So Does Netflix Work with OverPlay DNS? Here’s the Answer in 2022

This is the essentials on OverPlay, and it’s support for Netflix in 2024, to get in working. Yes, it’s smart DNS service does support various country regions of Netflix.

Read the official word on Netflix support from

OverPlay Netflix

While some users have been reporting problems and issues, that Netflix is not working in 2024, resulting in various proxy errors. This can be caused by various problems and it’s not always the fault of OverPlay.

Fact is, that Netflix is one of the most difficult channels to circumvent and requires continuous work from their part to keep it working. Which is reason why using VPN likely causes issues, thus you need — OverPlay’s smart DNS.

OverPlay Netflix Support

Here’s the quick essentials;

  • They have official support through web browser only
  • You need to use their SmartDNS service, VPN alone is not enough
  • They have biggest support for different Netflix country regions

If it’s the US region of Netflix you want to watch, then you can always grab a free trial of Smart DNS Proxy, to see if you can get it to work from there.

Also they support many other devices like SmartTVs, Apple TV, iOS & Android.

If you feel that Netflix is still blocking you, make sure you are using a supported country region and device (which you have correctly set up);

United States (US), Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom (UK).

If you can afford it, I do recommend using both the VPN & Smart DNS simultaneously for a secure, and most stable “problem free” experience.

In my experience proxy errors and other issues are more abundant on special devices like entertainment system, smart TVs, gaming consoles, media players, etc. so remember to try using your desktop or laptop to see if the problem is there.

But I assure you, that does work with Netflix weather permitting.

And that’s pretty much all!

Considering OverPlay?

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Is Netflix working or not for you with OverPlay DNS & VPN?
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