Secret of Tinder: Get Plus, Gold or What’s The Better Alternative?

In this post, I am exposing the “secret of Tinder”. This is my take on what they are not telling you about how users are wasting money on them.

The Tinder app is now 7 years old and everyone knows their popular, it’s easy to find dates, user numbers are soaring through the roof, etc. right?

And maybe you’ve heard all the success stories of using Boost & Super Boost?

The secret is that Boost was a clever move because their girl users have declined (which lost it’s effectiveness because too many guys have to use it).

They’ve just made loads of money with Boost.

And with Gold which is useless for guys because obviously it’s not going to help you find any more matches. As for girls, I’d say it’s mainly an ego boost to see how many profiles liked them (not difficult with their poor women-to-men ratio).

Basically I’ve had it with Tinder, they’re way too male bloated in my opinion.

The solution to wasted Tinder fees?

Easy! Well now I think it’s easy, and reason I am writing this.

After going through all the options I could basically find in 2020, I found a dating and hook up site that’s bloated with girls. Yes, pretty much the opposite to Tinder.

You can check out “Dating“, yes that’ their name.

Now, how the check did they get so many girls on their platform?

Short answer, it’s pure money!

Their secret is huge investments into the most sought after dating brand and marketing techniques to get single girls to sign up from all over the world.

It’s an ambitious project to say the least. If they are going to be able to maintain their huge number of female users for years to come is anyones guess, but you might as well hop in and enjoy the ride while you can. According to my research they are one of the apps with the best women-to-men ratio there is.

People talk about features, and obviously Tinder has had a good number of years to develop theirs. Personally, you may call me a simpleton but what has worked for me is ‘the more users of the opposite sex, the more matches I get’.

Tinder hide’s this fact because they know it’s core to success.

So how does Dating work?

First, you can sign up for a free account ‘with this link‘.

You can use either Google to sign up, or an email/password combination.

Dating Sign Up

There’s not that much to say about the features themselves. There are no fancy bells and whistles like Tinder has and thus neither a learning curve. Create a free account, fill in your details in as much detail as you can (more about that later), lay out your options with the search feature and start messaging girls or boys.

I’m just going to walk through some of the basics on how every works for those interested, so that you can better your chances of finding a match.

About You

Either name or nickname is fine, personally I use something that is a combination of a real first name and a made up family name so as not to reveal my identity. It’s good that the people you potentially meet up can get used to your real name, so once you see face to face they can feel familiarity with it.

Choose your sex and if you are looking to meet women or men. And hometown location. Obviously your age is going to be important and that you answer it truthfully so you don’t waste your time.

Some interesting details about you

Then you’ll need to fill in a text about yourself.

In my opinion being honest and detailed here is the key to success on any dating platform. It’s understandable that you want a certain outcome and to make other users interested in you, but it’s usually the unexpected that is waiting for you on these sites. Who knows it could be something even better that you wished for. But that opportunity is lost with a profile text that is not 100% sincere.

Many people think that the best profile pics and writers get the most attention and views, but this is not the truth in my opinion. When I see a woman who put effort into writing something unique and seemingly honest about themselves, that’s what;

  • Catches my eye and interest to know more
  • Gives me a better idea on compatibility

It’s really that simple. It just works and there’s no special secret to it. Neither do you need fancy Tinder features to get you there.

To save your time and your credits, my suggestion is to create an almost outlandish profile for yourself.  For example, you can even mention that you are looking for sex, or a certain type of it as long as you don’t over do it and cover as many different topics at the same time. Would you like to have a girlfriend who is interested in guys who only do dirty talk? Obviously not. So be the kind of person you are means thinking of others too.

Now that you got your super original profile together, message girls with a simple message to ask them to check out your profile and only continue messaging with you if they are still interested. You’ll save a ton of time.

About your ideal partner

Filling in the “about your ideal partner” details for your dating profile is a great opportunity to turn down those profiles that would end up wasting your time and money.

And to attract good matches even further.

With so many girls that you can message to on Dating, you will inevitably find people who are into what you are into. And what could be better than that.

Your interests

The ‘your interests’ field is the worst feature on Dating.

I suggest using the ‘skip’ button as this is unlikely to do you much good. Or just fill it out for fun if there are interests that match yours.

Add photo

The profile photo section is the only part where one can’t do much else than to upload a pictures of themselves (and brush up on your looks). Although later on, you can upload more pictures which will also help a lot.

If you made it this far, check out the free sign up link for Dating above.

Or you can also use this advice for Tinder. Just that I would not recommend Gold or neither the Boost feature. Unless you are a woman and just cant be bothered with swiping.

Also remember that all dating platforms, be it Tinder, Dating or anywhere else there are scammers out and about. Usually looking for money only. However, in my opinion they are very easy to spot because the profiles are not truthful and the pics will be of a busty hot chick with a great ass in sexy poses. You know what I mean!

So stay safe and hope you enjoy my suggestion. Best of luck.

Did you like my post on the “secret of Tinder”..?
I’d love to hear your comments, or questions!

Regards, David.

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  1. Don’t wanna switch platforms, need to get more women interested in my Tinder profile.. is it really not a good idea to go plus or gold?

    • I understand! I think there are so much better ways to spend your money, please, see the top of this post for more info. Thanks.


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