StrongVPN Country Locations: List of Countries with VPN Servers

Here you’ll find a sorted and complete list of StrongVPN country locations for all of their available VPN servers in April, 2024 — to be updated.

Note; You can also browse the official countries list under this list.

StrongVPN Country Locations

List of StrongVPN Country Locations

Europe & Middle East

Amsterdam (Netherlands), Canterbury (UK), Contern (Luxemburg), Frankfurt, (Germany), Ilfov (Romania), Istanbul (Turkey), Livingston (UK), London (UK), Madrid (España), Maidenhead (UK), Manchester (UK), Dallas (US), Milan (Italy), Munich (Germany), Rugby (UK), Riga (Latvia), Prague (Czech Republic), Paris (France), Oslo (Norway), Steinsel (Luxembourg), Stockholm (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland), Zurich (Switzerland), Tel Aviv (Israel).

Total: 24 server locations in 22 countries.

North & South America, United States

Atlanta (US), Buffalo (US), Chicago (US), Mexico City (Mexico), Las Vegas (US), Miami (US), Montreal (Canada), New York (United States), San Francisco (United States), Rio de Janero (Brazil), Phoenix (US), Seattle (US), Sau Paulo (Brazil), San Francisco (US), Toronto (Canada), Vancouver (Canada), Washington D.C. (US).

Total: 17 server locations in 4 countries.


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hong Kong, Seoul (South Korea), Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Tokyo (Japan).

Total: 6 server locations in 6 countries.


The global total is 47 server locations in 32 countries.

Click here for an interactive map of country locations.

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