List of VPN Servers in China Mainland: Get Chinese IP with VPN

This is an ongoing list of VPN in China. I made it when I was looking for providers with servers inside the mainland to get a Chinese IP address.

With a VPN account that let’s you connect to a server within mainland China, I’ve tested web functionality within The Great Firewall and website performance.

Astrill VPN

Bandwidth in internet overcrowded China is scarce and Astrill attempts to maintain a fast connection and low latency on their servers with the cost of an extra VIP subscription fee. This will cost 10$/month on top of the normal subscription, for those serious enough.

Locations: Six servers on the Telecom, and two server on the Unicom networks in different parts of China.

HideMyAss VPN

The popular HideMyAss is known for providing a huge number of IP addresses all over the world. Indeed they provide access to a total of 502 different Chinese IPs under one subscription package. Which is most likely the best IP volume you can get.

Server Locations: Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hebei, Renqiu, Sichuan Sheng, Chengdu


Another VPN star with a huge number of world wide locations under one account is PureVPN which also boasts with speed and multiple device support.

Server Locations: Guangdong (4 servers), Shanghai (2 servers).


Focus on anonymity, non-logging and strong encryption amongst more than 50 available country locations.

Server Locations: One server in China.


If you know more, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comments. Or let me know if you have any questions, cheers.

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