Free, Paid or Cost-Effective Legal Advice? Here’s My Experience!

Here is a more sustainable cost-effective solution to free legal advice.

Legal Advice

The problems with “free” legal advice?

It doesn’t matter if you are online, or go talk to a lawyer in person in India, in many cases first time consultations are always free.

And many sites & hotlines that offer legal advice without paying anything, are in my experience and knowledge actually profiting from this.

This is because nearly all consultations require communicating over a span of days, exchange of documents, etc. Thus already knowing your case, it’s easier for them to persuade you to pay for further services.

Maybe someone can benefit from free legal consultation websites, but personally my experience has not been good.

The other issue that I am always not that convinced about on these sites is the level of legal expertise and if the attorneys are bar-certified.

And a lawyer is simply not going to be able to put that much time and effort into investigating your legal issue for “free”.

The longer term solutions to legal advice?

For me the best option is to use a legal service that allows me to keep in touch with a lawyer for an extended period of time.

With this method I’ve been able to communicate back-and-forth for days through live chat, email & phone in order to arrive to a comprehensive answer and solution without having to worry about unexpected fees.

You can get a week trial “at this link” with the Justanswer legal team.

Without waiting times, you can find legal experts from the field you require and those that know about your local jurisdiction of your country of location.

As far as I have understood the qualification process there is strict and they verify that all attorneys are certified and maintain quality standards.

Depending on how far you want to go with your case, and considering how expensive lawyers can be this way you can also get an extremely affordable legal team to back you for even long periods without surprise fees.

Just note that all online legal advice does has it’s limits.

In a nutshell the services offer;

  1. 24h unlimited chats
  2. Bar-certified laywers
  3. No hidden charges
  4. One week trial

As far as I know, this has been the best transparent solution I have been able to find for free legal advice and consultation.

I sincerely hope that this can help someone else too to find better legal advice!

Thank you for reading.

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