SmartyDNS Promo Code Guide: Finding Best Promotional Coupon

Looking for a SmartyDNS promo code or coupon for June of 2024? This is a working method for finding the best promotional discount available.


I have personally asked for coupons to give out to my readers, and the response was that they are not offer promo codes “at this point”.

However, I found out that best promo discounts are right on their site.

SmartyDNS Promo Code

Simply, go through each link to find the best, active promotion!

Link #1 — SmartyDNS Affiliate Link

Link #2 — SmartyDNS 10% Off Link

Usually, you get 50% off for 1month plans, 55% for 3month plans, 60% for 6month plans and 66% for 12month plans. And then, you can add at least a 10% discount on top of the regular one, by using one of the links above.

Please note, that currently the best available promo can change from time to time, which is why it’s advised to do your research.

Hope this guide helps.

Any questions, know any other promo codes?
Comments on SmartyDNS or their VPN service welcome.

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    • Good to know.
      Looks like they’re sticking with this marketing policy.
      And it’s working for me well, as this is probably the best valued Smart DNS Proxies in my opinion 🙂


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