Online Medical Advice: How to get Advice from Licensed Doctors

Nowadays there is an abundance of services for consulting a real doctor online, making it hard to know which site to use and if such sites can be trusted or not.

Personally I am unaware of scams beside the obviously dodgy looking sites that one should avoid in the first place, however I see a big difference in potential value.

Medical Advice

While they may not replace a face-to-face consultation, they often provide a peace of mind and a solid sense of directions to deal with medical issues.

The range of help you can get with all things retaliated to health is vast.

You can contact licensed practitioners from fields such as;

Family medicine, Internal medicine, Anesthesiology, Allergy and immunology, Pathology, Obstetrics and gynecology, Dermatology, Preventive medicine, Urology, Psychiatry, Emergency medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Nuclear medicine, Neurology, Medical genetics, Physical medicine and rehabilitation, Radiation oncology, Ophthalmology, Diagnostic radiology.

Best valued medical advice online

The service I have used is Justanswer, which you can “access at this link“.

Just fill in your question and answer follow up questions to get in touch with a doctor in no time.

What makes JA better than competition is not that they only use licensed real doctors that you can actually trust on but also, questions are unlimited and a trial is available.

Other competing such services usually high much higher fees which just keep adding up over time as most people need to discuss and proceed further into details which then becomes costly.

With JA you will only be charged additional if you need phone support but I have been well satisfied with their online chat feature which you can contact doctors with around the clock.

Any questions on medical consultations and advice online?

I’m happy to answer them below, thanks!


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