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eBay Turkey in English! Buying from Istanbul & Turkish GittiGidiyor

I wrote this guide for online shopping on eBay in Turkey and Istanbul. About shipping and delivery, with easy buying from Turkish eBay in English in 2024.

Click here for eBay website in Turkey in English

eBay in Turkey

The most popular eBay-like site amongst locals in Turkey is GittiGidiyor, which has been around since 2001 and was acquired by eBay in 2007.

But it’s only available in the language of Istanbul Turkish. And it does have less sellers and available items than the international version equivalent.

For easy shopping in English;

First check out the eBay international site to see if your item is available there. Otherwise, consider going through the hurdles of GittiGidiyor in Turkish.

How payment works in Turkey

As many of you will know, PayPal doesn’t work in the country and is often used for eBay payments. But you can pay with your regular credit card without problems.

If your eBay account email is not connected with a PayPal account, the system will automatically give you the option to checkout directly without it.

If it is connected, and you want to pay with out one. You can;

  • Change your email address to something else
  • Logout of eBay and select “Continue as a guest” upon checkout

How eBay works in Turkey

Two popular methods for buying from Istanbul, is to either shop from eBay sellers located in Turkey or from sellers from Europe for competitive pricing, as most personal items sent from the EU are free from import duties & tax.

Buying from eBay sellers in Turkey;

Step 1. Use this link to open eBay in Turkey

Step 2. Click on the “Advanced” link, besides blue Search button.

Step 3. Scroll down the page, to where it says “Location”.

Step 4. Choose the Turkey option in “Located in” drop-down menu.

Buying from European/EU eBay sellers;

Step 1. Use this link to open eBay in Turkey

Step 2. Do a search for your item or product normally.

Step 3. On the left, see the “Item Location” settings to quickly narrow down all item searches to Europe. Click on “View options” for pricing in EUR.

Selling to Turkey market with eBay.com;

You can also use the global eBay.com site to reach Turkish buyers. Get to know their Global Shipping Program for sending, and delivery to Turkey.

This is a likely the most convenient option for sellers in English.

GittiGidiyor Shopping in English

The eBay owned store GittiGidiyor (also known as ‘Gitti Gidiyor’), is the most similar site like eBay (while not exactly and equivalent) for shopping in Turkey.

What you can do, is to obtain the Google Chrome web browser which provides easy and completely automatic translations of websites from Turkish to English.

You can get through registration, have item descriptions translated and even check-out securely as Google makes sure your personal information is not leaked.

Other popular and similar online stores, sites in the country are, Trendyol, Araba.com, & Hepsiburada all worth checking out for basic shopping needs.

And that’s your quick guide for eBay Turkey in English.
Questions below on buying and online shopping in Istanbul, etc!

Or can recommend any alternatives? Comments, please!

Please note; There is no Turkish domain like eBay.tr, instead use the international eBay.com or the local gittigidiyor.com as an alternative.

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  1. I tried GittiGidiyor but could not go through the hurdlers of the site (and the language issue). Settled with international eBay and worked fine.


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