Looking for an Adult Friend Finder Review? My Story of Finding Sex

I can never imagine myself checking out hook up site. So I decided to try out hook up sites, and from the reviews, I read online AdultFriendFinder seems to stand out.

I figured out that you can get a free account to get to know the site first.

You can see “this link” if you wanna do that.

Don’t want to self-service for much long again.

I am getting really tired of been lonely and jerking off late at night. I decided to take things into my hands so my right hand will not end up being muscular not because of lifting weight but because of too much jerking off.

All I need is a nice girl that will treat me well and love me sincerely; sex is also essential my hormones are quite high, so the said girl most also like to get down a lot.

I know for a fact that am not the cutest guy around but am not bad either, just a simple nice 5’8″, 187 lbs guy, not muscular neither am I fat just average body physique. I know I will rarely sweep a girl off her feet but am still fair in the look aspect.
I am not too confident about my looks, the thought of pulling this stuff up felt ridiculous, but I ain’t got anything to lose trying.

So I drafted my add on my profile:

I am a nice simple and gentle guy and also a nervous son of a bitch, never done this shit before, but I am horny as fuck, and I seriously want to get down with a nice girl. I am not the best looking guy, but you got to be assured that I will not get off before you. I am pretty good at exploring a female body with tongues and hands. All you have to do is relax until I have successfully taken you to the moon before you will think of reciprocating.

If you feel you are the one kindly buzz me.

I then clicked send.

It was after I clicked it that it dawned on me that if someone truly messages me can I deliver? I knew it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it been quite a while I was with a woman.

I went to the bathroom to ease myself, and my phone vibrated it was a notification from AdultFriendFinder.com.

Hi, Um. I read your ad, and I was interested in you. I am single, and I haven’t been able to orgasm for a while, and it seems you know the game too well. I am also open to a serious relationship if we click.

Thanks for considering me, I pray we click as it seems we have the same needs. I replied.

I was shocked as I couldn’t believe this is real. So I can get hook up this fast on AdultFriendFinder, and I didn’t try it out all these years. My friend David has been hooking up with different girls every time, so I thought it’s just a hookup site for girls who wants one night stands, but it seems I have a girl who is interested in me for real right now.

She asked for my picture and ran into the bathroom again to fix my hair as best as possible, and I snapped a quick picture and sent it to her without wasting any time.

My heart started beating fast after I sent it to her, “Hey, you’re not like most guys, I thought you would send me a picture of your dick. That’s what most guys would have done the moment I requested for their picture! Here’s my picture. Call me if I fit what you are looking for.

Damn you hotter than I thought! You are beautiful, and I don’t mean to flatter you just the truth!

I replied.

Her long dark hair tossed to her left and draped over her neck. She is got a sexy blue eye that glows, and she wore a t-shirt that magnified her shape, she was perfect.

My dick was already rock hard as I dialed her number, my heart was pounding fast by this time as I am not sure of what to say.

Hi, this is the guy from AdultFriendFinder I said even before she said anything.

Oh, that was fast, she replied with her sweet voice. I didn’t want to bore her with an introduction because I know I will end up sounding awkward we talked for a long time! We had a lot of things in common than I thought. As we are about to end the call, I asked her when I can come to satisfy you as promised?

She laughed sheepishly. “Oh, that’s true! Anytime, my dear, she said!” Her replied made me nervous as I was starting to get worried about how I will compose myself in her presence, “Are you busy tonight? She asked.

No, I am free. I replied to her.

“We are good for tonight then!” She gave me her address, I hung up the call, and I immediately checked it on google map, at this point, my pounding heart can compete with an Olympic runner. my pounding heart

It was already late, I got to her address, and i rang the doorbell. I was putting on my best button-up shirt, with a nice pant that I just purchased a few days ago.

She came out and ushered me in, and she was much more pretty in real life than pictures! Her dress was nice, exposing her cleavage, and I could see how robust her breast was… Her skirt brought out her hourglass shape perfectly. She asked me to sit at the couch as she went in to bring two glasses of red wine, this is an attempt to set everything in motion by relaxing well.

I faced her, and I sipped from my glass as she also started drinking hers. God, you so pretty! I said.

She couldn’t look me straight as she was acting shy. So I grabbed her hands to reassure her that she doesn’t need to be shy around me, I am here to stay not a one-night stand guy. Besides, we both know why we are here.

She laughed and dropped her glass before I can say jack she leaned in and kissed my mouth. It was awkward as I was not expecting that this early, though I appreciated it that she took the first step as I was also shy.

