How to Get Help With Expert Yahoo Account & Email Support

Yahoo account recovery can be a real nuisance. But even in this difficult situation I managed to change my password and access the account.

This is how I’ve done it.

Yahoo Password

I too no longer had access to the associated mobile phone and forgot the security email address I used with the Yahoo account.

On top of that I had lost my password.

Basically, if the normal steps to changing your account password don’t work and you can’t login you are suppose to contact Yahoo support.

I did that only to be confronted with what looks like ready written answers that link to help sections of their site. Which was not helpful at all.

Even when replying back to them, I still got those same answers.

Here’s how I recovered my Yahoo account:

So what I’ve done is get real human support that kindly helped me to go through every option I had to recover my account.

Contact a Yahoo technician on Justanswer “with this link”.

This way at least, instead of capped answers your specific account and password problem really gets looked into.

Obviously the solution will depend on individual factors of why you can’t access your account. In my case, a helpful guy finally instructed me on how I could receive the recovery email successfully.

This can be useful for all kinds of login issues, including when Yahoo has blocked you with a lockout message or you can’t get the account key.

Do note that lockouts are often temporary and your account may start working by itself after just waiting 12 hours.

Other options may be to contact ‘Yahoo Customer Care’ on Twitter which may give you good hints on how to go forward with faster reply times.

While the scope of support is greatly limited sometimes they can be helpful as it could be you just missed something obvious.

Also, I’m sure you’ve probably tried this already but make sure you have tried all the normal account recovery options provided by Yahoo.

There could be something you missed there as well.

For me however, the help central was unable to provide the answers to my specific problem which lead me to look for alternatives.

So hopefully this can also help those who’s issue is beyond the normal range of problems related to failed logins to Yahoo.

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