List of Available Prepaid SIM Cards for Mobile Internet in Finland

There are three major telecommunications companies in Finland, each with their own prepaid card that you can buy from kiosks/online or dedicated stores.

The price is more or less the same, although discounts vary. For example, unlimited 4G internet up to 100Mbit/s is 19,90€/month for all carriers.

I’ve included the current price of a starter package online, that includes the SIM card and a pre top-up value in euros, includes 24% VAT.

Price from kiosks/carrier should mostly be the same but can be more.

DNA Super Prepaid

Currently 4,90€ (Starter top-up 5€) (order here) (information in English)

Saunalahti Prepaid

Currently 5,99€ (Starter top-up 6€) (order here) (information in English)

Telia Prepaid

Currently 4,90€ (Starter top-up 7€) (order/information here) site partly in English

PS. If you want to pay as little as possible, I found that Saunalahti offers unlimited 2G internet for 12.90€/month (speed capped at 1 Mbit/s).

After using the 2G I could upgrade to 4G the next month for the same price.

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