Netflix Support: How to Email Netflix for Real Help on Questions

In my experience the best ways to get in touch with Netflix really depends on what you need to contact them for.

Here are the possible options and my experience, and how to “email them”.

Netflix Support

If you need to email Netflix for things like billing issues or login problems, I’ve found their official support channels sufficient.

These are live chat or phone. In my experience if they are unable to resolve your issue by chat they’ll open an email ticket or call you later.

Just head on to the Netflix Help Center page and scroll towards the bottom of that page for the “call us” and “start live chat” links.

What about other Netflix Support questions?

Issues like setting up my device, tech support and anything out of their ‘scope of optimized support’ they have not been helpful at all.

To be honest, at best I’ve been pointed at ready written articles without really taking time to answer my question.

So instead, I’ve talked to Netflix Experts on Justanswer.

You can contact them “with this link”.

Instead of the robotic answers and a customer care that is trying to minimize their workload, these guys will go into lengths explaining anything.

I’ve suggested this to my non-tech savvy friends and they’ve been able to save a ton of time. I know that trying to figure things on your own, even if presented by ‘online guides’ can range from difficult to impossible.

So this is a way to have someone walk you through everything and help you solve all the problems along the way.

They’ve got a live chat as well, and you can exchange emails or even call the Netflix experts until everything is in working order.

What about smaller Netflix issues?

If you’ve got something that can be answered in ‘280 characters’ you could also consider the @Netflixhelps channel.

There you might get a real human do a quick answer on tech issues that could point you to the right direction to get started.

Contact Netflix

There I took a screenshot of the “want to contact us” section on Netflix, you can either call them or start a live chat.

Generally if you have a pressing issue, calling them might get better results. But there’s no way to really directly email them unfortunately.

Let me know your thoughts or troubles below.

I’m happy to discuss Netflix related topics.

Thanks for visit and read, David.

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