StrongVPN 2.0 Review! New VPN App & Website Announced in 2018

The famed VPN service has recently announced an official launch of StrongVPN 2.0, complete with brand new apps and website redesign. Reviewed here.

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New StrongVPN 2

Introducing the New StrongVPN

Being one of the oldest VPN services in the industry, StrongVPN takes pride in delivering their customers fully pledged speed, privacy, and security.

They offer industry’s strongest encryption methods, in combination with a VPN server network optimized for speed.

But being an established provider was not enough, and they have been working hard “behind the scenes” to built the best version of StrongVPN yet. Today, with excitement the launch of the new StrongVPN 2.0 is official!

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What’s new Reviewed

While the revamp makes everything more attractive, it’s also more intuitive to use. Continuing the tradition of easy use, taking it even further.

Redesigned Website;

Be it a newbie or an experienced VPN user, navigating the website with confidence is a whole lot easier than before. A fresh design, with a sleek interface to find everything you need to quickly and easily.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Now it’s possible to grab a free trial, buy taking advantage of their new 30 day money-back guarantee. No commitment, no pressure.

Leak Protection & IKEv2 Protocol

The connection client is now equipped with IPv6 and DNS leak protection for an extra secure layer to make sure that you identity never leaks out by accident. Satisfying the needs of the toughest security fanatics. Also, the IKEv2 protocol will bring more stable security between networks.

Optimized VPN Server List

Browsing through VPN country locations to connect to has been made easier, and quicker. With a possibility to sort by both, either city or country location.

Best Available VPN Location

The connection client can now select the best StrongVPN server automatically, depending on your location. Get fastest possible speeds in an instant.

New Mobile Settings

The popular iOS and Android app for securing your smartphone’s online activities, has a new advanced settings screen to control VPN connection, and get in touch with support.

New Dashboard Screen

The all-new, and sleek dashboard gives VPN users a quick, and easy glimpse of the details of their connection status.

Simply hit the big, green connect button and connect in seconds.

These were the essential new features.

There’s a whole lot more new stuff on StrongVPN 2.0, which is better tried in person than read. Grab an account and let us know your review!

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All comments, and experience good or bad welcome below!

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