Smart DNS Proxy Discount Promo Watch! — No Fake Coupon Codes

– Current discount: 70% OFF for 1 and 2 year plans
– Valid: April, 2024.
– Activation link: Discount-70 // instructions below

Smart DNS Proxy Promo Watch

First of all, Smart DNS Proxy does not use any kind of coupons or codes to give discounts. But occationally they run promotional campaigns that you can access through hidden links that cannot be found on their website.

On this page, I will keep track of and unveil any possible promotional links at the time. You’ll find the current status on the top of this page. If there is none available, I suggest you have a look at their current pricing options for quantity discounts and free trials.

How to Apply Smart DNS Proxy Discount

  • Click on the activation link above and make sure you see a message that the special discount is working and activated.

Smart DNS Proxy VPN Discount Activated

  • Then proceed to sign up, or login to your previous account.
  • In the ‘My Account’ page, click on ‘Subscribe’.

Smart DNS Proxy My Account Screen

  • The subscription page will show the now available special discounts in green, marked as ‘*special’.

Special Discount Subscribe Page

  • Enjoy!

Why I use Smart DNS Proxy & VPN

Originally I used traditional VPN systems, where all of the traffic would be transferred through the host server. This was great in cases, like when I am transferring torrents and want all of the traffic encrypted. But now that we have so many content restrictions and devices on our hands, I needed a multi-purpose solution.

Especially now that I have started travelling a lot for work, my needs have grown even further. However, this service is just something I have never seen before as it has been able to cover almost all of my needs.

If I just want to see some favorite TV and news channels back at home, without interfearing with the rest of my internet activities, proxies are the way to go. Also having a smart phone, tablet & laptop with me not everything supports VPN. Best of all I can use unlimited number of devices with these systems. Everything is supported with a professional, easy to use interface. None of that complicated stuff I am used to with certain providers.

If I would wish for some improvement, it would be to have some more servers available for countries such as Austria and Ireland. Already the availability is pretty impressive, but the competition is pretty tough if you compare to other VPN services, with 100+ something server locations.

Anyway, from my personal experience I would say that this is a must service for some, especially if you are into unlocking websites and digital media. And perhaps for others a simpler, pure VPN concentrated solution will do. Either way, if you sign up I really recommend using a discount promotion as you can save a lot.

Hope this helps.

Please note: Promo subscriptions at not always but usually include all Smart DNS Proxy, SmartVPN & VPN services.

Offers include Black Friday, Cyber Monday.


New! For the month of May: Smart DNS is having their birthday celebrations. And if you subscribe 12months, you can get another year subscription totally free!

Activation link: Birthday 2016
Discount: 12 Month + 1 Year Free Special
Valid: All Month Long

Btw. This post is frequently updated!

9 thoughts on “Smart DNS Proxy Discount Promo Watch! — No Fake Coupon Codes”

  1. Thanks for the promo link, it worked great. Hope we could get a discount for monthly plans as well though. Annnyway, cheers!

    • As far as I know – there has never been discounts for monthly plans. The best known available promo, maybe once or twice a year is the one year free discount.

  2. I know the offer is already pretty decent… 🙂 but wouldn’t mind grabbing the one year free offer though. I got a two week free trial without having to enter any credit card details through your link…! and well the service proved out to be perfect for my needs. Damn SmartDNS Proxy for your smart marketing techniques.. 🙂

    Oh well… So wanted to ask, do you know if they have any nice (huge) discount for the upcoming Black Friday? And thanks very much David.

    • The offers are usually the same or very similar — just depends on the time of the year if they have an available offer or not. I haven’t seen any Black Friday/Cyber Monday specific discounts in the past. I even went ahead and asked them, to which they replied that they have no plans for it. I would recommend just getting the longest possible subscription for the best current discount. As you said — it’s decent! And remember, no coupon codes or promo codes are ever needed.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Doesn’t work for me. “Subscribe” doesn’t show even the discount was applied after clicking your link. Reason might be that my subscription runs til Jan 23 2017 and/or that I got this deal 2 years ago already…


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