Unlocator Free Trial Guide: Real Working Method without Credit Card

Looking for a free trial of Unlocator in 2024? Read this first!

Here’s the hidden link to access a working, complete free of charge trial without credit card. Read the rest of the guide for more information.

Click here for the special free trial sign up link!

Unlocator Free Trial

Unlocator is a popular Smart DNS service for unblocking, and circumventing geo-location restrictions of TV channels and other streaming sites.

Although they have affordable plans, in comparison to VPN for example, it’s better to try them out first and see if your favorite channels work or not

While Unlocator would like you to grab a paid subscription straight, with a generous 14 day money-back guarantee. They are even more generous than that!

Unlocator Subscription

This is the usual screen you are greeted with, offering three Unlocator subscription levels. From monthly payments, to every 6 months or yearly.

Unlocator Free Trial

Now this is the screen that you likely are looking for;

Unlocator Free Account

Here are the simple steps to make this work for you.

  1. Make sure you are logged out of any Unlocator account
  2. If you were previously logged in, clear your browser cookies
  3. Click on this free trial sign up link
  4. Continue with registration as normal
  5. Click on the green “free account” and verify email
  6. Enjoy Unlocator for 7 days!

And this free account is access to the full version of their Smart DNS service, without limitations what so ever (besides the 7 days trial period).

All you need is an email address! No credit card or payment needed.

Watch over 200 different channels from all over the world from the comforts of your favorite operating system (macOS, Windows, Linux, etc.) and different devices, Smart TVs. There is no logging, and the Smart DNS is pretty easy to setup.

Looking to try other Smart DNS providers?

Provider tip! — SmartyDNS has an automatic DNS connection client, no configurations, enable and disable the service with a click of the button.

Unlocator requires manual DNS configuration for your browser, or device.

Did your free Unlocator trial work out OK?
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