In Need of a Car Mechanic? Here’s How to Consult An Expert Online

Long gone are the days when reaching a car mechanic meant heading over to the shop hoping someone has time for you or desperately communicating over phone.

Doing it online via live chat, where there’s always someone ready to serve you and you can easily share photos with is way more convenient.

You still need a site to trust and one that’s easy to use.

I can recommend CarMechanic, just “go to this link” to open a chat with a certified mechanic.

You can open a trial account through the link, for a whole week of unlimited chat.


Consulting a car mechanic has a lot of benefits when:

  • You head over to the auto repair shop for a repair estimate
  • Want an opinion to trust instead of conflicting opinions online
  • It’s a Sunday or the mechanic is on holiday
  • You can’t figure out how to fix your car on your own

So the value of reaching one before you do anything just makes so much sense to me.

It’s not uncommon that you end up paying premium for a automobile repair or maintenance job, when the situation could have been a whole lot different if you knew how much was worth paying.

Also material options are not something that all mechanic shops are transparent about.

Now, if you have a great mechanic friend you can trust and does a friendly price for you it might be a different situation but that’s not that case for all of us.

Also, it really depends on the person how efficiently you are able to search the internet for fixed and applying them to your situation. Often an expert on your side makes a world of difference.

So weather you are doing something more basic like replacing lights, a car battery, removing paint scratches, changing spark plugs, oil or brake pads an online consultation may still be well worth it.

And when it comes to more advanced repairs such as motor replacement, airbag repair, timing belt replacement, fixing infotainment glitches, etc. it’s well worth educate yourself before heading over to the shop.

Any questions about online car mechanics?
What’s your experience?

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