She took a deep breath and grabbed me by my head as she kissed me harder with her thick lips, she parted her lips as i slipped my tongue in slowly, I started caressing her soft body with my hands, and I pressed her breasts which prompted her to sigh.

“hmmm! Oh, my god!” She whispered. Her hands rested on my legs, and I felt it going up slowly…

I stopped her. “mm seems, you forgot. I promised to make you come first, remember?”

She could not hide the excitement after I stopped her. Her nipples were pressing hard against her bra.

What do you intend to do? she asked

I will make you climax in a way that you will never forget me in your lifetime.

Hmm, Let’s see what you got.

I leaned forward and kissed her neck she laid back on the couch to allow me easy access to her body, I kissed her neck and slowly went for her nipples and caressed it, then moved my hands to her thigh and I pushed her dress as she moaned as I got close to her honey pot.

I got up and knelt on the floor, and I stretched her legs on the couch so she can lay adequately…” I ran my hand up her dress so that I can feel the smooth skin of her body. She shivered as I touched her. It was at this moment I slipped my tongue in her mouth and gave her a deep kiss. And we both rolled our tongue mixing our saliva as we are definitely both in the moment.

She broke the kiss as I inched my hand up to her breast. I looked into her sexy blue eyes as I unfastened her bra and exposed her hard nipple, and I swallowed the left nipple, it was hard as I used my tongue to tease her. As I was sucking the left one with my mouth, I was also busy using my hand to caress her other breast.

Her moaning increased as I use my tongue to tease her nipple rapidly and used my left hand to work her pussy through her panty. She grabbed my dick, wanting to work on it, but I refuse as I have already promised to make her cum before me.

She panted heavily as I kissed her through her panties. I lifted her as I pulled down her panties, her pussy was clean shaved, I then gently ran my tongue on her clits and teased her clits while she moaned louder.

“Oh, damn. holy shit!” She moaned louder as I gently inserted my middle finger. “Yes! god, shit!” Her clits are visibly swollen as I used my tongue to tease it again.. Then I used my finger again to tease her gently, slowly rubbing the clits. I maintained my rhythm even when I decided to suck her pussy; I didn’t change my rhythm; it was the same as I sucked and fingered her. She grabbed my hair and pulled, and I felt her pussy tighten. I knew she was close.

Her hips bucked, then I decided to up the tempo, by fingering her faster and deeper…

“Oh, god! I am going to arghh. I am going to cum… Oh damn!!” she was bucking so hard against my hand, and her juices flowed down around my fingers. I lapped at it with my tongue as I slowed my pace and finally pulled my finger out and pressed my palm against her quivering pussy.

She moaned so loud that I was worried her neighbors would be alarmed,
I kissed her on the mouth as she slowed her breathing, and I freed her hot wet pussy.
“Oh Jesus, swty,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever CUM this hard.”

I kissed her on her cheeks and said, “it’s my pleasure. I was able to fulfill my promise.”

She laid back; It’s my turn to take you to the moon.”

“Babe you know you don’t have to it right?.”

She nodded, but I will still satisfy you.

Truth is I also want it. So I agreed, But let’s move to your bedroom, you okay with that?”

She smiled and accepted. We both got up, and she led me to her bedroom, I followed her, watching how thick her hip and thighs are I was also lost watching how her ass moved, and I knew all this belong to me this night.

We got in, and I closed the door, and she held me by my waist and hugged me tight against the wall. She shoved her tongue into my mouth as I wrapped my hands around her ass. She unbuttoned my shirt and caressed my chest down to my lower abdomen. She kissed my nipples, which sends some shocking wave to my brain.

She unfastened my pants and grabbed my dick and swallowed everything.
“Ohh! Ohh, lord, yessss! Ohh, babe, oh babe, ohh…”

She stroked my dick as she swallowed my balls. She stopped for a moment and looked into my eyes to ask me if I am enjoying it.

I nodded in response. She smiled and swallowed both balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them while she pressed my penis against my stomach.

She kept on sucking my balls, immediately she noticed I’ve increased my moaning she started sucking hard and fast as I was about to reach the moon she stopped and told me she wants to taste my cum all of a sudden I started unloading my seeds in her mouth. She licked every bit of my cum and smiled at me, telling me she as also fulfilled her part.

We rested for a while before we fucked each other, it was a memorable night and from that day on we dated to this moment that we are blessed with two kids. If I were told that I would meet my wife from AdultFriendFinder, I would never have believed it. I didn’t just meet any woman I met a special one, and we both love each other to the core.

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