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Free PS Plus in 2020?! This is How to Get PlayStation Plus for Free

Looking for a free subscription of PlayStation® Plus or the free trial?

Here are all your options (details below);

  1. Click here for PS Plus at ridiculously low prices
  2. Click here for the free trial of PlayStation Plus (no credit card but PayPal required)
  3. Click here for a free trial subscription (unlimited accounts).

PlayStation Plus Free Trial

Please note; To access the free trial, it doesn’t matter if you are logged in to your old SONY ID as long as you haven’t used it to obtain the trial offer before. Enjoy.

The longest, fully functional trial period subscription you can get for PS Plus is 14-days. No credit card is needed for verified PayPal account holders.

Steps to subscribe for PlayStation Plus free;

  1. To access the free trial page please,  “click here“.
  2. Then click on the grey “subscribe” button.
  3. If you haven’t logged in, do that or create a new account.
  4. Follow instructions to activate free trial.

If you have used up the free trial before with your account and wish to obtain another one, you will need to create a new Sony ID for yourself.

But this also requires an unused credit card and/or PayPal account. If you wish to create unlimited PS Plus accounts, please check the link on top of this post.


The 14 day free trial of PlayStation Plus is available from the PlayStation Store. Use PayPal to subscribe to the free subscription without credit card.

Please, cancel in time if you don’t want to be charged for a full subscription.

This is how you can create a new SONY ID;

  1. Enter email and password as usual.
  2. Choose your country region and fill in residential address.
  3. Choose a unique Online ID name.
  4. Fill in first and last names as well.
  5. Accept the privacy policy and do the recaptcha.
  6. Click on “create account” to finalize.
  7. Verify your email.

This was easy. Now have fun with PS Plus for as long as you can…!

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