The Smart Way to Cheap Shopping from Online Stores in China

The global world of Chinese e-commerce is booming, bringing not just competitive pricing to the consumer but also an amazingly wide range of goods.

If you want to take part in the biggest online shopping trend today, make sure you know the risks involved for a safe and satisfying experience.

Here’s my take on where to shop the cheap but good stuff.

Shopping From China

When looking to purchase your gadgets, smartphones, appliances, watches you name it, there’s the smart way and the risky way.

Good news is, that Chinese online retail has evolved beyond poor quality a long time ago but still you need to be careful and stick with the right crowd.

Let me introduce to you, my favorite destination for online shopping just about anything I need, when I need it cheap.

But there are loads of Chinese companies with retail shops out there.

What is it that makes them stand out?

First and foremost, it’s a question of pricing. Go to “this page” to see feature discounts on all sorts of goods with an unbeatable cheap price tag.

I never shop anything without checking that page first!

But there’s a lot more worth considering;

  1. Thriving community of shoppers reviewing the products and sending pictures in the comment section to help each other out.
  2. High-quality, tested products for good quality.
  3. Selling authentic goods from thousands of brands
  4. Many shipping options and payment methods, including free shipping with optional shipping insurance.
  5. Global warehouses for faster delivery than competing sites.
  6. Guarantees extend up to 45 days from purchase with one year free repairs included for your gadgets and electric devices.
  7. Live support around-the-clock.

As you can see, they’ve managed to perfect their service beyond their competitors and the reason why I do a lot of my shopping on their site.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, they employ foreigners so you get the “western service”, with a “Chinese price”. What could be better!?

While they have an impressive stock from hundreds of shopping categories that you can choose from, the main ones and biggest are;

Garden, Tablets, Bags, Drones, Watches, Outdoors, Accessories, Motor, Health, Home & Improvement, Scientific, Car Electronics, Cell Phones, Jewelry, Industrial, Toys, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Sports, Personal Care, Tools, Office, Hobbies, Fitness, Computers, Appliances, Home, Shoes.

And while online shopping is available globally to most countries in the world, they also have  country specific versions of the site for these nations;

Portugal, Romania, Morocco, UK (United Kingdom), Mexico, Brazil, US (United States),  Japan, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, France, Slovenia, Russia, Greece and Italy.

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