JustAnswer Review: Scam or Legit And Are They Worth it?

I was hesitant to try out JustAnswer at first. But now that I have done so I wanted to share my experience with it and let you know what I think.

Here is what you should know before using them.

Justanswer Review

First of all, obviously no “question and answer” service is going to be able to guarantee results or to be able to answer your question.

If you can solve your problem or get the kinds of answers that you are looking for will depend on the type of question you have.

The good thing about JustAnswer though is that as far as I’ve experienced they are not only a legit business but likely the biggest such site there is on the web. So what’s the benefit?

Having such an extensive network of experts answering questions from various topics from law to health and anything in between.

So the JustAnswer advantage is:

  1. Unlimited discussions with experts until you get your problem solved
  2. Ability to ask other experts for free if your not satisfied
  3. Quick answers within minutes
  4. Largest expert site with the ability to answer questions from an extremely wide range of topics

But it all boils down to the type of question, and there are of course questions that are so non generic that they are too difficult to not just answer but to find an expert for.

So if your question concerns something that you could imagine that there are experts on that can answer, it’s worth it IMHO.

Questions like for example:

  • How do I recover my password if I can’t login to Facebook?
  • What should I do if I have pain in my left abdomen?
  • Why does my cat keep peeing in my bed?
  • How do I fix my credit score?
  • Can I sue my landlord for mice infestation?
  • What can I do if someone forged my signature?
  • Why does my car shake when i brake?
  • can i do plumbing without a license
  • Why does my television keep turning itself off
  • How fix the windows blue screen?

The JustAnswer scam?

The thing that alerted me at first were reviewers that claimed the service had scammed them. Despite this I was desperate for answers and tried them out. Anyway, I wasn’t sure that a company founded in 2003 and still going strong could be such a fail.

Good thing, “with this link” you can get a one week trial so there’s not much to loose.

As for the scam, I find it hard to believe there is any.

I can understand that there are dissatisfied customers that didn’t get the answers they wanted and that really sucks if it happens. However, it’s not my experience.

All in all, if you are willing to try a questions and answers site, then Justanswer is definitely worth it and your best chance of finding a satisfying, in-depth answer.

Thanks for reading my little review based on my opinions alone.

What’s your take on Justanswer?
Would love to know!

Best of luck, David.

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    • You’re welcome.
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Just depends on how big of an issue you are experiencing or how badly you need help it can easily be well worth a try at the least IMHO.


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