My Tips & Tricks for Free Adult Sex Games: Explicit Content Only

In this post I’ll show you how to get started with some of the best and most explicit sex games for free, on mobiles, tablets, PC, Mac, wherever.

There are shitloads of great content nowadays, from strategic games of building your adult empire to super realistic simulators for having sex where your imagination is the limit, and games with good storylines with intense sex scenes.

In fact the adult game industry has become so big that there’s a whole lot of bullshit out there too, so it’s really easy to end up wasting your time. And a lot of that stuff manages to rank high on Google as well for god knows why.

So here’s the stuff that’s kept me up at night.

Free Adult Games

One of the leading sites out there is Nutaku.

Or probably, they are the leading site. Anyway here’s what you can do.

First, “go to this link” which opens up free registration/free gift page.

Then all you gotta do is click on the free gift banner, or just the “free sign up” link depending on if your on Windows/Mac or a mobile/tablet device.

Now proceed to fill in user details (email, etc.). No credit cards, no funny stuff.

Here’s some adult games I can recommend;

Now you can access a whole lot of great games for pretty much any device or platform you are on, a lot of them just work on your web browser too.

Chick Wars (RPG, Strategy)

One of my favorite adult games for Android. Play a warrior in an supersexed world, where you defeat monsters and get together a harlem of sexy maidens. Enjoy loads of sex scenes and erotic content in this filthy adventure.

Vixen Wars (Adventure, Defence)

This mobile game you can even play on your iPhone, or any iOS device such as your iPad. Even though Apple doesn’t allow adult content, you can use the browser to play this sexy┬áheroine game. You are in Kinky Kingdom and you’re a prince who fights with this army of hot-blooded girls. Liberate the goddesses that save your kingdom while having wild sex with them in the process.

Cockwork Industries (Action Adventure)

This is an erotic adventure game that you can play on Windows. There’s this body-alteration facility known as Cockword Industries. Being their guest of honor and through the plot you get to seduce their sexy employees and engage in realistic, interactive sex scenes.

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Cheers to all, David.

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