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It’s the norm for any VPN service to state a “no logs” policy or high-end privacy in order to attract customers. Despite these claims, common problems are:

  1. logging – and other serious holes in security
  2. no real anonymity or user data protection
  3. no privacy – giving information to third parties

I’ll show you how to easily find out if your VPN is really safe!

There are plenty of providers invested in quality infrastructure but lack dedication to security (PureVPN, NordVPN, etc.). But there is one service that has it all.

The guys at AirVPN are security fanatics and provide anonymity, privacy and even premium bandwidth with impressive dedication — I’ll explain why.

Quick! —> Read more about AirVPN for yourself.


How to Tell if VPN’s for Real

Evaluating a service gets technical — but the easiest trick in the book is to check (with Ghostery for example) how many trackers are used. This means that your IP address is sent over to third parties who collect your information. These are companies that give out their data to government entities on a regular basis.

No sincere service will send their data to third parties.

NordVPN Trackers

As an example NordVPN is connecting to 9 different third-party services (all do not fit into the screenshot) that collect and store your information.

AirVPN Trackers

The self-hosted Piwik Analytics does not connect to any third-party servers. Meaning all collected data is kept on their own AirVPN servers — don’t worry, they don’t store any IP addresses or anything that can be connected to you.

And then the fun! All that’s left is to read the terms of service and privacy policy. No matter what they say on the home page.. like “100% no logging” or “ultra secure” are meaningless unless you can at least verify that through legal terms.

Trust me, I’ve examined so many VPNs to know that “guilty until proven innocent” is the right approach —  I got in touch with AirVPN to get to the bottom of things!

Privacy Notice and Terms

Below I’ve listed some of the most important features that have made me personally a fan, which is why I’m proud to promote their services.

Top AirVPN Security Features

  • Fully anonymous with only one account email address stored
  • No connection logs is obvious but also there is no logging of bandwidth, session data or DNS server requests. Nothing.
  • Support for extreme security with Multihop VPN where you can route the connection through two or more VPN servers in different countries.
  • Some servers use home ISP hostnames, making the connection look very natural.
  • VPN router support with FlashRouters.
  • Legal requests such as DMCA for copyright infringement end short as information is impossible to give to authorities.
  • Company is located in Gibraltar jurisdiction where there is no legal obligation to log customer activity.
  • No third party tracking software on their website, only Piwik Analytics.
  • They are easy to contact and helpful with any concerns you might have, privacy is all about trust and these guys back their business 100%.

AirVPN Infrastructure Specs

  • No limits on speed or usage which cannot be capped anyway because of the absence of any kinds of logs.
  • Three simultaneous connections or ask them for more if needed.
  • In exchange of higher subscription costs: only low latency, high speed and quality servers are used.
  • Secure payments with Bitcoin or Cash. Credit cards & Paypal also accepted.
  • Server locations: Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
  • Easy connection client for all operating systems (OS X, Windows, Linux), and mobile devices (Android, iOS) or use your own client.

Click here to find out more from the AirVPN website.

Just browse the AirVPN website and you start getting what I mean. The dedication to perfect all aspects of their VPN is present throughout their services. Amongst the many premium priced companies out there, this is the one I feel I’m finally getting my moneys worth.

Чтобы привлечь больше клиентов, для любого провайдера услуг VPN стало нормой заявлять о политике отсутствия журналов или высоком уровне приватности. Несмотря на эти заявления, на деле имеются такие проблемы:

  1. логинг и другие серьёзные дыры в безопасности
  2. отсутствие реальной анонимности и защиты данных пользователя
  3. отсутствие конфиденциальности – предоставление информации третьим лицам

Ребята из AirVPN – фанатики безопасности с огромной преданностью делу. Они обеспечат анонимность, конфиденциальность и поразительную скорость работы Сети – в этом не сомневайтесь. Рекомендуем.



If you can afford the price tag and perhaps looking for a VPN server location in Iceland –> consider IVPN.


