Watch Full Fake Taxi Videos? Tumblr? PornHub? This is Better!

I’m a fan of Fake Taxi videos and have made a couple of very good discoveries worth sharing, on where and how to watch this classic reality porn series.

And it’s not on sites like PornHub or Tumblr.

But something so much better;

  1. Fake Taxi is totally different in full length and full HD format. The “genius” plot is actually a lot more fun in it’s entirety.
  2. But that’s just the beginning because they’ve actually created a whole series of sites with a similar theme, that you can access from one site.

Where to watch? Please, get acquainted with “FakeHub“.

Your access to all the Fake Taxi videos and Fake Driving School, Fake Hospital, Public Agent, Fake Agent, Female Agent, Fake Agent UK, Fake Female Taxi, FakeHub Originals and Fake Cop. All jam packed with great reality porn.

Fake Taxi

While they have their own individual site and videos on PornHub & Tumblr, you are seriously missing out if you don’t sign up through FakeHub.

You can watch every new Fake Taxi video as soon as it gets released and access an archive of all the past material in full length, full HD glory.

On top of that, watch all the videos from 9 different reality porn sites, all from the same porn production company, that’s 10 sites in total.

Fake Taxi (1)

Classic reality porn series where Taxi Drivers pick up innocent girls from the streets of London and Prague, who are willing to do anything for a free ride.

FakeHub Originals (2)

Creative scenarios of “roleplaying porn” you wont find anywhere else.

PublicAgent (3)

See what these European girls are willing to do in the hopes of a modelling contract. Camcorder and a cash filled wallet is all that’s needed to make these videos.

FemaleAgent (4)

In this series female agents audition girls of all types possible.

Fake Agent (5)

Watch up and close action of auditions of girls showing their best talent in the hopes of becoming the nest big porn star actress.

Fake Hospital (6)

Following the every day life of a hospital, where competent doctors perform thorough checks of female patients at the examination table.

Fake Agent UK (7)

More auditions from the exclusive UK version of Fake Agent.

Fake Cop (8)

Horny girls getting inspected by men in uniform.

Fake Driving School (9)

Watch these driving lessons where women get ready to ride.

Fake Female Taxi (10)

A twist from the classic Fake Taxi video series, where the driver is a female for some original women to women action.


It’s not just the fact that Tumblr no longer allows adult content. I was simply surprised to find out that if you want to watch the full videos, there’s so much value that you can get. Arguably this could be the only porn site you need.

While they’ve got some impressive stats on PornHub, at the moment ranking 7th with 1,419,610 subscribers, 1,077,590,257 video views and 731 videos. It’s all for promotional purposes and is just never the same after trying out FakeHub.

So the question is, do you dare to try them out?

Because you can do so for a dollar through this link.

What’s your favorite Fake Taxi scene?
Id’ love to hear your take in the comments below.

Play say and have fun, David.

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