Pinterest Help? How to Solve Problems With Real Human Support

My experience with the “Pinterest Help Center” where you are suppose to contact them, has not been good.

Instead I found this much better solution to Pinterest support.


Compared to the alternative Pinterest e-mail was;

  1. Slow to answer with days of waiting for answers.
  2. Responding with ready written answers without really reading my question and looking into the problem.
  3. Pushing me to their ready answers and “Help Community”.

So depending on issue the Help Center is a possible way to contact their support by e-mail ticket, personally I no longer waste my time on it.

Please, see the links below for better alternatives.

My problem with Pinterest support

Obviously this is not just Pinterest but most big tech companies who “optimize” their support in order to maximize profits and save costs.

They are good at solving easy and common issues but when it comes to something that needs a closer look or an explanation that you can understand, I’m sorry but Pinterest is totally useless in my opinion.

Best solution to Pinterest tech support

In this way you can get in touch with a real human being who cares, for all Pinterest & related tech issues, questions, etc.

Use “this link” to contact Pinterest support on Justanswer.

No waiting times, just nerdy types who really look into your problem with Pinterest, willing to explain things to you until you get it.

For example, I was locked out of my account and Pinterest was so annoying with their robotic support funnel and capped answers.

This way I was able to find a way to access my account, something not even Pinterest themselves could help me with..!

Some of my friends have tech-savvy sons but what can you do if you haven’t got one? In that sense this has been a life saver for me.

My Conclusion

Over the years, Pinterest has become an increasingly complex site and now with all the security features, it’s easier than ever to have problems.

Searching for help through the FAQ, community and ready-written answers or waiting for an email from Pinterest for possible help are “possible” solutions.. but at the end of the day I had to weigh all of my options.

Is it really worth it or do you want to save your time with real solutions tailored at your specific problems from helpful experts. To be honest with you guys, now that I have used and gotten used to the easy way out, it’s really annoying to use the help center to “try” and get support from Pinterest.

Either way, wishing you success!

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