What’s The Best Sites for Casual Sex? Here’s My Experience!

While the “best” site for casual sex depends on your preference, there’s a lot you can do to increase your chances to get the best possible experience.

First, I would go with one of the biggest, most established sites like AFF.

Truth is that most, especially smaller sites for casual sex don’t work.

To get a head start, you can get a free account over “at this link“.

Mobile Sex

What you should know about hookup sites:

Here’s some things to understand, which not only apply to AFF but all sites with anything from dating, casual sex.

But most apply to hookup sites/apps.

  • If you are honest when talking to users, you’ll soon find out if you ‘click’ and if you’re on the same ‘level’.
  • All services for finding casual sex or ordinary dates have scammy users on them, some users just want your money, etc.
  • Don’t get stuck with a profile out of desperation, in my experience too good to be true’s are bait or just not a good match.
  • In my experience t’s important to lower your expectations as ‘super hot chick’ is the most obvious bait.
  • Look beyond young age, big tits, hot body & pretty face (the kind of girls that generally don’t need to be on these sites).
  • Avoiding the ‘bad apples’ is surprisingly easy when you start to recognize which are bait girls and which are real users.
  • I repeat, desperate people who are looking for something too good to be true are much more likely to get swindled.

And I’ve got some good news:

  • Loads of women and men are out there, looking for casual sex relationships, hookups, wife swaps, you name it.
  • Finding casual sex online is real but there are major learning curves, some of the negative reviews are justified.

Here’s what I would do:

  • Be honest, including when messaging with girls.
  • Take time to fill out your profile properly.
  • Avoid bad apples which is not too hard if you read my to know list.

Anything else?

In my limited experience a lot sites and apps for finding sex hookups don’t have any decent apps and may completely suck.

This is a classic, so called hook up site and they also have an app, although I think the mobile site is better than the app.

But luckily it’s 2021, and they’ll all have mobile ready sites. So you can browse the service with phones like an iPhone or Android device.

So limiting your chances of finding a girl to have sex or an intimate relationship with to an app is something you may want to reconsider.

Enjoyed really this and want to encourage people not to give up. I go by practice makes perfect and it has worked well enough for me.

To be blunt, we need sex and you can get it. Thanks.

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