings to products and stores.

What is your experience in English shopping in Israel?
Questions on the Israeli eBay and how to buy are welcome!

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7 thoughts on “eBay Israel in English! Shopping, Shipping & Similar Equivalent Sites”

  1. I want to send eid gift to my friend who lives in Jerusalem. Unable to do so. Tried ebay amazon keep getting redirect to us sellers who ship only to us

    • By default it will think that you want shipping to US.

      Find the American flag at the top where it says ‘Ship to’, click on that and it will open up a window where you can change shipping to Israel.

      Please, see screenshot:

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I want the exactly ebay from Israel. I want to by products directly from Israel, Which is/are the corrects link?

    • Hi, and thanks for your question.

      You’ll need to use the global eBay (link above).
      Then go to advanced search where you need to find the part where it says: “Located in” and there you can select Israel.

      In this way, all the products you search for will be stuff that’s directly from Israel as mentioned in the instructions above.


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