Tip: How to Refresh Mac Finder Mounted Server Directory

It had been bothering me for years, how I could not refresh the directory contents of an FTP or SFTP mounted server directory with the Mac’s Finder app.

Whenever there were new or edited files and directories added to a previously accessed directory, changes could not be refreshed manually and would almost never update automatically in Finder.

For my mounts, I’ve been using  the amazing Transmit app. Which is about the only Macintosh FTP client anyone should ever need. However this limitation seems to be of the Finder application itself.

Transmission Connect to SFTP FTP Server Mount as Disk

While not the most pretty work around, I finally figured out that if you make a temporary folder or file inside the folder, it will force finder to refresh the contents of that same directory.

Apple Finder Create New Folder

Shift + Cmd + N

With this quick shortcut you can easily create a directory and remove it after.

Hope it helps and do let me know in the comments if there ever is, a “better way”.

Caring is sharing.. thank you! -David

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