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Is eBay Very Slow Right Now? Fix Too Slow to Load Problems Today!

Is eBay too slow at the moment? Here’s how to check if eBay.com is slow right now & what’s the cause for the site to load very slowly in May of 2024. And the fix!

eBay Too Slow

Here is what you can do to fix slow page loads on eBay;

1. Check today’s eBay system status page

It displays an accurate overview of the status of the eBay.com website at the moment. Check this page to see if there are current server outages, disruptions, etc.

2. Check global site speeds on eBay.com

eBay.com Website Speed Test

Use the “Dotcom-Tools” website speed test tool to see if slow speeds are a country specific problem. Sometimes, issues are isolated to a specific location.

3. Get in touch with the eBay Community

The active discussion boards are a great place to ask for assistance to your problems. You can ask if eBay is slow right now or lately for other users. Also, let them know where you are located, what browser and operating system you are using, etc.

4. Check customer service guides and help articles

You can find many articles that assist you with technical problems, slow page loads and others. Browse through the archive for further assistance.

In my experience, most of the problems have been temporary. Older systems being more prone to speed problems, you might want to make sure that your computer isn’t clogged up and there aren’t too many web browser tabs open.

In general, eBay works fast as it uses a content delivery network to make sure that their pages load as fast as possible throughout the globe.

You can also try out some of the classic solutions in case you forgot, like another web browser, another computer or even your smart phone. As well as clearing your browser cookies. However, patience is key in most cases.

And don’t forget to test if internet is very slow today for other sites too.

Is eBay very slow at the moment, let us know in the comments!
Hope this helps with slow page loads on eBay in May of 2024.

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6 thoughts on “Is eBay Very Slow Right Now? Fix Too Slow to Load Problems Today!”

  1. eBay has been very slow since May. I took my high RAM, superfast laptop in, had it cleaned, scrubbed, etc. Didn’t change anything, my laptop is still very fast for internal work (Word, etc), but slow on eBay, while other sites load quickly.

    You cannot trust eBay to be truthful, as they will report no problems on their status page, while, at times, the rest of the world is asking, “why so slow”. I keep hearing it is due to a lack of servers.

  2. Ebay slow to load for last few days.

    laptop/Windows 10/Chrome.

    Download speed fine, router fine, all other website browsing normal (no delays.)

    ABP turned off, cookies/history cleared and it makes no difference. Even had to wait several seconds for these pages to load before I could reply.

    Task Manager shows high CPU usage, high GPU temperature and cooling fan running flat out when searching or refreshing pages on Ebay. Everything calms down when Ebay has finished refreshing. No issues on task manager when browsing other sites.

    Conclusion? Not my laptop or connection. Ebay has made a mess of something and they need to fix it.

    • Thanks for this report.

      While fault may on eBay’s side, I’d still try other browsers. These kinds of issues sound like something Google Chrome has more tendency towards.

  3. Loading page is extremely slow 23/24 Jan 2024. I am on Firefox and all other pages load as normal. Cache cleared along with cookies but no improvement.
    Decided to turn AdBlock off and voila, all back to normal.


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