Is WinZip Worth it or not? This is My Honest Review

While WinZip is a top-notch archive and compressor tool, it’s not for everyone.

So in my review, I’ll try to explain for whom it’s worth it or not.

WinZip Worth It

My Summary:

To put it simply, WinZip is one of the most reliable and powerful file archiver and compressor tools to have cross platform support for MacOS and Windows as well as Android and iOS devices.

The software was initially released back in 1991 and no doubt it’s compression is highly development and efficient. All with a generous free trial that’s fully featured for testing out WinZip without any commitments.

Obviously WinZip is confident that they’re users will like them.

To see what you can try for free, please “see this link“.

For whom it’s not worth it:

Ultimately the turn down for some will be the price tag, especially for high-tier suit versions that offer more features as the WinZip family of software increasingly develops.

Other than that, it’s hard to find anything wrong or negative about the software.

For whom it’s worth it:

As a positive note, WinZip has always offered one-time payment packages with unlimited updates for those who can afford the initial costs the ride from there does not disappoint.

Whether it’s WinZip Standard Suite, WinZip Pro Suite, WinZip Ultimate Suite or the plain WinZip for Windows or it’s┬áMac Edition, it is unlikely to disappoint as there is something for everyone.

Just make sure to not pay for package with more features than you actually need.

If you are thinking to go beyond the basic features of WinZip, I can easily recommend the WinZip Standard Suite.

What do you think about WinZip?

Pricing, features or is there something you’d like to see?

Comments and discussion on the topic are more than welcome below!

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