Immigrating to Canada? How to Contact Lawyers Online & Avoid Scams

There’s no “immigration lawyer” that can provide a magic solution for entry to Canada, and there’s even many scams online trying to cash in with such false promises.

However, I would disagree with those who say that there’s no need for immigration services or that all the information can already be found online.

Immigrating to Canada is problematic for a lot of people.

And you can easily get help from Immigration lawyers online so that someone is there to assist you with the process and ready to answer all your questions.


How to find a real lawyer online for immigration issues to Canada?

Most services seem sketchy to say the least.

But for licensed immigration lawyers,  the most cost-effective option is JA.

You can contact a lawyer around the clock “over at this link“.

With a membership you can get unlimited chats, with the possibility of follow ups via email, phone and SMS for sending documents, further questions, etc.

You can get assistance to issues with visas, naturalization applications, green cards, citizenship, asylum, amnesty and even lottery admissions. So as far as I know, they’ve been able to answer all questions with insight and knowledge that will save you a ton of time trying to research the stuff on your own.

Of course, for other’s Canada Immigration has a great website with plenty of information people can rely on and many do, as the sole source of information and answers.

But I would emphasize, that contacting a lawyer that you can trust on does have it’s benefits in making the immigration process easier if you feel like you need support for it.

What are immigration service and lawyer scams?

There’s loads of services some of which do supposedly provide services though offering little to no value for people who are desperate to get into the countries like Canada.

These websites have sprung out of people’s desperation and inability to get into the country, not being able to find a way to immigrate out of their country of citizenship.

Just be wary of any promises of doing the work for you. No one can fill in the applications and submit everything on your behalf without you having to do anything, that’s false advertising.

The way to not get scammed, is by staying with legit services such as JA who does nothing but provide online assistance through real immigration lawyers. Someone to help, not do that work for you.

That is the reality in today’s online world of people trying to make money out of desperate people, many of which in very unfortunate situations. Real help exists, you just need to find a site to trust.

I hope that helps for your journey towards immigration to Canada.

And feel free to ask questions and share experiences below!

Thanks for reading my post, David.

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