Do you have experience with AirVPN?
I would much appreciate any comment, thank u!

Good luck with securing your ass!


6 thoughts on “VPN Guide! — The Most Secure, Private & Anonymous VPN Service”

  1. You see similar privacy claims everywhere, but looking deeper there is often little to back them up. Many don’t bother mentioning much specific details about how they actually carry out the claims and then some of those who do, are actually revealing the truth between the lines, that they are not as private or secure as they have set themselves out to be.

    I can see that IVPN is unique in the care they put into the service. Something I’ve unfortunately never even seen before. Their security standards make other VPNs look like a joke. I think this company deserves all the recognition it can get!

    Just curious, what do you think specifically makes IVPN more secure than others?

    • You hit the nail on the head there with your observations. I think the biggest misconception is that encryption technology alone is enough to secure your online activities. If you have one weakness in the system, the whole system becomes vulnerable.

      What makes IVPN more secure than others, and one of the most secure VPNs in the world, is that it approaches the solution from all possible angles of privacy, anonymity and security. And the dynamic approach to security, to continue to increase protection against new threats and vulnerabilities such as ip leaks. Also thanks to multihop connections security can be extended almost indefinitely. For example, if you connect through five different servers at a time it would require highly advanced methods to track down such a connection.

      Then there is the important topic of warrants and giving out details to authorities. Most VPNs work in jurisdictions of countries where it’s impossible to completely prevent the intrusion of law. IVPN is operated from the jurisdiction of Gibraltar which has no mandate to log any customer activity. With no data, there is also no giving of data, leaving the only possible path of instruction to hackers.

      They also have what’s called a ‘warrant canary’ which is a cryptographically signed message that declares against warrants, searches and seizures. Especially their ‘privacy guides’ section is filled with valuable information. Basically giving you not only the holy handbook of internet security but the tools to achieve it as well.

      As for false claims, a good example is the popular PureVPN, of how manipulative the VPN business is. I was looking at the previous versions of their webpage through Internet Archive and they have no mention of their logging policy on the website, until 2016 when they suddenly claim “zero logging of your activities”. Obviously as people become more consumer aware, the success of any VPN provider depends on a no logging statement. But go to the privacy policy and it’s obvious that this is nothing more than a clever twist of words. Yes, they don’t monitor what webpages you browse for example, which would be outrageous if they did. Instead, they log your “connection length and bandwidth” as they put it. Which means that pretty much any web activity can be traced back to your IP and credentials. They even go as far as to admit that they will give your information to authorities on request. And this is no exclusive case, mediocre security is sadly the norm of the industry.

      Bringing a quality service is not easy – to which huge profit thriven companies that are pushing costs down are never going to suffice.

    • There are none. Although potentially there could be special promotions, but that would be a rare occasion. Not worth the wait! Considering what you get, the service is very inexpensive and worth every penny. Especially the annually billed subscription is a huge discount in itself (see: IVPN Discount).

  2. I was just curious, what do you think of the popular TorrentFreak research article on the best providers that take anonymity seriously? Reading through the list, looks like IVPN has some pretty smart answers.


    • Good question! TF has gotten a lot of attention because of it and looks like it’s being updated yearly to keep an up to date list of VPN providers. While this is a great reference, it can be counterproductive for someone who doesn’t know about security standards and lacks the experience.

      Read —> It is not a list of highly anonymous service providers.

      They have simply interviewed companies and presented their answers. There is no independent investigation or analysis on these claims, therefore I wouldn’t rely on it. But it’s the same with all VPNs in general. Just compare how much each company is giving out information and see who has the most in depth and realistic answers.

      Many companies state things blatantly as if some kind of clear-cut answers would exist. With IVPN you get answers that argument and look for answers to the possibility of occurring events that go as far as to prevent unknown threats. Security is not static, but a dynamic process of minimizing risk from all angles.

      It’s not one feature, or the other. It’s the combination of security factors why I claim IVPN to be the best and most secure provider. And I am always ready to be wrong if someone proves me so! 🙂



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