Instagram Support: Better Way to Contact Instagram for Real Help

Instagram may be the way to “capture and share the world’s moment” but it has failed to capture the ability to help it’s users with quality customer care.

Unless it’s an issue that’s already covered by their “help center”, I’ve found it very hard to email or contact a real human being on the other end.

In this post I’ll explain how to get in touch with real Instagram support.

Hope this helps others as much as it has helped others.

Instagram Customer Support

How to get better Instagram Support?

They are a big company, optimizing profits and that includes the way they handle support by mainly dealing with common issues that people have.

This can be completely useless if you need personalized support.

I’ve found out that you can actually reach a real human being and an expert on all Instagram issues by skipping their mediocre “help center” all together.

You can “go to this link” to ask your question through Justanswer.

No significant waiting times and a person who looks at your specific issue, giving solutions to it without capped answers or placing you in to a ‘optimized support funnel’.

It’s like a breath of fresh air really and an instant help with your frustration.

Note that if you are having some super common and minor problem, you may try to find answers from the official Instagram help center route. But if your issue allows to contact them, don’t expect an answer anytime soon.

What’s the issue with Instagram customer care?

To elaborate on the issues with Instagram’s support, it’s actually common practice for many social networks and big companies with huge user numbers.

But Instagram takes the longest straw with the way they have “optimized” their profits and the way that they give and do not give out support for their “free” users.

Fact is that they are making a huge amount of money out of their users and could be able to provide better, more humanlike and non-robotic support if they wanted to.

But it’s about profit and while you’ll likely have a good experience until something goes wrong, they seem to be big enough to leave out those that are really in need of help.

While other platforms make it just difficult to find the button for filling out an email, Instagram only allows sending of messages at their Help Center for specific problems. Ones that they deem justified for contacting support in person, and even them response times are not that great and answers are mostly capped in my experience so far.

So instead of being able to contact mediocre support, some are left with the option of no support at all. Expect for the best customer care alternative outline above.

I’d love to hear your experience with Instagram Support?
Please, share us your thoughts below.

Best of luck getting help or just ask me if nothing else works, David.

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8 thoughts on “Instagram Support: Better Way to Contact Instagram for Real Help”

    • Seems they have their own way of doing things, not even giving out support on Twitter like competing social media platforms are doing.

    • That’s exactly right. It wasn’t so bad before but seems now they only bother to respond to questions they feel the need to.

      No general support what so ever.

  1. I can’t login to my instagram account. Everytime I try to login, I enter the password (this works.) However, then as it proceeds to load, a screen pops up in the app, asking me to verify my phone number. After entering my phone number and pressing the button to send an SMS verification, I don’t get an SMS or anything. I’ve tried multiple phone numbers, but I never can receive a verification code, making it impossible to access the app when logged in. Same thing happens when I log in on my computer. Instagram won’t let me verify through email, either. I cannot navigate anywhere in the app, as the ‘Verify your phone number’ screen pops up every second, even after I close it. This is extremely troubling as this account is very important to me. Please help!

    • Sorry to hear about this! Did you ever solve the problem? Perhaps your solution could help others? Did you contact JA? What did they say? etc.


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