The Best Realistic Sex Game I Found That Can Be Played Free

Turns out most online sex games, even if realistic looking, lack a good storyline and gameplay. And some are just a bunch of animations put together.

So I wanted to find out the best game in terms of both gameplay and sex.

This is my research on realistic sex games.

And I figured out if there was a way to play the games free.

Realistic Sex Games

I was amazed at how many ‘sex games’ there are, so I went through the ones that either looked promising or just seemed popular enough to be worth investigating.

I kid you not, surprisingly many are not worth it in my opinion.

After 42 sex games I’d have enough and making up my mind was so easy.

Just look at the long list of game titles I’ve went through;

(1) Fuckunator, (2) Monster Hunter, (3) Huntress Of Souls, (4) Red Light Center, (5) Game Of Bones, (6) Hot Meal, (7) Play Force One, (8) Mind Control, (9) Date Ariane, (10) High Tail Hall 2, (11) Lesbian Dildo Play, (12) Lust Epidemic, (13) Office In Japan, (14) Crystal Maidens, (15) 3D Sex Villa, (16) Lewd Zone, (17) Interactive Orgy, (18) Crazy Fake Taxi, (19) Play With Us, (20) Milfy City, (21) Femdom Lock Down, (22) Living With Lana, (23) Poke Whore, (24) Leisure Yacht, (25) Lucky Patient, (26) Pussy Mon, (27) Metal Gear Parody, (28) Enchanted, (29) Lesson Of Passion Extended, (30) College Games, (31) Banger Lands 3, (32) Meet And Fuck The Plumber, (33) Lara’s Punishment, (34) Orgasm Girl 2, (35) Lesson Of Passion, (36) VR Fuck Dolls, (37) Girlvania Summer Lust, (38) Melody, (39) Realistic Games, (40) Daughter For Dessert, (41) Naomi 3D, (42) Grand Fuck Auto.

Some are fun to play but nothing I’d rank as the best.

Hottest sex game that was realistic with great gameplay;

The one that got me hooked instantly was “Narcos XXX”.

A sex-loaded game with a great story based on the American drug crime series ‘Narcos’.

To access the free sign up and to try some hot scenes “use this link“.

Be warned, the realistic scenes range from soft to hard and shocking hardcore.

The story behind the game;

Narcos XXX revolves around the legendary drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and you have endless gameplay through a variety of characters related to the famous drug cartel.

You can choose either the side of the cartel or the ‘policia’. And the gameplay, story and how you get laid changes depending on the character you choose to play with.

Pablo Escobar

The most legendary Colombian drug lord nicknamed ‘The King of Cocaine’.

Horacio Carrillo

The former head of the Search Block police unit and colonel of the Republic of Colombia.

Valeria Vélez

Pablo Escobar’s mistress and a Colombian journalist.

Overall, I would say that this game is steaming with extremely hot, realistic sex and an engaging storyline that keeps you up at night with it’s endless choices in gameplay.

And no other sex game came even near the level of lust and excitement.

Both the graphic and girls are top-notch.

Played Narcos XXX Yet?
I’d love to hear your comments and feedback! David.

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