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eBay Site in Ghana! Shipping to & How to Buy from eBay in Accra, etc

In this post, I’ve answered the question “does eBay work in Ghana?”. With tips on making online shopping & shipping work from Accra & elsewhere in 2024.

Click here for the eBay store website in Ghana

eBay in Ghana

In Accra, and elsewhere in the country eBay is surprisingly popular. Both for purchasing items from local, Ghanaian eBay sellers and as a global marketplace.

The website which is meant for visitors from Ghana, or those who want to send items to friends and family there is the “global eBay site here”.

It has some localization features, such as turning out relevant search results and automatically estimating shipping & delivery costs.

Continue reading to get the most of eBay in Ghana.

How eBay works in Ghana

As eBay consists of a vast number of “shops” that you can buy from, it’s a good idea to narrow down search results for your individual online shopping needs.

How to buy from Ghanaian eBay sellers;

As eBay is commonly used by sellers from Ghana to enter the global market, you can also shop among them online for fastest and cheapest delivery.

Step 1. Click on to advanced search page on Ghana eBay.

Step 2. Look for the “input field” and fill in the name of the product or item that you want to purchase from the eBay marketplace.

Step 3. After that, scroll down further until you see a drop-down list of countries to narrow down the search for — “Located in”.

Step 4. Select Ghana on the list and complete the search!

How to buy from other regions in the world;

For example, Ghanaian customers are commonly using eBay to purchase cheap items from Asia with affordable shipping options. Here’s how…!

Step 1. Click on to Ghana eBay site with global features.

Step 2. Do a normal search for your product or item.

Step 3. You’ll see settings on the left for choosing regions.

Step 4. Click on “Asia” for example, and only search results from that region will be shown on the same page you are on. That’s it..!

Does eBay ship to Ghana?

Not only eBay works in Ghana, there are many international and local sellers there that support shipping and delivery to Accra, Kumasi, etc.

Support does however depend on the individual seller, also which sending options are available does differ. So my usual advice is to contact them in person if the shipping method you are looking for is unavailable.

Some items are even shipped for free, from Asia for example.

Locations that support delivery include; Tema, Tamale, Accra, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Teshie, Ashiaman, Obuasi, Sunyani and Sekondi-Takoradi.

As for the cost of shipping, it will be automatically calculated when browsing eBay from Ghana. Otherwise, you can enter the product page and change the country.

Note! All costs for shipping and delivery are shown in US Dollars (USD) only, Ghanaian cedi (GHS) localization is not supported.

Furthermore, COD (cash on delivery) is not supported.

What payment methods are supported?

Besides the usual support for PayPal and credit cards. A commonly used solution for payments within Ghana is to use virtual credit cards or debit cards.

They are nowadays provided by many banks and businesses, such as VCCGhana, BOA Ghana, GTBank Ghana and others. Both Visa & MasterCard.

Usually setting up these cards is free and registration is fairly straightforward. Then you can just top-up the card with cash as needed for your eBay purchases.

As you make the payment, the final bill will be charged in Ghanaian cedi (GHS).

Seller & auctioning features on Ghana eBay site;

Weather you are a business or simply want to auction your items to online shoppers in Gahan, eBay provides convenient services to achieve this.

For international sellers, use their global shipping program which will fully support you from square one on establishing business there.

Also everything is English which is all very convenient of course.

Note! There is no eBay.gh website version available, as is the case for some of the bigger country localizations, the global site works very well in Ghana.

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  1. Am trying to buy a product from ebay..I have entered my shipping address.. is it going to be delivered to me or I have to go and pick up from the port

    • Can’t say for sure without knowing the order in question, however only courier shipping is supported so it should be your address.

  2. Hello. This is my first time trying eBay and I wanna ask :
    After making a purchase (paying both the price of the item as well as it shipment) items bought via eBay will the product be delivered to my address without any extra payment (such as clearance and port charges)

    • It depends on what value was written down by the seller. I’d say from experience that sellers from China and other Asian countries nearly always set a lower value so that it can clear through customs without charge. For other sellers, it depends, you can also try and contact a seller and ask them to do it.

      Hope this helps and enjoy.

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  4. Am from Ghana and I stay at Eastern Region koforidua,,, please me problem is if I buy something from an eBay seller to ship it to Ghana for me,, where will I go and received the product .⁉️

  5. Hi please I’m Mavis from Kumasi. I have one Chinese cash coin 1723-1735 and I need a buyer. Or any eBay office in Kumasi?. Call 0551383462 to buy it.

  6. Q1. Will my goods be delivered to me in the stated address(home )of purchase?
    Q2. How much do I pay as duties for the purchase of 2 DLP projectors worth $470.00


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