My Best Sites for Hottest Girl Nudes And Erotic Pics & Videos

In this post I’ll introduce the best sites for non-porn nudes and erotic content both photographic and in film. And this isn’t just my opinion.

There are a lot of poor quality erotic sites but I won’t bore with those.

Adult sites are oversaturated with explicit porn, which is why there is little really good competition and why these sites dominate the nude girl scene.

Number #1 MetArt

The best awarded and most popular erotic site on the internet day.

Please, “see this link” to demo their free galleries.

MetArt Screenshot

Founded in 1998, MetArt is not just known as the most classic name in erotic girls but they’ve kept up with the times, constantly pushing out new stuff and engaging a big community.

Thousands of models have joined their ranks featured in tens of thousands of photo shoots and thousands of erotic films. They are an all-inclusive stop for showcasing the beauty of nude girls.

Number #2 Playboy Plus

From playmates to celebrities and adult stars they’re nothing short of impressive.

You can “use this link” to get a week’s trial for totally free.

Playboy Plus Screenshot

So too have Playboy Enterprises evolved with the times, together with their massive archives of some of the hottest girls and their nude pics the world has scene.

Nowadays they also give as much importance to hot video content as they do what they’ve always been best at which is photo shoots that are talked about all over the internet.

More video material:

If you’re into videos more than sexy images, then you can also try out “SexArt” which is MetArt’s video site which features anything from solo nude performances to lesbian and heterosexual acts.

Also, I can recommend “Playboy TV” which is Playboy’s 24h video streaming site.

My conclusion.

To be honest, I started writing this post knowing these two sites very well already, wanting to promote them to my readers. And I also had a strong belief based on my personal experience that there is nothing better online.

So I decided to challenge my beliefs.

I did this by spending a good amount of research on the currently existing sites that only or mostly featured completely and partially nude girls on their sites.

It turns out, that my preconception still holds water to this day.

There may be many sites nowadays that have some content that doesn’t feature sex but sites dedicated to it are still very few.

Obviously porn is too lucrative to pass on for these sites.

Couple of examples of the “competition” that are somewhat worth mentioning here are: Morazzia, Paradise Nudes, Elite Babes, Girls of Desire, The Omega Project, TheNipSlip, BootyFix, Errrotica, Elect Babe, Candy Pleasure and SimpleNu.

I have not bothered to create a proper list on those, of course there are many of them but most are just too terribly to even bother naming on this post.

Either way, my point is that were very lucky to have these two amazing sites.

That’s my view of the subject, what’s yours?
I’d love to hear from readers in the comments below.

Written by David.

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