My Research on The Best Online Sex Simulator for Free

I wanted to play with a realistic online sex simulator for some hot girl action, so I went through all the simulators I could find to see which one was the best.

In the end I was overwhelmed with choice.

And I quickly learned the difference between the best and the bad ones.

Here’s my research on the best ‘free’ sex simulators.

Have a nice one!

Sex Simulator

To give you an idea on what’s out there, here are 85 simulators that I went through, some just quickly and some had an available free trial to play with.

(1) Game Of Bones, (2) Foot Fetish Game, (3) Strip Game, (4) Overwatch, (5) Slave Porn Game, (6) Hardcore Game, (7) LewdZone, (8) Black Lightning XXX, (9) Fuckunator, (10) JerkDolls, (11) Sex Flash Game, (12) RPG Game, (13) Indian Game, (14) Addictive Game, (15) Monster Sex Game, (16) PlayPornoGame, (17) Gamcore, (18) Star Wars Game, (19) Extreme Porn Game, (20) RedDead Redemption, (21) BestFreeSexGame, (22) Gay Furry Porn Game, (23) Crazy Fake Taxi, (24) BangerLands3, (25) World Of Whore Craft, (26) Gang Bang Simulator, (27) Futanari Game, (28) 3DSexVilla, (29) Anal Sex Game, (30) Minecraft Parody, (31) RealAdultSexGame, (32) League Of Legends, (33) RedLightCenter, (34) Sex Emulator, (35) BDSM Simulator, (36) Interactive Sex Game, (37) VR Porn Game, (38) Fallout4 Parody, (39) Sex Simulator, (40) Pregnant Sex Game, (41) Apex Legends Parody, (42) Adventure Porn Game, (43) Erotic Game, (44) Incest Porn Game, (45) DickDolls, (46) Impregnation Porn Game, (47) Narcos XXX, (48) Grand Fuck Auto, (49) Gay Simulator, (50) FuckedUpSexGame, (51) Free Adult Game, (52) Spiderman Game, (53) 3D Sex Game, (54) Family Sex Simulator, (55) Da MILF, (56) BDSM Porn Game, (57) VRFuckDolls, (58) Shemale Sex Game, (59) Cartoon Sex Game, (60) Teen Porn Game, (61) SlutSelector, (62) Monster Hunter, (63) God Of War Parody, (64) Family Sex Game, (65) SexPenetrator, (66) Gay Porn Game, (67) Black Porn Game, (68) MySexGame, (69) Rainbow Six, (70) Violent Simulator, (71) Hentai Fighting Game, (72) My Little Pony Cum, (73) Lesbian Porn Game, (74) Fortnite Parody, (75) FreeSexGame, (76) Fuck Game, (77) Metal Gear Solid Parody, (78) Toon Sex Game, (79) West Sluts, (80) DreamSexWorld, (81) Bondage Porn Game, (82) Android Porn Game, (83) CDG Game, (84) Slut Sex Simulator, (85) PokeWhore.


So what was the best sex simulator?

According to my research, the best one was Dream Sex World.

And you can sign up for a free account “with this link“.

And how are the best ones different?

A lot of these sex simulator games are luring in people with hot sex dripping 3D graphics, which make them look hot but in reality they’re just a bunch of 3D animations put together.

And that’s with a very flimsy storyline and poor features.

These games have been made for years now, and still it’s real hard to find advanced simulators where you have all the sex positions, body types, girls, angles and features imaginable in one.

And fact is, so far the only one I know to provide endless gameplay (simulation) is the Sex Emulator, which has been releaced only resently as it so happens!

The sex acts in this game are the most realistic I’ve seen.

The free usage is time limited, of course. How else could you get that! But you can easily cancel the account if you don’t want to pay anything, so it really is free to start with.

Update June, 2024;

  • They are currently working on a Virtual Reality game mode of the game that supports some of the popular VR headsets (Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive).
  • Now you can simulate sex with other live players, using the multiplayer functionality of the game. And there are plenty of female players as well.

Comments and feedback are welcome! David.

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  1. This was helpful as I was looking for the best sex simulator, and it’s sometimes hard to find the good stuff with so much internet-noise out there. You’re right that turns out that many of the ‘visually pleasing’ ones are not even that good.

  2. soo i checked the link, when i want to make an account it asks me what paymentplan i want??
    so the game is not free no more? :O


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