Translate Between English Japanese: Free or as cheap as possible?

Here is something I’ve done and that you can do if you can’t afford a quality translator for translating from English to Japanese or Japanese English.

Obviously machine translation such as Google Translate is not going to do it.

I’ve tried translating pages of text, where half of the contents made no sense at all. I know machine translation has developed a lot but when it comes to Japanese.. it’s still far.

This will get your text translated in no time, I’ve found that it’s easy to find anything for basic solid translations to high quality translations of technical documents, etc.

I took screenshots of the whole process for your convenience.

Simply follow these steps:

First “go to this link” to go to the Translation section.

This way you can open a new account on Fiverr for totally free of charge.

If you have a Facebook, Google or Apple account this will be real quick. Or just use your regular email address for the regular sign up process.

Then finalize your new, free Fiverr account.

I’ve used Google to sign up and just had to select a username and confirm my email address, then click on the green “join” button and that’s all.

Now under “Translation”, go to the “Service Options”.

There you can select the languages you want to translate from/to.

Hit on “Apply” to see the available services/gigs/sellers.

You will see a long list of people selling their service, in this example from translations from English to Japanese starting from $5 per translation.

You won’t find a good translation cheaper than this.

It’s very competitive there, so check out a seller who is very popular. The whole system is based on positive reviews, so you’ll know that you are getting decent results easily.

It works so well that I’m also using this for translations which I could have done myself. It just saves me time and is nearly free if you can at least afford a little.

Anyway, you’ll need a human to do it. And if you haven’t’ got a friend for this, then I am pretty convinced that this will be the second best option.

Hope you benefit from it!

What’s your method for Japanese English translations?
I welcome all comments and questions below.

Arigatou gozaimasu, David.

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