The List of Best Affiliate Program Networks in Finland

Although the population of Finland is at 5.4 million, it is an attractive space for affiliate marketing. With a comparatively huge amount of internet use, and little competition, it’s a market waiting to get tapped.

  • Most Finnish companies use one of the many affiliate networks available, which operate in several countries including Finland.
  • The description of the campaigns is either only in Finnish, or both in Finnish & English.
  • The user interface & registration is always available in the English language.

Here is the list of the most popular Finnish affiliate networks to get you started.


Tradetracker General Statistics

TradeTracker is a network with a big amount of campaigns. Weekly payments and easy to get accepted. Known to be realiable, and has a very easy to use interface. Instant sign up bonus of 10 euros.


Tradedoubler Screenshot

Another affiliate network with a good number of campaigns and a clear good looking website is Tradedoubler. Payments are made monthly.

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