How To Easily Find Out Absolute Path of WordPress or Any Website

In this post, I’ll explain how to find the absolute path of your website;

Website Absolute Path

An absolute path, is the complete structure of directories, related to “root”, the first directory of the whole system. In Linux the root directory is known as:


From there, the most typical structure to the “absolute website path” or directory that contains your website¬†files would be:


Or it can be anything as difficult as:


This structure can change depending on the server. If you have command line access, with bash it’s as easy as typing “echo $HOME”.

Echo Absolute Path

If you don’t have shell access (command line), you need to create a simple php file and upload it to your website folder.

Open up your favourite text editor and add these lines:

$path = getcwd();
echo “Absolute Path: “;
echo $path;

Save it, let’s say as “path.php” & upload it to your public_html folder, or wherever the files are located for your website. Then open up the path.php file in your web browser, ex.

You will see the absolute path printed on the page.

This is method will work for WordPress or any other websites.
Thanks for reading, and questions welcome!

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