Is LiveJasmin Worth it for Models or Watching Shows? Here’s My Take

Just by landing on the front page of LiveJasmin, one can immediately notice that they stand out from all the other camming sites out there.

They have the high quality models, promising a great watch or a modeling career.

But is LJ as good as it seems or what’s behind the curtain?

LiveJasmin Worth It?

Is LiveJasmin worth it?

First of all, anyone can sign up to LiveJasmin. But it’s usually models that are ambitious about maintaining their looks and becoming successful that register on this site.

On the flip side, those watching may end up paying more.

You could easily get lost among all these amazing models, spending loads of money on the site with private shows and sending models gifts and other surprises.

But if your smart about your money, you can still have a lot of fun on the site with a lot less. Especially since they’re running promotions frequently, so a little patience to wait for 50% off is something that makes them definitely worth trying it in my opinion. You can also check for active promotions: “here“.

Modeling on LiveJasmin?

LJ has a commission structure that can be sometimes plain confusing. But the aim is to reward those who are willing to commit themselves to the site with high revenue share for example.

Yes, revenue can reach up up to 80% or even 100% in some special cases.

Model sign up though is straight forward, you can do so “at this link“.

So if your looking for a quick buck, it might be wise to head to the more ordinary camming sites to try your luck. But from the experiences of other models that I’ve read on there, I can see that LiveJasmin has a better return of investment.

And unlike many other sites for web cam shows, they haven’t had any data breaches or neither has their site been compromised since 2001 when they first launched from Hungary (a mecca for cam girls).

They have a solid privacy policy and security practices. They won’t retain your data for longer than 15 days, which is great for those who don’t know if to do it long term or not.

It’s one of the largest adult camming sites, with thousands of active models of which most are women. Obviously if the site isn’t successful, you won’t be either. So LiveJasmin does have potential at the least.

Closing words;

Other than that, LiveJasmin functions in a similar fashion to other camming sites. But what they are strict about is that you cannot watch the shows free in any shape or form.

On the flip side, once your in you can enjoy at the fullest.

So while somem sites come and go, we can expect LJ to continue it’s growth. Making it a good investment for many modeling or for becoming a regular in watching shows.

What’s your take or review of LiveJasmin?

Would love to hear your comments or answer questions.

Thanks for reading my write up, David.

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