Solution: Does Jarvee Have a Downvote Feature for Quora Answers?

I wanted to use the “social media automation software” Jarvee with Quora for both upvoting and downvoting answers and/or comments.

This is the solution and what I found out.


I emailed the Jarvee support team and they confirmed that:

Please be advised that Jarvee only has the Upvote and Upvote Comments tools. We do not have a tool for downvotes.

It remains to be seen if they plan to have the downvote feature or not it in the future.

The solution to downvoting Quora answers?

Currently you can use social dominator which is very similar but more feature rich than Jarvee, including the ability to automatically downvote chosen answers.

See “this link” for more information.

Is this the only solution?

I’ve searched through a large amount of automation software for Quora and social media but this is the only one that has extensive features for the Quora platform.

Hope this helps, David.

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