Real Gmail Support: How I’ve Contacted Helpful Human Beings

Here’s a good solution for Gmail issues.

As the popular email provider gets more and more complex, seems at the same time it’s getting more and more difficult to contact good quality, real support.

The Google help center is riddled with posts of people asking how to contact Gmail?


Thing is, that while they have optimized their support or common issues.. you’ll easily run into trouble with issues that don’t have ready answers, or if you can’t just figure things out by reading troubleshooting articles.

How to get quality support for all Gmail issues:

You can reach Gmail experts “at this link” on the popular JA portal.

With that link, you can get unlimited chats with their support staff that can assist and answer questions on anything related to your email box and they know Gmail issues best.

So usually the options are to either:

  1. Browse through the web in hopes of finding someone who had the same problem where someone explained a solution to them or they bothered to post it later themselves.
  2. Use alternative channels for better quality, around the clock support.

Personally, I would prefer to save the time and have someone explain how to do everything for me, especially if there’s no ready troubleshooting article for it.

That’s what JA is for, be it account issues or problems sending and receiving email.

What’s your problem with using Gmail?

And how was your experience finding a solution to it?

Please, share in the comments below! David.

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