SmartyDNS Review: Easy Smart DNS Proxy for Fast Video Streaming

Not all Smart DNS proxy services are equal — this is my review of SmartyDNS & what I think makes them better, easier than other providers.

Update! Currently it seems SmartyDNS has gone out of business.


Smart DNS proxies are often a better choice than VPN for unblocking, circumventing geolocation restrictions of online streaming services.

And when watching your favorite tv channels, or a movie online, the last thing you want is the connection to get cut off in midstream or poor quality video. Both are problems that are easily solved with SmartyDNS.

Instead of a VPN routing the whole stream through an external server, which can slow you down — thanks to DNS technology, you can appear to be located in another country location while remaining a direct connection to the video stream.

A common downside to many Smart DNS proxies is the difficulty to set up the  connection, at least compared to VPNs. With most providers you have to find, and manually edit your DNS configurations.

And since it’s so bothersome, you end up leaving the settings on even when you don’t need to unblock any location restrictions. Which is not advised.

With SmartyDNS, they have solved this problem like this, and made use extremely easy, similar to VPNs. You have a connection client where you can enable and disable the service with a click of a button. It’s super easy!

What makes SmartyDNS the best;

  • Much cheaper than VPNs
  • Easiest DNS proxy to install and run
  • Also includes VPN service on fast servers
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth
  • Zero logging policy
  • DNS leak protection

Also SmartyDNS works on numerous devices, such as; Mac, Windows, iOS (iPads iPhones), Android, Apple TV, XBOX360, XBOX ONE, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, FireTV, PS3, PS4 and many more.

Click here to find out more about SmartyDNS.

What’s your review, experience with Smart DNS proxies?
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2 thoughts on “SmartyDNS Review: Easy Smart DNS Proxy for Fast Video Streaming”

  1. I have been a subscriber to Smarty DNS for years…I still am..however it appears they are no longer in service since December last year so how can this review be in April 2023? They have not replied to one single ticket since September 2022…..I have emailed them, tried live chat….nothing! So what’s happened to them?

    • Thanks for your comment!
      Post updated.

      Indeed it seems they are down without notice.
      Checked their Twitter account, etc. nothing.


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