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eBay Italy in English Language! — The Easy Shopping Guide

I was surprised to find out that eBay is big business in Italy. The Italian version of the famous auction website —, has caught my interest ever since. Just had to jump the language barrier, for which I have written this little how to.

Access eBay Italy in English!

Click here for

Tip! Not all products can be sent internationally on the website. Please,click here for delivery outside of Italyfrom your nearest eBay store.

English Shopping eBay IT Italy

English Language

Directly using is a piece of cake. I would strongly recommend browsing to the website with Google Chrome and have all the pages translated completely automatically. There is no need for additional browser extensions, instead it just pops up to ask if you want pages in a foreign language translated.

eBay in Italy

With not much alternatives, eBay has come to Italy to stay. Known for selling whole Italian villages, as well as 150 cars from government officials as a cost-cutting operation.  Besides that, you have a highly price competitive and product abundant fleet of Italian sellers tempting your wallet.

Without a doubt, they have become one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the country. Some say, that would be even more popular, than the online shopping site — it’s biggest competitor.

I’m guessing there is just something about auctions and bidding that fits the Italian mentality. Leaving this restless population to look for opportunities of all kinds. Millionaires are common in this part of the internet business world.

Hope this helps & I’ll add on any information I might find out later on. Cheers.

PS. Questions and comments are most welcome!

Care and share, let's call it fair! -David

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  1. There were some parts that needed copy/pasting to translate to English but other than that this worked great for me so cheers for the help. SA.

  2. With Chrome auto translation, one can read all wordings in English. Hope posting items in English to sell in Italy can also be automatically translated into Italian for Italians :/ So as of now, in order to sell anything in this country, foreigners have to learn how to write in Italian first!